Interim Measures For The Management Of Luoyang City, A Residence Permit

Original Language Title: 洛阳市居住证管理暂行办法

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  First non-local officials in order to strengthen service management, protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, promote urban resident population of full coverage of basic public services, in accordance with the relevant laws and the temporary residence permit (State Council Decree No. 663), considering the actual situation in the city, these measures are formulated.

A citizen to leave the domicile, to the urban district and the County (City) lived for six consecutive months or more, consistent with stable employment, stable homes, one of the condition of continuous studying, you can apply for a residence permit in accordance with these regulations.

Employment means the residence permit are holders residence, as the resident population access to basic public services and facilities, application to register permanent residence certificates.

Article city and County (city, district) people's Governments should strengthen non-local household registration officers in service management leadership, establish and improve the public service mechanisms for non-local officials.

Fourth public security organs shall be responsible for non-local officials residence registration and residence permit application processing, production, distribution and other related work.

Development and reform, human resources and social security, health and family planning, education, civil affairs, administration of Justice, housing and urban-rural construction, and other related departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, non-local officials to safeguard the rights of residence and work.

The fifth Township (town) people's Government, the subdistrict office (hereinafter referred to as the trustee) according to delegates of the county-level public security organs and personnel engaged in non-local registered permanent residence residence registration, residence permits specific work such as filing and payment.

Sixth, enterprises, institutions, public organizations and other organizations should coordinate with relevant departments in non-local household registration management of personnel services.

Article seventh non-local household registration staff residence service management provision into the budget at the same level, to protect it.

The eighth non-local officials intend to apply for residence permits, should to stay in County-level public security organ or a trustee apply for residence registration, as proof of the bid for the starting time of the residence permit.

Nineth residence registration should be submitted by my valid identity document, proof of residence or employment, education materials, and accept the portrait collection on the spot.

Article tenth non-local officials meet residency requirements, apply for a residence card shall hold a valid ID card to travel to county-level public security organ or the trustee to apply.

When applying for live registration information has been changed and should be corrected.

The 11th County-level public security organ or the trustee shall, within 15 working days from the day of acceptance issued a residence permit.

12th printing residence permits by the city public security organs. 13th imposed residence permits system of endorsements, endorsement once a year. Holders of residence permits should be issued before the date of each year within one month after the original county-level public security organ or the trustee's bid for the residence permit endorsement.

Endorsement has not bid expiry of visa formalities, residence permits expire automatically.

14th residence permit holders residence address to the urban district was changed to counties (cities) or County (City) of the change to the urban area should be to the new residence of county-level public security organ or the trustee shall register such changes. Residence certificate is damaged or lost, shall be submitted to the county-level public security organ or the trustee application for renewal or replacement.

The county-level public security organ or trustee shall be issued within 15 working days from the date of acceptance.

15th article claim, endorsement and registration of changes of residence permit shall not charge a fee.

16th no unit and individual shall forge, alter a residence permit or residence permit of using forged or altered.

17th among public security organs to perform their duties, no unit or individual may seize a residence permit. 18th article live card holding witnesses law enjoy local household personnel same of following interests: (a) employment service and investment offers; (ii) labor skills game and advanced appraisals; (three) public rental housing guarantees; (four) urban and rural residents social security and housing Provident Fund related business; (five) infectious diseases control, and children plans immune, and maternal and child health, public health service; (six) family planning technology service; (seven) children compulsory education stage entrance and tests; (eight) handle ride preferential treatment procedures, handle

Luoyang tour year card; (IX) public cultural and sports services; (x) social assistance benefits and basic funeral service subsidy (11) legal aid and other legal services (12) city and County (City), the people's Governments of other essential public services.

19th residence permit holders residence enjoy the following benefits: (a) the motor vehicle registration and (b) apply for a motor vehicle driving license and (iii) in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State exit-entry documents; (d) signed up for vocational qualification exams, apply for grant of professional qualifications (v) certification for fertility services, (vi) city and County (City) Government provides other benefits.

20th under any of the following acts, by the public security organs in a warning and fined a maximum of 200 Yuan, has illegally obtained, confiscation illegal obtained: (a) the use of false evidence of obtaining a residence permit, (ii) rent, lend, transfer of a residence permit, and (c) illegal seizure of the residence permits of others.

21st under any of the following acts, by the public security organs of 200 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine, has illegally obtained, confiscation illegal obtained: (a) use of others ' residence or obtaining a residence permit, (ii) the purchase, sale, using forged or altered certificate of residence. Forging or altering residence permits and obtaining a residence permit, to be seized by public security organs.

Enjoy the benefits, convenience, the relevant departments can be revoked.

22nd article in accordance with this approach is responsible for live registration or live card service management work of related sector and staff has following behavior one of of, law give disposition; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) meet live card apply for conditions but refused to accepted, and issued; (ii) violation about provides charged costs; (three) using making, and issued live card of convenience, received others property or seek other interests;

(Iv) holders of residence permits obtained in personal information sold or illegally provided to other persons, (v) tampering with residence permit information.

23rd parties relating to residence registration or residence permit service management administrative acts, may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit. 24th article this way since February 15, 2016.