Hubei Province, Fireworks Safety Management Practices

Original Language Title: 湖北省烟花爆竹安全管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the management of fireworks safety, protect people's lives and property safety, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law of safety production, fireworks safety regulations and other laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

Second fireworks within the administrative area of the province of production, operation, transport and discharge of security management, application of this approach.

Fireworks safety management work in article and should be people-oriented, establishing the concept of development, adhere to safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment approach, establishing and perfecting unit, employee participation, government regulation and industry self-regulation and social supervisory mechanisms, strengthening and implementation of the primary responsibility for the security of the production and business operation entity. Fourth Fireworks production, operation, transport large fireworks and fireworks as well as other activities, through a licensing system.

Without permission, no unit or individual may manufacture, operation, transportation of fireworks, no fireworks as well as other large fireworks activities.

Article fifth fireworks safety management for government administrative head responsibility system, Governments at all levels in charge of fireworks safety oversight management responsibility.

The people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen leadership of the fireworks safety management, established by the relevant functional departments of the joint conference system for fireworks safety supervision and management, solve the fireworks safety in the management of major issues.

Township and town people's Governments as well as the street, development zone management agency responsible for the fireworks safety management work in the administrative area, to assist the superior government departments to perform their duties of supervision and administration of production safety.

Community residents ' and villagers ' committees and property management organizations such as the fireworks safety public education should be strengthened, with the good management of fireworks safety.

Sixth Government work safety supervision and management departments at or above the county level shall be responsible for Fireworks production safety supervision and administration, shall investigate and handle fireworks safety violations in production and operating activities.

People's Governments above the county-level public security departments of public security management for Fireworks, shall investigate and handle activities such as road transport, setting off fireworks and firecrackers in the offence.

Quality and technology supervision, industry and commerce, the people's Government above the county level transportation and education departments concerned in accordance with their respective responsibilities, do a fireworks safety management. Seventh Fireworks production, management and transport unit shall fulfil their safety responsibilities.

Units in charge of (actual control) is the unit responsibility for safety of persons, of the unit's overall responsibility for work safety.

Article eighth units and individuals have the right to report any fireworks production, operation, storage, transportation and lighting activities such as illegal.

Nineth province people's Government according to state regulations, development of the province's fireworks industry policy, strict control of production number of enterprises through the negative list system, guide and support enterprises gradually switched to exit.

Fireworks production enterprise based on industrial policy needs changing out, people's Governments above the county level and their departments should support. Tenth Fireworks production enterprises shall be encouraged to improve safety and upgrade the overall level of new technology, new formulations, new technology and new equipment.

Support the development of safe and environmentally friendly Fireworks products.

Chapter II safety 11th Fireworks production enterprise shall meet the safety requirements, obtained the fireworks safety production license.

12th Fireworks production production management the enterprise should be staffed with full-time safety Manager.

Full-time safety Manager is equipped with this unit shall be accounted for in China over 1% and not less than 2, including at least 1 certified safety engineer or Assistant certified safety engineers.

13th Fireworks and level of products, categories, manufacturers, specifications, quality, packaging, signs shall conform to the national, trade and local standards.

Fireworks production enterprises should be in storage, transit, naked medicine factory, hazardous processes post and hung out, drying room, assembly room, set off the test site and other key parts to install video monitoring and exception warning device, and set the obvious security warning signs. 14th fireworks-related medicine, storage operations (including warehouse, guardian) as well as pyrotechnic composition, black powder manufacturing operations of special operations personnel, should receive professional training.

Without a safety education and training qualified practitioners, not posts.

15th Fireworks production enterprises shall use reliable Fireworks machinery and equipment, focusing on drug-involved process towards mechanization and human isolation.

16th Fireworks production enterprises shall strengthen the Fireworks raw materials, semi-finished products and finished product safety management, purchasing, receiving, sales registration system established.

Discovery of gunpowder, Fireworks, fuse, etc is missing, it should be immediately reported to the local production safety supervision and management departments and public security departments.

