Fire Safety At Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, A Self-Employed Management

Original Language Title: 宁夏回族自治区个体经营场所消防安全管理办法

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  First fire safety management in order to strengthen the individual premises, fire prevention and fire hazard reduction, protection of personal and property safety, according to the People's Republic of China fire protection law, the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, measures for the implementation of such laws, regulations, and procedures are formulated.

Second individual undertakings mentioned in these measures refers to individual businesses engaged in the fixed place of business management.

Article autonomous region within the administrative area of fire safety management in individual undertakings, these procedures apply.

The fourth County (municipal and district) people's Governments shall include individual site fire safety management work in the administrative area fire protection planning, planning and implementation.

The fifth work of public security organs for individual premises a fire safety supervision and administration, and by public security fire control institutions and the police station is responsible for the implementation.

Subdistrict offices and village (neighborhood) committees to assist the public security fire control institutions and individual locations in the police station area of fire safety management.

Sixth individual operators are responsible for the fire safety of their premises, shall comply with fire laws and fire safety, configure the necessary fire control facilities and equipment, fire supervision and inspection.

The seventh public security fire control institutions shall perform the following functions of fire supervision and management: (a) guiding police station fire supervision and inspection work carried out, (ii) fire safety publicity and education, and (iii) other fire supervision and management responsibilities.

Eighth article police police station should perform following fire supervision management duties: (a) on this area individual business places for fire supervision checks; (ii) on village (home) people Committee perform fire security duties of situation for check; (three) Guide fire security focus places for fire prevention and fire walkthrough; (four) to individual operators publicity fire security knowledge; (five) other fire supervision management duties.

Nineth article village (home) people Committee should perform following fire security management duties: (a) publicity fire security common sense; (ii) carried out fire security inspections, to police organ fire institutions or police police station report found of fire hidden; (three) guide individual business places carried out fire security regional defense work; (four) tie police organ fire institutions and police police station carried out fire supervision checks. Tenth Article individual operators should perform following fire security obligations: (a) law configuration meet standard of fire facilities, and equipment, set fire security logo, and keep intact effective; (ii) keep evacuation channel, and security export smooth; (three) comply with electricity with gas with fire with oil security procedures; (four) regularly on this business places for fire security checks, timely elimination fire hidden; (five) accept fire security training and on this places staff for fire security common sense education; (six) occurred fire Shi timely alarm, and

Save and evacuate personnel; (g) cooperate with the public security fire control institutions that put out the fire, investigating the cause of the fire.

Individual operators were encouraged to develop to meet the actual needs of fire safety measures.

11th the County (city, district) public security fire control institutions shall be places of entertainment, catering, accommodation, self-employment, as well as individuals engaged in places where inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, oil and gas, identified as key sites for fire safety, and in individual undertakings, express in a unified way.

Place individual operators, in addition to in the preceding paragraph shall perform the tenth fire safety obligations set out these measures, fire safety shall fulfil the following obligations: (a) express fire warning significantly in premises, (ii) carry out fire drills on a regular basis; (c) and the adjacent production establishments and units to carry out fire safety zone.

12th of the related trade authorities when carrying out special supervision and inspection shall check on the individual operators carry out fire safety duties, and to order corrective actions do not meet modern fire safety.

13th individual locations focus on buildings, property unit or the entrusted property services companies, should share the evacuation routes and safety, construction and fire service installations and fire lane for unified management.

14th individual laborers Association, organizations such as industry associations, market, individual operators should be promoting fire safety knowledge.

Encourage volunteering to individual operators, promoting fire safety knowledge.

15th annual individual premises of the police station in this area should be developed fire supervision and inspection plan and implementation.

Police station carried out a fire inspection, shall produce their identity documents, and shall not affect the normal operation of the self-employed activity.

16th article police police station on individual business places following matters for fire supervision checks: (a) electricity with gas with fire with oil whether specification; (ii) whether carried out fire security publicity education, and fire and emergency evacuation walkthrough; (three) evacuation channel, and security export whether smooth, indoor fire hydrant, and evacuation indicates logo, and emergency lighting, and fire extinguisher whether intact effective; (four) production, and store, and business flammable easy burst dangerous goods of places whether and live places set in same places within.

Police station identified a fire safety violations in individual undertakings, shall be ordered to correct, and random checks set out in the record, within two working days from the closing date of the inspection, will check the record entry online fire supervision and management system.

The 17th public security fire control institutions shall be in the fire season, during major festivals, major events or organizations supervision.

The 18th public security fire control institutions and police stations, fire hazards can exist to some extent public lists of individual undertakings.

The 19th counties (cities, districts) public security fire control institutions shall fire safety services to the public, provide fire safety services to individual locations.

20th industrial and commercial administrative departments and public security fire control institutions, individual business registration information-sharing mechanism should be established.

21st citizen identified a fire hazard in individual locations, you can report to the public security fire control institutions or police stations; receiving the report in public security organs should promptly investigate and deal with fire or police station. 22nd article individual business places has following case one of of, by police organ fire institutions give warning, ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, on individual operators at 100 Yuan above 500 Yuan following fine; plot special serious of, at 500 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following fine, and supervision corrected: (a) electrical products, and gas appliances of installation using and line, and pipeline of laying not meet fire security management provides, exists fire hidden of; (ii) store, and

Inflammable and explosive dangerous goods business places and shelter set up in the same place; (c) occupation, blockage, closure of evacuation routes, emergency exits and (iv) fire-fighting equipment, the equipment is not maintained in good working condition.

23rd public security fire control institutions and their staff and the police station, found in the supervision and checking of fire hazards or offence failing to order individual operators to correct, with serious consequences to the direct responsible person in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given administrative sanctions. 24th article this way come into force February 1, 2016.