Qingdao Blue Valley's Core Management Interim Measures

Original Language Title: 青岛蓝色硅谷核心区管理暂行办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article for the planning and construction of demonstration zone of Qingdao blue ocean sci-tech innovation in Silicon Valley, through the system and mechanism innovation, stimulate Qingdao blue core development in Silicon Valley, according to laws and regulations and the Qingdao municipal people's Congress Standing Committee decision on Qingdao blue core legal institutions established in Silicon Valley, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Second approach applies to the country approved the establishment of the core area of Qingdao Blue Valley (hereinafter referred to as the core area). Third article core to marine technology innovation for theme, to change economic development way for mainline, using international vision, highlight regional features, full play market configuration resources of decisive role, insisted innovation drive, and high-end development, and open led, and ecological priority and sea land and Manpower, to implementation major advance engineering, and development marine industries, and perfect technology system mechanism, and innovation operation management mode, and optimization development environment, efforts construction marine technology innovation Highland, and marine education first district, and marine industries led district, and

Coastal ecological new town of science and technology. Fourth core development should follow the principles of science, innovation and reform, actively explore management system and mechanism to promote core area development and construction and industrial development.

Coordinate reform efforts in related areas, policy overlay advantage; major initiatives for countries to deepen reforms, open wider to pioneering; in line with international practices and rules, in line with the city's future development direction, need pilot explores system design should try first; have important effects on economic and social development, to the city's institutional innovations have a significant demonstration effect pioneering.

Fifth city, jimo, relevant departments and Governments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, in policy implementation, institutional innovation, financing, project layout support.

Sixth chapter management system building "right of decision-making, implementation and supervision of" full cohesion and effective checks and balances in corporate governance structure and decision-making bodies, executive bodies, supervisory bodies established accordingly. Seventh established Qingdao blue core of Silicon Valley Council (hereinafter referred to as the Blue Valley Council).

Blue Valley is the core of the highest decision-making body of the Council, is responsible for the core area of research development strategic planning, decision-making on important matters. Blue Valley Council chaired by the municipal government in charge of the head.

Blue Valley Council members from related departments of the municipal government, municipal government, local research institutions and enterprises in charge of and composed of Heads of executive bodies, supervisory bodies. Eighth established Qingdao Blue Valley's core authority (hereinafter referred to as the Blue Valley Authority). Blue Valley Authority is responsible for the management of public affairs and public service functions according to law, managed but not for profit-making purposes, statutory bodies with independent legal status, is responsible for the development and construction of the core area, operation management, investment, innovation, comprehensive coordination and so on.

Blue Valley Authority of the Blue Valley Council. Ninth article Blue Valley Authority main law perform following duties: (a) Organization research developed core development strategy, and planning policy, by provides program reported blue Valley Council research determine Hou organization implementation; (ii) Organization research developed core industry layout, prepared industry development guide directory, and access conditions,; (three) organization developed and implementation core promote marine technology and high-tech industry development of about rules and guidelines; (four) is responsible for this approach provides of core planning, and construction management, work, is responsible for land management, and

Reserves and utilization work, bear development construction voted financing task, is responsible for based facilities, and public service facilities of construction, and operation and management work; (five) implementation City Government and about sector gives of city level management permission and matters; (six) is responsible for core district within except financial class industry project yiwai investment project (containing fixed assets investment project) of approval, and approved, and record or turned reported management; (seven) is responsible for core investment introduction funding, and publicity promotion and foreign cooperation and Exchange work;

(Eight) organization developed and implementation Blue Valley Authority personnel, and pay and performance management, System; (nine) prepared annual work report to Blue Valley Council report work, and regularly to social announced; (ten) is responsible for Blue Valley Authority internal audit, and supervision work; (11) coordination, and guide about sector set in core of branch institutions or sent institutions of work, coordination contact customs, and immigration test quarantine and power, and heating, and gas, and communications, and financial, units of work; (12) Municipal Government gives of other duties. Blue Valley in its tenth set 1, the Secretary of the Board, according to prescribed procedures appointment of Deputy Secretary for a number of established in accordance with the needs, assisting the Secretary work.

Deputy Director, nominated by the Secretary, according to prescribed procedures for appointment.

11th Blue Valley Authority shall, in accordance with streamlined, flexible mechanism to determine internal organization. 12th Blue Valley Board may establish flexible and efficient personnel system, setting positions, determine personnel structure, set the employment conditions, and open recruitment personnel.

In accordance with the needs, global introduction of team-oriented and high-level talents. Personnel management can take various forms, develop flexible and effective compensation and incentives. Establishment and incentive mechanism of economic responsibility auditing, information disclosure and constraint mechanisms.

Blue Valley Council on establishing specific programmes, to ensure funding for personnel control, personnel management, financial and other content, considered by the Blue Valley Council, and submitted to the municipal authorities for approval before implementation.

Core area of the existing civil servants drawn, during the transitional period in accordance with the principles of selection determined positions.

13th establishing both internal and external oversight mechanisms. Established Qingdao Blue Valley's core Supervisory Board (hereinafter referred to as the Blue Valley Board of supervisors), the Blue Valley Authority oversee the development, construction, operation and management activities. Blue Valley Board of supervisors of the Blue Valley Council.

Blue Valley Authority shall establish an internal audit and oversight body, responsible for Blue Valley Board of internal oversight. Blue Valley, acceptable to the Board of supervisors to oversee, monitor, commissioned by the unit of State-owned assets supervision responsibilities and exercise the corresponding powers. Blue Valley shall have a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, nominated by the Blue Valley Council, appointed as required. Blue Valley annually reported to the Blue Valley Board of supervisors core area of development, construction, operation and management.

