Special Provisions On The Labour Protection Of Female Workers In Anhui Province

Original Language Title: 安徽省女职工劳动保护特别规定

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  The first in order to minimize and resolve female workers in the workforce special difficulties due to physiological characteristics, protection of female workers ' health, according to the special regulations concerning the labor protection of female staff and relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.

Article within the administrative area of the province of State bodies, enterprises, institutions, social groups, individual economic organizations and other social organizations, employers and their female employees, these provisions shall apply.

Article should be combined with the actual conditions of the employer, establish and improve the system of labor protection of female staff to improve women workers ' safety and health conditions of female workers on occupational safety and health training, clear the corresponding bodies or persons responsible for the labor protection of female staff. The fourth women enjoy equal rights with men in employment.

Employers recruiting employees, in addition to national provisions do not fit women's trades or posts may not refuse to hire women on grounds of sex workers or raise employment standards of female workers.

Fifth the employer shall enter into labor contracts with women workers in the clear, or in other written form to inform women workers include the following items: (a) the scope belongs to the taboo of women employees working for the employer posts and (ii) possible occupational hazards of working and (iii) protective measures against occupational hazards; (d) the special treatment of the occupational hazards of working.

Sixth enterprise workers and employers concluded collective contracts, women workers ' rights and interests protection of collective contracts should be clear contents of the labor protection of female staff.

Women more than 10 employees total number of employees or 10% or more, participate in collective contracts, protection of women workers ' rights in the collective contracts negotiated on behalf of female workers ' representatives.

The seventh female workers of an employer shall not be marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, citing lower female wages, benefits, dismiss women workers or unilaterally terminate labour contracts or employment contracts. Eighth article on pregnancy of female workers, employing units should give following labour protection: (a) not arrangements its engaged in national provides of pregnancy taboo engaged in of Labor; (ii) will its in labor time within by provides for of prenatal check time, meter into labor time; (three) on cannot adapted original labor of, appropriate reduce its labor, or by I proposed, for its adjustment suitable of labor post; (four) on pregnancy discontent 3 months and pregnancy reaction serious, or pregnancy 7 months above of,

Working time arrangements within the rest of 1 hour a day (v) for more than 7 months of pregnancy, shall not extend the working hours scheduled to work night shifts.

Nineth female workers has threatened miscarriage or have a history of recurrent miscarriage, my fetus to rest, the employing unit shall appropriate arrangements according to actual medical institutions and units.

Tenth Article female workers birth or terminated pregnancy, employing units should guarantees its enjoy following labour protection: (a) normal delivery of, Hugh maternity leave 98 days, which prenatal can vacation 15 days; (ii) dystocia or implementation profile Palace produced surgery delivery of, increased maternity leave 15 days; (three) birth more cell tire of, each more birth 1 a baby, increased maternity leave 15 days; (four) pregnancy discontent 4 months abortion of, Hugh maternity leave 15 days; (five) pregnancy full 4 months discontent 7 months abortion of, Hugh maternity leave 42 days;

(F) for more than 7 months of pregnancy termination of pregnancy, maternity leave, 98 days; (VII) maternity leave for Anhui Province on population and family planning regulations.

The 11th female workers on maternity leave, enjoy national and provincial maternity insurance benefits.

The 12th women workers breastfeeding for less than 1 year old baby, the employer shall grant the following protection: (a) does not extend its working hours scheduled to work night shifts.

(Ii) exercise workload scale, a corresponding reduction in their workload.

(C) working time scheduled 1 hour a day nursing time; multiple births, every breast-feeding 1 baby, 1 hour per day for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding in the preceding paragraph may from time to time use, can also be used separately.

Feeding time and feeding time on the way to and from inside the unit, accounted for in the working time.

13th the employer should provide pregnant women, women workers breastfeeding with resting, nursing and necessary facilities.

Adjacent to encourage and guide employers Union for pregnant women, women workers breastfeeding with resting, nursing and necessary facilities.

14th women menorrhagia or dysmenorrhea does not work properly, apply the rest of the employer according to medical institutions, organizing its 1-2 days off.

Employer shall give special health protection for women workers, and to the health of women workers to grant the necessary supplies.

15th women climacteric syndrome symptoms are severe, cannot adapt to the original position, apply a lighter workload or adjustment to work, depending on medical institutions and practices of the employer appropriate arrangements. 16th every 1-2 years, the employer shall schedule 1 gynaecological examinations for women workers.

Check the time into work time, check the costs borne by the employer.

17th the employing unit should be combined with the characteristics, production and take effective measures to prevent female employees subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace; stop the sexual harassment of female workers, investigation and handling of complaints of sexual harassment in a timely manner.

18th people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen leadership of the labor protection of female staff and urged the relevant administrative departments to carry out duties of supervision and inspection of labour protection of female employees, employer to perform duties of female workers labor protection into the social credit system.

County-level above human resources and social security, work safety supervision and administration, health and family planning sectors, shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities on employers to comply with the regulations for supervision and inspection.

Support trade unions, women's organizations shall supervise the implementation of these provisions by the employing units.

19th employer is in violation of the provisions of the third, fifth and eighth article, above the county level by the human resources and social security, work safety supervision and management departments in accordance with the Division of rectification, and administrative penalties according to relevant laws and regulations.

20th article tenth of the employer in violation of the provisions, the people's Governments above the county level administrative Department of human resources and social security a rectification, as against female employees on the standard rate of less than 1000 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan per person, punishable by a fine.

21st the employer in violation of the provisions against women workers ' rights and interests, women can legally complaint, report or complaint to law to labor dispute arbitration institution for mediation, arbitration, or initiate litigation to the people's Court according to law. Female employee to human resources and social security, work safety supervision and management in accordance with law, health and family planning sectors as well as trade unions, women's organizations, such as complaints, reports, complaints, complaints received, reports and complaints departments or organizations shall be investigated according to law, or transmitted to the relevant authorities investigate, within 3 business days.

, Processing of the results of the survey should inform women workers.

22nd article of the regulations come into force on March 1, 2016. Released on May 19, 1990, the female workers labor protection measures for implementation in Anhui Province abolished at the same time.