Chongqing To Promote Enterprise Technical Innovation

Original Language Title: 重庆市促进企业技术创新办法

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  First in order to speed up the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, exerting the principal role of enterprises in technological innovation, promotes innovative elements to the enterprise, and enhance innovation capabilities and competitiveness, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, improving the quality and efficiency of economic development, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Science and technology progress law and relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Article within the administrative area of the city to promote activities related to the application of this approach to enterprises ' technological innovation.

Enterprise technology innovation in these measures refers to companies or through research and development achievements, providing new technologies, new processes, new materials, new products, new services, and activities to achieve its market value.

Article to promote enterprise technical innovation should be guided by the market, persist in combining enterprise and Government guidance, encourage enterprise cooperative technological innovation, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, encourages the social resources in enterprise technology innovation, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productivity.

Fourth municipal, district (County) and guidance of the people's Governments shall strengthen the enterprises ' technological innovation services, develop and implement policies and measures to encourage and support enterprises ' technological innovation, establish departmental interaction collaboration, and create a good environment conducive to technological innovation, stimulate technological innovation.

Fifth article city, and district (autonomous) science and technology sector is responsible for enterprise technology innovation work of macro management and and manpower coordination; city, and district (autonomous) development reform sector is responsible for enterprise technology innovation work of strategy, and planning; city, and district (autonomous) economic information sector is responsible for industrial enterprise technology innovation work of guide, and coordination, and service and supervision, developed and organization implementation industrial enterprise technology innovation planning and policy.

Education, financial, taxation, industry and commerce, SMEs, and other relevant departments according to their respective functions should work together to promote enterprise technical innovation.

Sixth enterprises as the main body of technical innovation, technical innovation decision-making and investment in research and development organizations, research and development activities, achievements and other legally entitled to freedom.

Seventh article city, and district (autonomous) about sector according to duties Division for enterprise technology innovation provides following service: (a) established enterprise technology innovation policy announced, and publicity system, relies on portal website, platform concentrated public released promote enterprise technology innovation of about policy, and work process, information, and timely update; (ii) established innovation policy coordination review mechanism, and innovation policy survey and evaluation system, on new developed policy whether restricted innovation for review, on innovation policy implementation situation for track analysis; (Three) established normal of of enterprise technology innovation dialogue, and advisory system, play enterprise and entrepreneurs in innovation decision in the of role; (four) Organization carried out and enterprise technology innovation about of business training, and advisory diagnosis, activities, help enterprise upgrade innovation capacity; (five) established sound enterprise technology innovation of socialization service system, foster development enterprise technology innovation public service platform, for Enterprise provides development design, and technology evaluation, and technology trading, and venture hatch, and test detection, and quality certification, and intellectual property, and brand created, and

Standard-setting and promotion, training, universities and research institutes butt consulting, information technology and financial services, (vi) establishment of science and technology infrastructure, large-scale research equipment and the long term mechanism for patent information resource to a socially open, encourage enterprises, research institutes, institutions of higher learning in accordance with market share equipment, scientific literature, scientific data and innovative resources. Eighth article city, and district (autonomous) about sector according to duties Division guide enterprise carried out following technology innovation activities: (a) increased development input efforts, integration both at home and abroad technology innovation resources, established new of development innovation system; (ii) strengthening research development, formed has independent intellectual property of results, and achieved results industrialization, and market; (three) strengthening research with collaborative innovation, joint both at home and abroad research hospital by, and College, implementation technology innovation project, created technology innovation team and institutions, Building industry technology innovation strategy Union; (four) led developed or amendment international standards, and national standards, and industry standard and place standard; (five) carried out quality upgrade and brand foster work, promotion advanced quality management system and mode; (six) application information technology achieved design digital, and products intelligent of, and manufacturing wisdom of, and management network and business electronic of; (seven) strengthening talent of introduced, and training and using, with both at home and abroad College joint training professional technology talent,

Build a research base or practical training base.

