Shenzhen Special Difficult Rescue Procedures For Persons With Disabilities

Original Language Title: 深圳市残疾人特殊困难救助办法

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  First administration of public relief for strengthening and regulating the Shenzhen disabled persons with special difficulties, help resolve the special difficulties of persons with disabilities, in accordance with relevant legal and policy requirements, these measures are formulated.

Article holding the People's Republic of China disability certificate (hereinafter referred to as the disability certificate), residence for persons with disabilities, the special difficulties of aid applications, approval, issuance and management of the application of this approach.

Third district supervisor disabled special difficulties in rescue work, municipal disabled persons ' Federation, is responsible for coordinating, guiding the city's disabled special difficulties in rescue work in every district (including district, hereinafter the same) Federation of persons with disabilities (hereinafter the "Federation") responsible for persons with disabilities in the area of special hardship assistance approved, distribution and management.

Fourth special difficulties of persons with disabilities in these measures refers to the persons with disabilities appeared or severe disability, a disabled, Lao one, life difficulties, to pay higher education tuition and fees, free housing, hospital accident and sudden illness situation.

Severe disability referred to in the preceding paragraph refers to the levels of disabilities as a grade I, grade II disabled persons; a residual is defined within the same household register, householders and their spouses within three generations, the straight, 2 or more persons with disabilities; Lao one refers to the disabled persons 60 years old and above.

Article fifth with one of the following situations may apply for nursing assistance, apply once a year, subsidies for 400 Yuan per person per month: (a) severe disability, (ii) more than one residue, (iii) old disability one.

An applicant who meets the number of cases in the preceding paragraph, shall not be applied for.

Sixth article by the Home Department as Lo-Fi, Lo-Fi edge family of persons with disabilities, can apply for a difficult living allowance application once every six months, allowances are as follows: (a) low-income families of persons with disabilities of 200 yuan per person per month; (b) Lo-Fi edge family of persons with disabilities 100 yuan per person per month.

Article seventh National Education examination after being admitted into colleges and universities, in school may apply for tuition subsidies, maximum benefits for: (I) College 4000 Yuan per school year; (b) undergraduate 6000 Yuan per school year, and (iii) 8000 Yuan of master's and doctoral students each school year. Payment of tuition and fees below the allowances provided for in the preceding paragraph, according to the actual amount to be paid by grants.

Apply for tuition subsidies in other sectors, no longer qualify for benefits provided for in the preceding paragraph.

Persons with disabilities through State-approved higher education self-study exam to get a college education, diplomas can apply for one-time grants of 4000 Yuan.

Pre-school education, compulsory education and high school students with disabilities waiver policy and funding channels according to the relevant provisions of this municipality.

Article eighth families or single persons with disabilities residents did not purchase any form of policy housing or affordable housing, not rent public rental housing, not housing monetary subsidies, residents and families or single persons with disabilities without any form of ownership, you can apply for housing subsidies, subsidies for 3000 Yuan a year.

Homeowners in these measures, including those already legally registered housing and not registered on behalf of the owners or co-owners have housing.

Families of persons with disabilities in these measures refers to family members of at least one disability.

This referred to family members, applying for Government-subsidized housing, and single residents in accordance with the relevant provisions of the definition.

Nineth has one of the following situations of persons with disabilities, and years can apply for a one-time temporary subsidies, subsidies for 4000: (a) sudden illness in hospital or hospital to treat a rare disease, severe mental disabilities extended hospital treatment, (ii) fire, flood, accident, collapsed houses and other major accidents, in accordance with the relevant provisions to apply for annual Government except for interim relief payment. Article in line with the approach set forth in the fifth to Nineth of persons with disabilities, by myself or guardians of persons with disabilities, based on a booklet, identity cards and certificates, to apply to the domicile subdistrict offices, fill in the Shenzhen disabled persons with special difficulties aid application form. Has following situation of, also should while provides related proved material: (a) application nursing grants of a households more residual disabled, should provides its family other disabled of ID, and disabled card; (ii) application difficult life grants of, should provides Shenzhen residents minimum life guarantees gold received card or Shenzhen Lo-edge personnel rescue card; (three) application tuition grants of, should provides entrance notice, and student proved, and tuition payment receipt original, and self-study exam diploma; (four) application housing grants of

, Should be provided by the city, housing and real estate registration Department certificate of the conditions specified in article eighth materials; (e) application for temporary assistance, should provide evidence of these measures the Nineth article material.

