Construction Of Telecommunication Facilities In Chongqing And Measures Of Protection

Original Language Title: 重庆市电信设施建设与保护办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article to regulate the construction of telecommunications facilities, protection of telecommunication facilities, guarantee smooth telecommunications network security, promoting economic and social development, according to the People's Republic of China, Chongqing Telecommunication Ordinance of the Telecommunication Ordinance and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Article building and protection of telecommunication facilities within the administrative area of the city, these measures shall apply.

This approach by said telecommunications facilities, is refers to for social public provides telecommunications service and achieved telecommunications function of exchange equipment, and transmission equipment and supporting equipment, including telecommunications room, and base station, and small antenna, and light (electric) cable, and pipeline, and rod (Tower), and points line box (box), and handover box (between), and node equipment, and indoor distribution system, and power oil machine, and battery and supporting of outside mains introduced line, and equipment,.

The third municipal people's Government enhance telecommunications facilities construction and protection of the leaders, established by the Department of telecommunication, City economic information Department and the inter-departmental coordination mechanism, integrated and coordinated telecommunications facilities construction and protection of significant problems.

District (County) construction of telecommunication facilities in the people's Government responsible for the Administration and protection of work organization and coordination, supported the construction of telecommunications facilities and protection.

The township (town) people, neighborhood offices assist in construction of telecommunication facilities and the protection of related work.

Fourth, telecommunications departments in charge of the city's telecommunications infrastructure and protection organization, coordination and supervision.

Development and reform, economic information, urban and rural construction, transport, public security, land and housing, environmental protection, planning, services, culture, forestry, gardening, and other relevant departments according to their respective duties, according to law to protect telecommunications facilities ' construction and related work.

Article fifth telecommunications facilities belonging to the strategic public infrastructure, are protected by law.

No unit or individual may obstruct and undermine the legal construction of telecommunication facilities and may not endanger the telecommunications facilities.

Sixth, telecommunications, economic information, environmental protection and other news media, telecommunications operators, telecommunications facilities should be strengthened security, electromagnetic environment knowledge of the level of awareness, enhance public awareness of protection of telecommunications facilities.

Chapter II the planning and construction of the seventh municipal, district (County) Government telecommunications facilities should be included in the administrative areas of the national economy and social development, urban and rural planning and land-use planning.

Telecommunication authorities shall organize telecommunication business operators preparing construction of telecommunications facilities planning, reported to the municipal people's Government for approval organization.

Preparation of telecommunications infrastructure planning should be integrated and coordinated, intensive building, to avoid duplication and waste, and comply with the town and country planning and land use planning.

Eighth new construction, renovation or expansion of telecommunications facilities, shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions and standards implementation of unified construction or building.

Telecommunication facilities have been completed, with conditions for sharing, telecommunications business operator shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions in lease, sale or resources are exchanged with other telecom operators by way of sharing resources.

Nineth telecommunications infrastructure should be implementing national communication engineering construction compulsory standard, in line with the requirements for safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction; its perfect infrastructure under the project shall be in accordance with the relevant procedures.

Telecommunication business operators shall meet the needs of economic development and the well-being of the masses, and continuously improve the carrying capacity of telecommunication facilities, increase the areas of rural, remote and ethnic minority areas the construction of telecommunications facilities, improve telecommunication universal service. Article tenth telecommunications facilities construction projects should be coordinated with local urban construction style, not to affect the city appearance.

In nature conservation, scenic spots and historical and cultural protection area construction of telecommunication facilities, beautify or covert measures should be taken. 11th city construction and construction of villages and towns should be supporting the construction of telecommunications facilities. Telecommunication line in the building, room, distribution facilities, electricity access, telecommunications facilities and land for construction projects within the scope of Telecom pipelines, bridges and other cable channels should be incorporated into the project design document, and with the main engineering construction and acceptance of construction projects.

Requirements should be incorporated into the construction project budget estimates.

Units or departments of planning, construction of roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, road, rail and telecommunication authorities shall inform the city, synchronous design in consultation with you and set the communication pipeline corridors and facilities, and so on.

12th article following construction project should according to national about standard, synchronization design and supporting construction telecommunications facilities: (a) airport, and station, and port, and Terminal; (ii) zone, and Park; (three) business live floor, and Office, and residential community; (four) school, and hospital, and culture technology sports venues,; (five) emergency refuge places; (six) national and this city provides of other construction project.

13th engages in activities such as construction, production, plant and may not endanger the telecommunications facility security; when could endanger security, shall notify in advance the relevant telecommunications service operators, and by engaging in the activities of the unit or individual responsible for taking the necessary safety precautions.

Telecommunications facilities construction activities construction activities may interfere with the other, shall notify in advance the relevant units or individuals, and is responsible for taking the necessary safety precautions.  

