Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Provincial People's Government On The Revision Of The Urban Construction Management And Supervision Regulations 19 Decisions Of The Provincial Government Regulations

Original Language Title: 江西省人民政府关于修改《江西省城市建设管理监察规定》等19件省政府规章的决定

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  For full advance law ruling, and speed up construction rule of law Government, according to People's Republic of China legislation method, and State regulations developed program Ordinance, legal, and regulations of provides, Province Government decided on Jiangxi province city construction management monitored provides, 19 pieces provincial government regulations for following modified: a, and Jiangxi province city construction management monitored provides (a) will fourth article in the of "province construction administrative competent sector" modified for: "province housing and urban and rural construction administrative competent sector".

(B) in the eighth "and made uniformly made the Ministry of construction's urban construction supervision certificate" is revised as follows: "and to obtain administrative documents."

(C) article tenth of the "urban construction supervision documents" revised to read: "administrative documents".

(D) to remove 19th. II, and Jiangxi province city city and sanitation management implementation approach (a) delete 34th article in the of "late not transformation or not demolition of, by County above Government approved, by city city sanitation administrative competent sector or city planning administrative competent organization forced demolition, on non-business sex behavior, at 1000 Yuan following fine, but on personal of fine not over 200 Yuan; on business sex behavior, at 2500 Yuan following fine.

"(Ii) will be the 35th" in accordance with the People's Republic of China public security administration punishment regulations are punishable "is revised as follows:" in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security are punishable. "

(C) in the 42nd "in accordance with the People's Republic of China public security administration punishment regulations are punishable" is revised as follows: "in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security are punishable."

(D) in article 44th of "proposed by the provincial Department of construction" is amended as: "proposed by the provincial Department of housing and urban-rural construction".

(V) section 45th.

Third, the urban green management in Jiangxi province (a) will be the fourth in the "provincial administrative departments of construction" is amended as: "the provincial housing and urban-rural construction Administrative Department."

(B) in the seventh "construction" is amended as: "the Ministry of housing and urban-rural"; "urban planning administrative departments" is amended as: "urban planning administrative departments"; "provincial administrative departments of construction" is amended as: "the provincial housing and urban-rural construction Administrative Department."

(C) the 25th "in accordance with the People's Republic of China public security administration punishment regulations relevant provisions" is revised as follows: "in accordance with the People's Republic of China relevant provisions of the law on public security administration punishments."

Four, breeding poultry production and management in Jiangxi province licensing provisions (a) the fourth article deleted. (Ii) will fourth article third paragraph modified for: "production livestock egg, and frozen semen, and embryos, genetic material, and animal original species field, and great-grandparents generation field, and a level species animal spread fan field, and Zu Dai field, and place animal genetic resources insurance species field, and regional species public pig station of production business license, to provincial livestock veterinary administrative competent sector proposed application, by provincial livestock veterinary administrative competent sector audit issued. "(C) the fourth paragraph of the fourth article is revised as follows:" parents, two kinds of animal reproduction, non-culture-pig license donor, to the district municipal animal husbandry and veterinary administrative departments to apply, by the district municipal animal husbandry and veterinary administrative departments in examining and issuing. "Five, phytosanitary measures, Jiangxi province, (a) the 18th article is changed to:" phytosanitary agencies at all levels should be based on the production season, the original species in this region, seed fields, nurseries, forest, forest breeding base of Al-Qaida and other plant products and plant quarantine. Discovered objects, it should be immediately blocked, the eradication measures. Before the quarantine is not eliminated, the breeding of seeds, seedlings or other propagating material not be allowed into the ward; pesticides undergo strict quarantine and phytosanitary agencies, transportation.

"(Ii) will be the 19th in the" breeding "is amended as:" the breeding units or individuals. " VI detailed rules for the implementation of urban maintenance and construction tax, Jiangxi province, (a) the fourth paragraph is changed to "mentioned in the fourth article of the regulations ' taxpayers located in the urban areas ', ' urban ' means the urban cities, city districts, including urban, suburban, and does not include municipal districts and the introduction of township enterprises in the city suburb. Second alleged ' seat of the taxpayer in the County, the town of ', refers to the seat of the County the county seat towns town means approved by the provincial town (not including other villages outside the town, the seat of Government).

"(B) in the eighth" taxpayers as tax relief there is difficulty in paying urban maintenance and construction tax requirements, may apply to the County and municipal local taxation Bureau, after reviewing the agreement, reported to County and municipal approval "to delete.