11th article submitted by the applicant in accordance with the way article tenth of application materials, subdistrict offices should be accepted and written to accept vouchers.

The application materials are incomplete or do not comply with the statutory format shall at once inform all applicants need to supplement material on the spot. Article 12th Street Office shall accept material within 3 working days from the date the applicant lists in the community where the applicant notice of publication, publicity for 7th. Subdistrict office within 5 working days since the date of expiry of the public on the applicant to provide application and audit evidence and signed audit opinion approved by the Federation.

CDPF shall, within 5 working days of application make a decision to grant a subsidy.

Decides to subsidies, subsidies should be identified, and four copies of the written decision, distributed to District Civil Affairs Department, the financial sector, the applicant's neighborhood offices and applicants.

Decided not to grant, and shall notify the applicant in writing and state the reasons. 13th decided to give disabled persons with special difficulties grant applicants should be based on bank transfers directly to grants issued to the applicant.

Severe disability, disabled persons with disabilities providing subsidies on a monthly basis, old fully integrated care of the disabled, low-income persons with disabilities quarterly issue of difficult life grant, temporary grants, tuition grants and housing subsidies should be issued within 10 business days from the date of approval.

14th under any of the following circumstances, stopped issuing special difficulties benefit persons with disabilities: (a) the household to move out of the city, (ii) death, (iii) do not meet the conditions for granting them in other circumstances. Of the circumstances prescribed in the preceding paragraph, claimant or their guardians, heirs shall take the initiative to inform the sector approved by the original, original approval authority shall, within 3 working days to verify the situation and decided whether the suspension of benefits.

Decision of termination benefits, decisions should be served on the claimant or his or her guardians, heirs, and decided to make the month of the date of suspension of benefits.

Authorized departments should establish an information sharing mechanism with relevant departments, found in the supervision and inspection of circumstances stipulated in the first paragraph, it shall suspend subsidies, and verified in accordance with the provisions of the second paragraph after the suspension of benefits decisions.

Claimants or their guardians, heirs shall be returned after the occurrence of the circumstances prescribed in the first paragraph under the grant, did not voluntarily returned, originally issued by the Department shall recover.

Article 15th special difficulties in bailout funds in the various districts included in the annual budget.

District sub-districts are responsible for the preparation of budgets, and report to the District Civil Affairs Department and the local financial sector.

CDPF shall establish and improve disabled persons with special difficulties, 16th district rescue database and related work, achieve dynamic management. District, financial sector each year should be special difficulties for persons with disabilities of the approved payment of checks, disabled persons ' Federation may be required.

Inspection results should be announced to the public.

Audit departments according to law for persons with disabilities special difficult to supervise and inspect the use of bailout funds. No units or individuals consider that special difficulty grants for persons with disabilities who do not meet the conditions for these measures receive, CDPF objected to the district.

CDPF shall be 20 working days from the date of receipt of the objection to check is completed, the case shall be rectified has been receiving benefits, grants should be recovered.

17th article engaged in disabled special difficult rescue management work of personnel and the other about personnel has following behavior one of of, law held administrative responsibility; suspected crime of, law transferred judicial organ processing: (a) violation statutory conditions and program approved of; (ii) for applicants issued not real proved and the material of; (three) negligence, and engages in or corruption, and misappropriated, and withheld, and arrears disabled special difficult grant of; (four) has other violations of. 18th disease people applied for special hardship relief concealing facts, provided false certificates and materials of obtaining grants, CDPF verification case is substantiated, the recovery of grants, is no longer accepting applications for the assistance of persons with disabilities within one year.

Refusing to return grants, not to proceed with his application for relief within five years, and record personal credit records.

19th Federation decision not to give the applicant disagrees with the decision of the special difficulties in rescue of persons with disabilities, may apply for administrative reconsideration or file an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.

20th section according to socio-economic development of the municipal government and special difficulties of persons with disabilities, on the allowances adjusted as provided herein. 21st article this way come into force on January 1, 2016, as of August 30, 2002 of the Shenzhen, relief subsidies for disabled persons with special difficulties (Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, the 117th) repealed simultaneously.