Telecommunication facilities and other construction activities construction activities interact to cause harm, the responsible party shall be restored or repaired, and compensate for the resulting economic losses. 14th, water, electricity, gas, pipelines and telecommunications need to pay more, the parallel construction of the pipeline, set distance should be maintained.

In special cases not maintain the prescribed distance, the construction unit shall after consultation with the employer, and to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of pipelines.

Involved need to modify the urban and rural planning, or alter approved construction design scheme, shall go through the relevant formalities.

Relates to construction of urban comprehensive tunnel shall conform to norms of urban construction comprehensive pipe Gallery.

15th civil building developers, owners or managers should provide equal access to telecommunication business operators and conditions of use.

Telecommunication business operators and civil building developers, owners or managers may not sign exclusive agreements, limiting users to choose other telecommunications business operators providing telecommunications services in accordance with law.

Meet the access requirements of civil construction, Telecom, telecommunications, business operators shall, in accordance with the time limit set by the competent Department to provide access to and use of the services.

16th basic telecommunication business operators can be pinned on civilian buildings telecommunication lines or small antennas, base stations and other telecommunications facilities, but he shall first notify the building developers, owners and managers of civil building developers, owners and managers want to open, and convenience.

Civilian buildings in the preceding paragraph are public institutions buildings or Government investment in public facilities, should be open for free, belonging to other buildings or public facilities, telecommunication business operators shall pay royalties to the right.

17th telecommunications business operator in accordance with article mounted on a building of telecommunication lines or small antennas, base stations and other telecommunications facilities, building load conditions should be met to ensure the safe and proper use of the building; failed to meet load conditions, municipal telecommunication administrations shall be ordered to correct or removed according to law. 18th telecommunications business operator new, change the base station, shall go through the radio (station) set up approval procedures.

Radio transmission equipment used by the base station should be carried out in accordance with the approved project work, and meets electromagnetic compatibility requirements. Base stations electromagnetic environments shall conform to the national level the provisions of the electromagnetic environment control limits. Telecommunication business operators shall entrust a qualified institution on a regular basis to detect the electromagnetic environment of the base station, and published test results.

The Environmental Protection Department shall supervise and inspect the level of electromagnetic environment of the base station.

In densely populated residential areas, schools, hospitals and other areas set up your base station, telecommunication business operators shall draw up a notice Board announced the launch of power levels, electromagnetic environment, and so on.

Chapter III protection measures article 19th telecommunications business operators should develop a telecommunication facility protection and management systems, implement security measures, strengthen the protection of telecommunications facilities.

Telecommunications business operators should perform following telecommunications facilities protection duties: (a) regularly maintenance and maintenance; (ii) for tour check; (three) according to need set warning logo, marked owner, and managers and contact way; (four) according to need set wall, and fence, protection facilities; (five) established sound security grading protection, and risk assessment system; (six) and about sector and units established defense work mechanism; (seven) carried out science knowledge and protection common sense publicity. 20th telecommunications business operators of telecommunications facilities for regular maintenance and management activities, places where the telecommunications facility owner or manager should be given help and convenience.

No unit or individual may illegally obstructed, intervention in the telecommunications business operator according to enter places of installation of telecommunications facilities.

Normal maintenance and management activities of telecom operators, shall not affect the places where the normal production and life order. 21st article any units or personal in national provides of telecommunications facilities security protection range within, implementation following may against telecommunications facilities security behavior of, should prior told telecommunications facilities property people, and take necessary of security protection measures: (a) built buildings, and structures; (ii) new, and alterations or expansion station, and airport, and port, and highway, and railway, and City Road, and bridge, and tunnel, and city track traffic, and water,; (three) laying power facilities, and broadcast TV facilities, and telecommunications facilities, and gas pipeline

, Water pipes, sewage pipes, and so on, operations were carried out; (d) the blasting and mining activities; (v) production of flammable and explosive materials and emission of corrosive substance factory; (vi) may endanger the safety of telecommunications facilities.

Telecommunications facilities under security protection in countries outside the scope of the implementation of the preceding paragraph, may jeopardize the safety of telecommunication facilities, effective protection measures should be taken.

22nd article ban any units or personal implementation following against telecommunications facilities security of behavior: (a) in national provides of telecommunications facilities security protection range within burning, and burn kiln, and burning items, piling, and top tube construction, stacked flammable, and easy burst items, dumping containing acid, and alkali, and salt, corrosion sex of waste, and waste,; (ii) in national provides of telecommunications facilities security protection range within dug sand, and take soil, and dug ditch, and dig well, and planting plant, set of manure pool, and livestock circle, and digester; (Three) used truncated telecommunications line and the telecommunications equipment power line, and damaged telecommunications equipment, means deliberately damage telecommunications facilities; (four) in has underwater cable logo of area within broke down, and trawl, and dug sand, and blasting and engaged in other endanger telecommunications line security of job; (five) in telecommunications facilities Shang attached hanging objects, and clings to crop, and tied Department livestock, and climbing rod (Tower); (six) moved, and damaged, and changes or block law set telecommunications facilities security warning logo and protection facilities; (seven) to telecommunications facilities shooting, and throwing objects

And (VIII) other acts of undermining the security of telecommunications facilities. 23rd plants and telecommunications facilities to maintain a safe distance.