Nineth municipal, district (County) Government establishment of enterprises ' technology innovation Special Fund to support enterprises ' technological innovation.

Municipal, district (County) authorities other special fund for scientific and technological progress, innovation and entrepreneurship, a certain proportion should be identified to encourage and support enterprises ' technological innovation activities play funds on the guiding function of enterprise's technological innovation. Enterprise and technology innovation about of following activities or project, according to national and this city about provides enjoy grants or award: (a) development, and production and by identification of new products; (ii) get China patent gold and China patent excellent award, national award of patent; (three) led developed and was batch international standards, and national standards or industry standard; (four) new finds of national, and city level enterprise development institutions and national, and city level enterprise development institutions in run assessment in the was excellent Melchizedek of,

Its new purchased development test key equipment, capacity upgrade project; (five) for included Chongqing first Taiwan (sets) major equipment application guide directory of equipment products insured; (six) first purchased first with has independent intellectual property of first Taiwan (sets) major equipment; (seven) introduced enterprise technology innovation talent; (eight) according to national and this city provides can enjoy grants, and award of other activities or project.

Tenth Article enterprise and technology innovation about of following activities, involved enterprise related income or costs of, according to national about provides enjoy tax offers: (a) development technology, and new process, and new products occurred of research development costs; (ii) engaged in meet conditions of environmental protection, and energy-saving water project of proceeds and acquisition for environmental protection, and energy-saving water, and safety, dedicated equipment of investment; (three) for production national support development of major equipment or products and imports part key parts and the raw materials costs;

(D) purchased new dedicated to research and development of equipment, accelerated depreciation of equipment; (e) eligible technology transfer; (vi) spending on education of staff and workers (including workers ' job skills training and technical skill training costs), and (VII) in accordance with State regulations can enjoy preferential taxation policies in other circumstances.

11th municipal, district (County) Government to establish a sound system of policies to support procurement of innovative products and services, implement and improve government procurement measures related to promoting the development of enterprises ' technological innovation, increase its procurement of innovative products and services.

12th to encourage financial institutions to increase financing support for enterprise technology innovation efforts, top priority countries, focused on technological innovation, and the financing needs of the project.

Policy-oriented financial institution shall, within the scope of its business to meet the conditions set by the State enterprise support technical innovation projects.

13th municipal, district (County) shall establish measures of supervision supervision mechanism of enterprises ' technology innovation policy, policy implementation, evaluation and reporting system established.

14th enterprise technology innovation activities in the form of intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights and interests protected by law.

Encourage enterprises to establish and perfect the system of management and protection of intellectual property rights, implementation of the intellectual property management, acquisition, maintenance, use and protection of intellectual property rights according to law.

15th to encourage enterprises to use the Internet and other tools to build mass innovation platform, stimulate staff innovation potential and vitality, create the conditions to develop staff knowledge, technology expertise.

Encourage enterprises to increase investment in education expense, establish and improve the system of technical training and continuing education of employees, professional skills competitions, and improve the quality of staff.

16th to encourage enterprise establish and improve the incentive mechanism of technological innovation, researchers set up a separate promotion and evaluation system, guaranteed income and interests of developers; encouraging firms to have made outstanding contributions to research and development personnel, through equity, option, profit-sharing and other forms of incentives.

17th enterprise access to Government-backed enterprises technology innovation special funds should be introduced for special accounts accounts, earmarking, strictly in accordance with the relevant financial and accounting management, receiving funding review oversight by regulators.

18th Enterprise shall, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Statistics Act and the provisions of relevant laws and regulations accurately and timely investment in research and development and other innovation-related statistical information.

19th enterprises in technological innovation activities in fraud, obtaining special funds, preferential treatment, by the relevant authorities in accordance with the responsibilities assigned to recover their funds, cancellation of preferential treatment, and shall be subject to business owners and responsibility of the persons concerned.

20th national staff in enterprises ' technology innovation of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages, shall be subject to punishment; a suspected crime, transferred to the judicial organs according to law. 21st article this way come into force February 1, 2016.