Police In Xuzhou City And City Management Support Staff Management

Original Language Title: 徐州市警务和城管辅助人员管理办法

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  First in order to regulate the auxiliary police and city management staff management, safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of police and city management support staff, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Article II, within the administrative area of the city police and city administration support staff (hereinafter referred to as auxiliary personnel) management procedures apply.

Third auxiliary staff in these measures refers to public security, urban management Department in accordance with the needs, purchasing services, such as recruiting, public security, urban management Department and under the control and supervision of law enforcement personnel, personnel carry out duties as provided herein.

Fourth public security organ, the Urban Management Department is responsible for police support staff, management of urban management supporting staff.

Sectors such as finance, human resources and social security in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to help management related work.

Fifth auxiliary personnel shall meet the following conditions: (a) citizens of 18 years of age, (ii) good and (iii) the physical condition and ability to work required to perform their duties, (d) proposed requirements of education and professional qualifications.

Sixth, one of the following circumstances, may employ the auxiliary personnel: (a) has been subjected to criminal punishment or suspected crime is not yet known, and (ii) had been education, reeducation-through-labor, compulsory treatment, administrative detention of asylum and (iii) were dismissed by State organs, institutions and (iv) other circumstances that is not suitable for work.

Seventh article police works auxiliary personnel in police organ and police of command and supervision Xia, auxiliary police perform following duties: (a) community real has population management, and where police station area within of enterprises internal security management, and public management and service masses,; (ii) security patrol, and card mouth unattended, and received at police, and maintenance large public activities and burst case (thing) pieces site order, and existing illegal crime suspects of listed, and mediation not as case processing of civil disputes, and security prevention publicity education,;

(Three) grooming traffic, and discourage or assist traffic police check corrected traffic security violations, and maintenance traffic accident site order, protection or assist traffic police exploration accident site, and rescue injured personnel, and carried out traffic security publicity education, and window service,; (four) assist participation fire supervision management and fire rescue,; (five) carried out drug publicity education, drug rehabilitation personnel daily management service, public seizing drug work; (six) police organ of information collection, and data statistics, and text records, and video inspections,;

(VII) other auxiliary police tasks assigned by public security organs.

Eighth article Chengguan auxiliary personnel in Chengguan sector and law enforcement personnel of command and supervision Xia, auxiliary Chengguan law enforcement personnel perform following duties: (a) publicity city management of legal, and regulations and regulations; (ii) participation daily sex city management work, on management regional implemented dynamic inspections; (three) discourage and stop violation city management provides of behavior, urged corrected violations; (four) collection and timely reflect management regional units, and personal on city management administrative law enforcement work aspects of views and recommends;

(E) Urban Management Department of information collection, data statistics, transcripts, video inspections, and (vi) Urban Management Department arranged by city management.

Nineth auxiliary personnel shall not engage in the following activities: (a) without the authorized work involving secret; (b) the administrative license, the administrative fees, administrative penalties, administrative confirmations, administrative enforcement of compulsory administrative measures; (c) the provisions of laws and regulations should be left to police, law enforcement personnel to perform other work.

Police auxiliary personnel shall not engage in criminal case crime scene investigation, investigation, forensics, criminal coercive measures shall not be carried shall not be illegal interrogation of criminal suspects.

Tenth Article auxiliary personnel shall not has following behavior: (a) not perform duties, bungle work; (ii) refused to implementation command; (three) leaked national confidential and work secret; (four) corporal punishment, and abuse relative people; (five) using weapons, and apparatus; (six) obtained, and received bribery; (seven) work time drinking; (eight) participation and perform duties about of business activities or using work of will purchase commodity, and accept service; (nine) by hired Yu other personal or organization; (ten) other illegal disciplinary behavior.

11th article auxiliary personnel enjoys following right: (a) get perform duties should has of work conditions; (ii) law get work paid, enjoy statutory welfare, and social security treatment; (three) accept post by needed business knowledge training; (four) law proposed complaints and charged; (five) law requirements lifted or terminated labor contract; (six) legal regulations and regulations provides of other should enjoys of right.

12th support staff perform their duties in accordance with this approach are protected by law, and shall cooperate with the concerned citizens, legal persons and other organizations. 13th total support staff should be strictly controlled.

Public security, urban management Department needed support staff, should be used in conjunction with the Department of finance, human resources and social security plan implementation reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval.

14th recruit auxiliary staff should adhere to openness, the principle of equality, competition, and by publishing announcements, registration, examinations, interviews, medical examinations, labor contracts and other procedures.

15th the public security organs, urban management Department to purchase services to recruit auxiliary staff, shall conclude a contract and provided labor service agencies, institutions that provide labor services shall conclude a labor contract law and ancillary staff.

Labor contract shall be in accordance with the laws and regulations agreed upon salary, social security, conditions of contract duration, termination of the contract, and so on.

16th support staff wages and benefits, social security, clothing, equipment, training, and ongoing management requirements, and included in the budgets at all levels.

Requirements for the provision of the preceding paragraph, its standard by the public security organs, urban management authorities and the financial, human resources and Social Security Department. Support staff wage adjusted dynamically.

Wage adjustment under auxiliary work, examination results, its OK.

17th assistive personnel because of injuries, deaths, and legally entitled to work injury benefits.

The 18th public security, urban management department can pay for support staff positions with risk or suitable for the particular commercial risks.

19th support staff should be dispensed harmonization of documents, clothing.

Support personnel can be configured according to the work and use of necessary protective equipment.

Support staff upon separation from service, for its allotment of work documents such as equipment, clothing, identity, and should be withdrawn.

20th article police organ, and Chengguan sector should established auxiliary personnel of information information archives, and established following management system: (a) political business learning and training system; (ii) responsibility and assessment attendance system; (three) SHIFT and check system; (four) work situation records and asked report system; (five) involved property collection registration and handed system; (six) confidential system; (seven) level promotion system; (eight) rewards and punishments system; (nine) joint collaboration system. 21st the public security organs, urban management authorities should the pre-job training of support staff.

Training of qualified, engaged in the corresponding post tasks assigned to it. 22nd public security, urban management Department should be regular support staff's work performance, compliance assessment of discipline, training and so on.

Assessment results as the auxiliary promotion, rewards and punishments, renewal and dismissal of the main basis for, and linked to wages.

Article 23rd at work has made significant achievements or made outstanding contributions to the support staff, public security, urban management Department should be commended and rewarded.

24th hinder support staff to perform their duties, activities contravening public security management, by the public security organs shall be subject to punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

25th, city departments of public security organs and their staff members in violation of the regulations, by the competent authorities or their unit has a leadership responsibility and direct responsibility personnel, give criticism and education; the circumstances are serious, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 26th article this way come into force February 1, 2016.