Not keeping a safe distance, telecommunications business operator shall inform the owner or Manager for pruning, transplanting or cut.

Building telecommunications facilities with the existing plant could not keep a safe distance, telecommunications business operator shall consult with the owner or Manager.

Can't keep a safe distance from the plant and telecommunications facilities for pruning, transplanting or harvesting, shall go through the relevant formalities.

24th no unit or individual shall not alter, migration and others of telecommunication facilities in case of special circumstances must change, migration, should ask the owners of telecommunications facilities and telecommunication business operators agree, change, migration, requests made by the unit or individual modifications, relocation costs, and compensation for the resulting economic losses.

Change, migration, telecommunications facilities shall not affect normal traffic flow.

25th city emergency communications guarantee plan for telecommunication administrations shall be formulated to guide telecom operator establish corresponding emergency communications system, and improve the early warning mechanism to ensure safe operation of telecommunications facilities.

Municipal, district (County) Government emergency communication plan should be included in the Administration's emergency preparedness system.

Article 26th telecommunications business operator shall develop emergency communications guarantee plan, establish emergency response teams, reserve and emergency supplies and emergency drills on a regular basis. Critical communication support, emergency communication and telecommunication facilities to repair vehicles for engineering emergency vehicles should be registered according to law.

Engineering emergency vehicles when performing urgent tasks, on the premise of ensuring security without routes, driving directions, speed restrictions and parking areas, traffic lights.

27th power supply enterprises should give priority to safeguard the telecommunications business operator is continuous and reliable power supply in case of special circumstances beyond the power of, shall be notified in advance in accordance with regulations telecommunications business operators, and power has been restored in a timely manner, guarantee safe communication network.

Telecommunication business operators shall be equipped with emergency power generation equipment in accordance with the relevant provisions to ensure that emergency conditions communications hub and important Council of the key communication nodes of power, such as energy supply. 28th and no unit or individual telecommunication facilities acquired from unknown sources.

Waste materials acquisition and management units and individuals shall comply with the relevant State scrap metal acquisition, relevant provisions of renewable resources.

Fourth chapter legal responsibility 29th article violation this approach 15th article, and 20th article provides, civil of developers, and owner or managers has following behavior one of of, by city telecommunications competent sector ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, at 500 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following fine: (a) not for telecommunications business operators provides equal of access or using conditions of; (ii) refused to telecommunications business operators into telecommunications facilities set places on telecommunications facilities for normal maintenance and management activities of.

30th article violation this approach 15th article, and 18th article, and 20th article, and 26th article, and 27th article provides, telecommunications business operators has following behavior one of of, by city telecommunications competent sector ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, at 10000 Yuan above 30000 Yuan following fine: (a) not according to city telecommunications competent sector provides of time for civil of developers, and owner or managers provides access and using service;

(Ii) not regularly delegate has qualification of institutions on base station of electromagnetic environment for detection, and announced detection results of; (three) not in set base station of population intensive regional making telecommunications facilities of launches power, and electromagnetic environment level, content of notices brand of; (four) on telecommunications facilities for normal maintenance and management activities Shi, serious effect where places normal production, and life order of; (five) not developed emergency communications guarantees plans, and established emergency team, and reserves emergency material, or not regularly for emergency walkthrough of;

(Vi) are not equipped with emergency power generation equipment in accordance with regulations.

31st article violates this article approaches the 21st, the implementation may endanger the telecommunications facilities, security measures have been taken by the municipal telecommunication authorities shall order correction within; it fails to mend, operating more than 10000 30000 Yuan fine, non-operational Act between 1000 Yuan and 200 Yuan fine.

32nd in violation of provisions of this article 22nd, acts against telecommunications facilities, a rectification by the Telecommunication Authority; it fails to mend, operating more than 10000 30000 Yuan fine, non-operational Act between 1000 Yuan and 200 Yuan fine.

33rd city telecommunication administration and other relevant departments of the national personnel, telecommunication facilities and protection of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and disciplined by the authorities or supervisory organs.

The 34th article violates these rules, People's Republic of China Telecommunication Ordinance and other laws and regulations on Punishment stipulates, in accordance with relevant regulations will be punished.

Violation of these rules, resulting in personal injuries or property damage, shall bear civil liability activities contravening public security management, shall be subject to administrative penalties for public security; a suspected crime, transferred to the judicial organs according to law.

Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 35th of special telecommunication network telecommunications facilities construction and protection, in accordance with the measures implemented. 36th these measures come into force on April 1, 2016.