17th Fireworks production enterprise shall not be any of the following acts: (a) containing black powder, fireworks fuse and other dangerous goods semi-finished products entrust other unit and personal process;

(B) the purchased Fireworks propellant semi-finished products for further processing;

(C) Fireworks and hazardous processes in the production process to contracting, leasing, joint ventures and other distributed processing, transfers to other units and individuals;

(D) the Fireworks raw materials used do not conform to national regulations or exceed national standards; (e) the use of national standards prohibit the use of compatible material production of fireworks or taboos; (f) heat, lightning, extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain.

Chapter III management and transport safety article 18th Fireworks wholesale business and retail business operators shall meet the safety requirements, shall obtain the permit for the fireworks operation. 19th Fireworks production, wholesale business the sale of fireworks should be boxes, Fireworks and paste registration labels, product labels, respectively.

Registration tags and product labels style in accordance with the national standard.

Fireworks production, wholesale enterprises should establish a Fireworks production, purchasing, sales records, faithfully record the Fireworks product name, size, quantity, shelf life and sale, purchase and other content, and retained for 3 years for reference.

20th Fireworks wholesale business shall not be established within the urban area of fireworks storage and there is a kind of wholesale establishments.

Wholesale Fireworks enterprises should be divided into offices, sample display area and warehouse areas, exhibition areas shall not be placed in drug samples.

21st prohibit Fireworks retail outlet on banned whipping, strictly control the number of fireworks in the urban built-up area retail locations, prevent the formation of fireworks retail aggregation market.

Fireworks retail store operators by County work safety supervision and management departments in accordance with the number of countries, industry standard, combined with retail security conditions in and around the area of the storage areas approved and retail business license copy of fireworks and firecrackers contained.

Fireworks and retail operators in the business license and registration-approved location store business.

22nd Fireworks wholesale companies, may not without the fireworks safety production license purchasing fireworks shall not without the Fireworks business (retail) license the operator sells Fireworks.

Fireworks wholesale business and retail marketers may not purchase and sales of illicit production, operation of fireworks and the quality does not meet national or industrial standards of fireworks.

Fireworks production, wholesale business and retail business operator shall supply, sale of fireworks is responsible for product quality; for the supply and sale of substandard Fireworks causes damage to others, shall bear the liability for damages.

23rd wholesale Fireworks enterprises shall have corresponding Fireworks distribution capacity, the vehicle shall meet the safety conditions and delivery requirements, and shall not be less than 3.

24th via road transport of fireworks, the shipper shall, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations on fireworks safety conditions and procedures to arrive to the County Public Security Department to apply for the fireworks and road transport license, and to have engaged in the transport of dangerous goods transporting license units for processing consignment procedures, carriage.

By rail, waterway and air transport of fireworks, according to the railway, waterway and air transport safety management of relevant laws, regulations, rules and standards regulations.

Prohibition of lease, lend, transfer or fake, counterfeit, altered the fireworks and road transportation license.

25th Fireworks and road transport vehicles shall conform to the national standard safety specifications, the installation uses a positioning system of vehicle traveling data recorder and on-board video surveillance device, equipped with effective communications tools and safety supplies, fire-fighting equipment.

26th via road transport of fireworks, the carrier shall comply with the People's Republic of China on road traffic safety law, the fireworks safety regulations and the provisions of the road safety regulations for the protection of, according to the County Public Security Department time, speed, route, flying warning signs and take the necessary security measures. Prohibition of loaded cars of the Fireworks also carry other cargo and personnel. Prohibition of carrying Fireworks aboard planes, trains, cars, rail, passenger ferries and other public transport.

Prohibiting the posting of fireworks or in shipping and mailing items carrying Fireworks.