Blue Valley annual report on the work of the Board of supervisors established system, periodic reporting to the Blue Valley Council and announced to the public.

Integrated management 14th chapter within the core area of fire, environmental protection, social security, management of city appearance and environmental sanitation and other social functions from jimo Government and related departments.

15th technology, financial, planning, finance, land, waters, urban construction, environmental protection, industrial and commercial administrative examination and approval matters and administrative fee waiver, enlistment matters, according to core development, implemented by the legally granted the Blue Valley Authority.

Blue Valley Authority shall be subject to empower the Department to assign matters of supervision and guidance. 16th jimo Government could use the planning, construction and land management rights legally granted the Blue Valley Authority.

Modification, diversion of agricultural land to land use planning and approval matters, such as land expropriation, jimo City Bureau of land and resources combined with the Blue Valley Authority reported.

Blue Valley Authority should launch an overall land-use planning, environmental protection planning, planning of main function region construction planning and effective cohesion.

17th encourages Blue Valley Authority land leases, priced shares of land use, such as pilot, for the industry, for years and price differential management innovations land regulation and oversight mechanisms, building of inefficient use of land withdrawal mechanism.

18th Blue Valley Authority through the purchase of services, such as, part of the Basic Law of management of public services, social services, industry management and coordination services, technical services, governmental duties required ancillary matters such as services, entrusted to social organizations, enterprises and institutions to undertake. Fourth chapter industry promote 19th article core is to marine for main features of hi-tech development and high-tech industry agglomeration regional, highlight innovation drive, and integrated service two big function, to foster innovation venture culture, attract both at home and abroad well-known research hospital by, and University, training introduced marine high-level talent, advance Qingdao international human resources industry Park Silicon Valley points Park of construction, concentrated layout marine research, and education, and results into, and academic exchange, major platform and incubator project, focus carried out marine tip technology, and Applied technology research and development, selectively developing marine industries.

Scientific layout of district service area, the financial business district, residential area, improve education, culture, health, sports, tourism and other infrastructure, positive developments in finance, insurance, property rights trading, legal advice and other modern services.

20th article core focus development following industry: (a) marine medicine field; (ii) marine materials field; (three) marine equipment manufacturing field; (four) health increased farming field; (five) seawater resources utilization field; (six) marine new energy utilization field; (seven) marine environmental and disaster mitigation field; (eight) marine class human resources service industry; (nine) other and marine related of strategic industries field. 21st to encourage core enterprises, universities, research institutions and other social organizations and individuals to run online and offline, incubation and investment combined with the new incubators, provides service for incubating enterprises.

Identified incubators, enjoy relevant preferential policies of national and provincial and municipal regulations.

To set up a technology business incubator Development Fund to support construction of incubators, incubator public innovative platform construction, perfect incubation environment and support sitting on independent innovation of the enterprises, focusing on supporting all the of space enterprise.

22nd tax departments should implement the State encourages innovation and entrepreneurship and supports advanced producer services such as tax policy, optimization of tax collection mechanisms, improve the level of service.

23rd core areas the introduction of professionals, housing, spousal employment and school attendance of children receive municipal incentives.

Except as provided in the laws, rules and regulations can enjoy policies, municipal departments should be based on core development, given other preferential policies in support of the core. 24th Special Fund for the establishment of intellectual property rights, used to create, use, protection and management of intellectual property rights.

Establishing resources database of intellectual property and intellectual property rights trading center, provide a platform for intellectual property transactions.

25th to encourage and support into the core area of research institutions and enterprises, to declare the national or provincial marine engineering (technology) Research Center, focus (engineering) Labs, technology centers, to declare the success of preferential policies to support and reward innovation platform.

The fifth chapter funds mode and management of investment and financing the 26th Blue Valley independent financial budget and final accounts of the authority system and financial management system. 27th Blue Valley Authority's sources of funding, and can take many forms such as Government-funded and self-financing. Blue Valley Authority runs the early funding financial allocation, market step by step, form a market-oriented operation system.

Financial allocation section, mainly derived from the core area of the revenue after deducting pay part of the Central, provincial and municipal. 28th Blue Valley Authority may, in accordance with the core area of the land, waters, operating assets, as well as Government funds to establish multi-level, multi-channel system of investment and financing, and funding for the core area of development, construction and development. Blue Valley Authority was established as a State-owned investment investor-funded state-owned and State holding companies, State-owned enterprises, about the earnings call, dispose of in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State-owned enterprise revenue management.

Government receipts in the core area of State-owned land use right transfer, full development and construction of the core area according to law.

Sixth chapter 29th Blue Valley public services authority to set up a one-stop service Hall, through the integration of core administrative services in the region. 30th, jimo city departments and the Government should be based on core development and management services need to lobby residents or institutions, and fully authorized, within the core area of natural persons, legal persons and other organizations provide convenient one-stop service.

Resident or institution for Blue Valley the guidance and oversight of the Board.

31st Blue Valley Authority should strengthen core public service platform construction in the region, coordination and promotion of core area in education, health care, social security and other areas of public service reform and innovation, to create a good environment for public service.

32nd of industry and commerce, public security, law enforcement, civil affairs departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities for core area to provide high quality and efficient public services, and accept the Blue Valley Board of coordination. 33rd Blue Valley Authority can organize local administrations to carry out routine inspection of law enforcement activities, regulation of administrative enforcement actions.

Local administrative departments shall regularly inform the authority on administrative law enforcement inspection to Blue Valley.

34th Blue Valley Authority in a variety of forms of participation of social capital and market-oriented operation, with high standards of public service and product. The seventh chapter supplementary articles article 35th since February 2016 the date of promulgation of these measures.