Jiangxi province, seven, real estate tax rules for the implementation of (a) in the second paragraph of "dixiashi" is amended as: "districts and cities under the jurisdiction of the market". (B) the sixth amended as: "taxpayers pay property taxes is difficult, requiring tax reductions or exemptions, should apply to the competent local tax Bureau, by districts and cities or counties (cities, districts) local taxation Bureau on the required permissions for processing. "Eight, Jiangxi province urban land use tax measures for the implementation of (a) the eighth sixth amended as:" regulation approved blasts of land and renovation of abandoned land, from using the month on exempt land-use taxes for 10 years. "(B) merging the Nineth and tenth revised as follows:" except as provided in the preceding paragraph, taxpayers paying land-use tax difficulties need periodic relief, should apply to the competent local tax Bureau, by districts and cities or counties (cities, districts) local taxation Bureau on the required permissions for processing. "Nine, port management, Jiangxi province, (a) the fifth paragraph is amended as:" the transportation departments of the province, and the port and shipping authorities, districts and cities and counties (cities, districts) are responsible for port administration authority, hereinafter referred to as port administration authority. "(B) in one paragraph is added as a second paragraph to article 14th, reads" applying for a temporary Bank shall submit the following materials: (a) the shoreline application for temporary use, (ii) use of shoreline of people supporting documents; (c) the temporary use of shoreline of the undertaking. "(C) the 14th article is changed to:" the shoreline permits valid for no more than 50 years. Time continues to use, shoreline users shall, before the expiration of 3 months applying to the original approval authority. "(D) one paragraph is added as the fourth paragraph in the article 21st:" business port tallying business Harbour is located should be the provincial Transport Department in writing. Provincial Transport Department shall from the date of acceptance of the application made within 20th approval or disapproval of the decision.

"Ten, timber transportation in Jiangxi province supervision and Administration (a) added to the article" the Jiangxi province forest Ordinance. "                       

(B) the fourth is revised as follows: "local people's Governments at or above the county level forestry authorities are responsible for the supervision and management of timber transportation within the administrative area. Timber inspections can take the form of combining fixed and check our mobile. By Province Government approved established of wood checkpoints, is responsible for on wood transport for check, identification wood transport card (following referred to transport card) and forest plant quarantine card, about documents, stop illegal transport wood behavior; by County above Government approved established of wood transport flow inspections institutions, can according to forestry administrative competent sector delegate, on area within forest road of illegal transport wood behavior for law investigation.

"(C) the tenth article deleted.

Plenary, Jiangxi province checkpoint management supervision of wood (a) will be the fourth article "Rosin" transport certificate implementation of content deleted. (B) one paragraph is added as the second paragraph in the article fifth: "timber checkpoints should be strictly enforced ' two lines of income and expenditure management. Wood checkpoint confiscations turned to financial timber checkpoints work funded by the financial budget management. "(C) the article is changed to:" timber inspection of law enforcement personnel when performing their duties, should be carried out according to the provisions of the identification of the timber transport certificate and registration of flow.

Formalities complete, conformity with the goods, it should be immediately released; the illegal transport, it shall suspend the illegal transport of wood and take care, in accordance with the regulations. Timber checkpoints when major violations found in the inspection activities, shall be promptly submitted to the competent authorities or departments investigated and dealt with at a higher level.

"12, provisional measures for the protection and management of wild plants resources in Jiangxi province (a) added to the article" the people's Republic of China wild plant protection regulations ". (B) delete the article "State of wild plant resources. "(C) the sixth amended as:" imposed on precious, rare and endangered wild plants protection.

Key protected wild plants in the implementation list management. Revised lists of protected plants, published by the provincial forestry administrative departments to develop, and submitted to the provincial people's Government for the record.

"(D) the seventh section. (E) the 11th article is revised as follows: "prohibited collection focused on the protection of wild plants. Due to special circumstances need to capture key protected wild plants shall be handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. "(Vi) article 12 is amended as:" laws and regulations require the key protected wild plant resources shall obtain a permit must obtain a license before they can engage in business activities.

"(G) the 13th section.