Fourth chapter of regulatory and emergency rescue 27th people's Governments above the county level responsible for fireworks safety supervision and management departments should strengthen communication, coordination and exchange of information, establishment of a joint working mechanism of law enforcement, establish and improve the system of supervision and inspection found unsafe, shall order the authorities to take effective measures to eliminate security risks. 28th article has Fireworks firecrackers security supervision management duties of sector according to their duties implementation Fireworks firecrackers security supervision check Shi, exercise following terms: (a) into production business units for check, access about information, to units and personnel understand situation; (ii) on check in the found of safety violations, spot be corrected or requirements deadline corrected; (three) on check in the found of accident hidden, should ordered immediately excluded; major accident hidden excluded Qian or excluded process in the cannot guarantee security of , Should ordered from dangerous regional within withdrawal job personnel, ordered temporarily discontinued closed or stop using related facilities, and equipment; major accident hidden excluded Hou, by review agreed, party can recovery production business and using; (four) on has according to think not meet guarantees safety of national standards or industry standard of facilities, and equipment, and equipment and illegal production, and store, and business, and transport of fireworks firecrackers be seized or seized, on illegal production, and store, and business Fireworks firecrackers of job places be seized,

And make a decision according to law.

Supervision and inspection activities should not affect the normal production and operation of the unit under inspection.

29th of production safety supervision and management departments should be new, renovation or expansion of fireworks safety review of the designs of safety facilities of construction projects, to strengthen the acceptance of construction project supervision and verification of the activities and results to monitor Fireworks production, wholesale units of flow management information system established in accordance with the relevant provisions of fireworks. 30th production safety supervision and management departments above the county level people's Governments shall, jointly with relevant departments according to law, fireworks safety violations database record of violations of the production and business operation entity information.

One of the following acts, shall be announced to the society and to inform the departments in charge of industry and investment authorities, land and resources administration, as well as relevant financial institutions: (a) the product was confirmed containing potassium chlorate and other prohibited drugs;

(B) no flow to the registration labels, no contract for the sale of products, product packaging and labeling do not meet national standards;

(C) illegal offers Super scopes, Super doses, specifications of products; (iv) personal injury accidents caused due to product quality issues (v) illegal transportation, storage products.

31st to confiscate illegal fireworks as well as disposal of waste production and business units of fireworks should be sealed on the spot, and tissue destruction, disposal by public security departments.

32nd production safety supervision and management departments above the county level people's Governments shall, jointly with relevant departments, according to the actual situation of the region, make Fireworks production safety accident emergency rescue plans, the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval.

Article 33rd Fireworks production, wholesale enterprises should establish a production safety accident emergency rescue organization, preparation of emergency, equipped with emergency responders and emergency rescue equipment, equipment.

34th fifth chapter legal liability for breach of the rules, laws, regulations, administrative provisions, those provisions.

35th people's Governments above the county level in accordance with these measures should fulfil its duty and failed to carry out, or not in accordance with the responsibilities and procedures to perform, major fireworks production safety accidents in the region, government leaders, according to the circumstances, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes negligence, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

Departments responsible for the fireworks and firecrackers production safety supervision and administration of staff did not perform their duties in accordance with this approach, major fireworks production safety accidents, Chief of the Department or agency head, according to the circumstances, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime of dereliction of duty or other, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

Article 36th Fireworks manufacturer in the heat, lightning, extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, work safety supervision and management departments above the county level people's Governments shall be ordered to correct, and to a fine of up to 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.

37th Fireworks retail operators in the retail license outside the approved locations storage, operation of fireworks, work safety supervision and management departments above the county level people's Government a rectification, overdue correction, fines of between 10,000 yuan.

38th article Fireworks firecrackers production, and wholesale Enterprise violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, by County above government safety supervision management sector ordered deadline corrected, late not corrected of, at 5000 Yuan above 30,000 yuan following of fine: (a) not according to national about standard on sales of fireworks firecrackers box paste registration label, and Fireworks firecrackers products paste products label of; (ii) not according to provides established Fireworks firecrackers production, and procurement, and sales archives or not by provides retained reference of.

39th article violates these rules, activities contravening public security management by the public security departments shall be subject to administrative penalties for public security.

Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 40th fireworks display of safety management in accordance with the regulations implementation of fireworks in Hubei province. 41st these measures come into force February 1, 2016.

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