(H) the 17th article deleted. Lightning defense 13, Jiangxi province (a) to modify the 13th to: "lightning made outside the province of professional design, construction quality, entered the mine engineering to undertake within the administrative area of the province, shall be subject to supervision and management of meteorological departments lightning protection device is located. "(Ii) the 18th article is changed to:" in the Province sold mine products, business units shall be subject to supervision and inspection of the provincial meteorological authorities. "14, Jiangxi province, civilian airport clearance and electromagnetic environment protection measures will be the 14th civil aviation article is revised as follows:" planning administrative departments of the people's Governments above the county level and approval building built in the civil airport obstacle clearance protection zone (structure) when should conduct a review of whether a project meets the civil airport obstacle clearance protection requirements. That may affect flight safety, should seek the views of the civil aviation authority in writing by the approval. Civil Aviation Authority should be received within 15 working days from the date of request for comments, in accordance with relevant State regulations and technical standards for written comments; the building (structure) of real or complex number, should be accepted within 45 working days after, to submit written observations. "XV, and Jiangxi province science and technology award approach (a) will first article modified for:" to full implementation science development views, award in science and technology progress activities in the made highlight contribution of personal, and organization, speed up technology progress, accelerated technology career development, construction innovation type Jiangxi, promote economic social full coordination sustainable development, according to State national science and technology award Ordinance, combined this province actual developed this approach.

"(B) to modify the 20th to:" the province science and technology award award funding each year according to the provincial government approval of bonus items and level number into finance budgeted expenditures that year.

Special contribution classes of provincial science and technology science and technology prize money of 1 million Yuan, of which 200,000 yuan winner personal income, 800,000 topics independently by the winners, as funding for scientific research. Natural science, technological invention and science and technology progress class province science and technology award, a prize of 150,000 yuan, second prize prize of 90,000 yuan, third prize prize of 30,000 yuan. "Heroes and models, 16, Jiangxi province, praised seventh way be modified to:" implementation of national martyrs praise system. Martyrs praise the gold standard for the sacrifices of the martyrs on the annual per capita disposable income of urban residents of 30 times.

War, war sacrifices of martyrs praise gold standard can be increased. Martyrs praise gold issued by the County Civil Affairs Department is responsible for issuing of the certificate. "17, and Jiangxi province full-time fire brigade and volunteer fire brigade construction management approach (a) will fifth article second paragraph modified for:" this province national and provincial focus town, and history culture name town; built district area over 50,000 square kilometers or area production total 100 million Yuan above, and live population 50,000 people above of township; provincial above of economic and technological development zone, and tourism resort, and high-tech zone, and national landscape places district, not established police fire team of, The local people's Government shall, in accordance with full-time fire department fire plan calls for the establishment of the Government. Other Township people's Government and the development zone and industrial park management agency according to the needs of local economic and social development and fire, Government established full-time fire department. "(B) the tenth amendment:" full-time fire brigades of the Government shall be registered as a public institution, its full-time firefighters from full-time recruitment within the Fire Department in the preparation of the people's Governments at the corresponding level, and can be purchased through the Government services employ full-time firefighters; full-time firefighters from the recruitment of enterprises and institutions, and reported to the local public security fire control institutions for the record. "(C) the 23rd article is revised as follows:" Government contract of full-time fire department firefighter salary and benefits by the local people's Government according to the level of local economic development, reference criteria to determine the annual average wage of fully employed staff on the seat, and due to the high risk job subsidies conditional places to increase wages.

"18, Jiangxi province public security technique management provisions (a) the article is changed to:" public security technology in these rules (hereinafter referred to as technical prevention) refers to the use of technical security and technical security systems, in combination with other means of modern technology, the prevention, detection, monitoring, deter, combat crime, major public safety activities.

Technical security products in these rules refers to anti-robbery, and burglary, explosion-proof to prevent the State, collective, individual property and security of the person was infringed and included in the catalogue of security technology products special products. Technical security systems in these rules refers to technical security products and other related products include intrusion detection and alarms, video, detection and monitoring, import target recognition and control, individual functions such as explosion-proof safety inspection or by parts of the above individual function combinations, integrated with comprehensive functionality as a whole. "(Ii) will fifth article modified for:" following places and parts should installation meet technical anti-standard of technical anti-products or technical anti-system: "(a) State and involved national secret of places or parts, national focus construction engineering of important parts; (ii) broadcast, and TV, and telecommunications, and post and the water, and power, and gas, units of important parts or places; (three) defense technology industrial important products of development, and production places; (four) vault, currency, and securities, and Notes of manufacturing or concentrated store, financial institutions of business and store places; (five) airport, and station, large material reserves units and large trade center, hotel, and hotel, and Internet cafes, and residents community, and public transport, and parking, personnel intensive of public; (six) education, and research, and medical units and large culture, and sports places; (seven) Museum, and archives and focus heritage protection units, and store important items of Memorial and Gallery; (eight) development, and production, and sales, and Storage of hazardous substances or experimentation, storage of infectious bacteria and viruses the units and weapons ammunition production and storage facilities and (IX) other parts of the site and of the laws and regulations.

"(C) the sixth amended as:" uses the anti-technology system unit shall be subject to the guidance and supervision of public security organs, and established rules and regulations, strengthen the maintenance of technical prevention establishment, safeguard protection is working properly. Technical security systems business unit, shall establish and improve the safety management system and the responsibility system, standardize system operation, set up emergency plans to ensure the system is safe and effective, receiving warning information should be reviewed and confirmed for the alert shall immediately report to public security organs.

"(D) the 13th revised as follows:" technology protection system for the design, construction, inspection and maintenance, should be performed in accordance with national standards, the absence of national standards, in accordance with industry standards, there is no industry standard, in accordance with local standards and the technical specifications for the implementation. Using wireless transmission channel technology product or system, shall be approved by the Administrative Department, radio. "(V) modify the 15th to:" technology protection system shall satisfy the conditions of network interconnection with public security authorities, reserved interface. Public security need to link with related equipment, system of public security organs, the relevant units shall cooperate with. "(Six) will 17th article modified for:" on according to this provides device of technical anti-system, any units and personal shall not has following violations: (a) theft, and destroyed technical anti-system of equipment, and facilities; (ii) damage, and delete, and modified technical anti-system of run program and records; (three) unauthorized change technical anti-system of uses and range; (four) leaked technical anti-system of secret; (five) unauthorized using technical anti-system of records information; (six) effect technical anti-system using of other violations.

"(VII) deletion of article 21st.

19, Jiangxi provincial people's Government, formulate local regulations and regulatory procedures (a) the article is changed to: "provincial government legal agencies open to the public on legislative proposals.

The legislative proposals of the Government legal organization can open projects, as well as deputies to recommendations and proposals of the CPPCC, selecting the appropriate legislation, apply for project recommends that the relevant departments of the provincial government. Relates to standardize Government behavior and other aspects of the project application can be made directly by the provincial government legal agencies. "(B) will be the Nineth article is revised as follows:" the Government legal agencies according to the province's economic and social development needs, follow the conditions are ripe, focused and integrated approach to the principles of project review, filter, and total research, elaboration of provincial government's annual legislative work programme, set up provincial regulatory legislation in the project library, and report to the provincial government for approval.

"(C) the 13th revised as follows:" considered by the provincial Government drew attention to the draft local regulations (hereinafter referred to as local regulations), regulations drafted by the provincial government organizations.

Provincial governments can be determined by one department or several departments in charge of drafting; on important administrative matters or standardize Government behavior and other aspects of the project, drafted by the provincial legal bodies or organizations can be determined. Drafting local regulations and rules could invite relevant organizations, third parties such as experts, may also appoint experts in related organizations, third parties, such as drafting. "(Four) will 27th article modified for:" provincial government legal institutions should with drafting units, on local regulations draft, and regulations trial draft involved of problems, outreach for investigation, take held Conference, and questionnaire survey or public sought views, form sought about organ, and NPC representative, and CPPCC members, and democratic, and federations, and independents, and civic, and social organization, and experts scholars and citizens of views, and can on views adopted situation for feedback. "(E) in article 28th of one paragraph is added as the third paragraph:" significant dispute among society in General, departments of important legislative matters and professional and technical draft local laws and regulations, drafted by the provincial legal agencies and units to carry out third-party assessment.

"(F) 29th article is revised as follows:" the relevant departments of the local regulations, the draft regulations relates to the main measures have different views, the Division of management, permissions, and government legal agencies should coordinate agree; fail to reach a consensus, should be major issues, related departments on legal bodies reported to the provincial government and the provincial government decision.

Draft regulations leading to the attention of the provincial executive meeting, organized by the provincial government legal agencies provincial departments concerned to draft regulations for the triage. Government legal agencies according to the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs coordination or triage meetings, drafting units and heads of the relevant departments should attend.

"In addition, corresponding to the provisions of the above regulations in order to modify adjustments. This decision shall come into force as of the date of.