Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, High-Rise Building Fire Safety Management Requirements

Original Language Title: 新疆维吾尔自治区高层建筑消防安全管理规定

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  Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the management of fire safety in high-rise buildings, to prevent and reduce fire hazards, the protection of personal and property safety, maintaining public security, according to the People's Republic of China fire protection law, the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, the Fire Services Ordinance and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with State practice, these provisions are formulated.

Article high-rise building fire safety management in the administrative areas of the autonomous region, these provisions shall apply to senior industrial building fire safety management in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.

High-rise buildings in these rules refers to building height greater than 27 meters of residential building and other public buildings greater than 24 meters.

Owners in these rules refers to high-rise buildings and attached facilities, equipment and venue owners; alleged users, refers to a lease or contract, entrusted with the operation of actual high-rise building and its subsidiary, including facilities, equipment, units and individuals and relevant sites.

Third senior public security organs of the people's Governments above the county level shall supervise building work, concrete work by public security fire control institutions responsible for its implementation; high buildings within the scope of the jurisdiction of police station is responsible for routine fire inspection and fire information.

Other relevant administrative departments of the people's Governments above the county level, according to their respective statutory duties imposed on high-rise building fire safety management.

Fourth residential area of high-rise buildings (village) committees, the general meeting of owners or the owners ' Committee, established by property managers, security guards, patrol, volunteers attended the mass fire volunteer organization, carrying out the Community fire safety fire safety inspections, fire awareness activities.

Article fifth encourages and supports high-rise building fire protection technology research and innovation, promotion of advanced fire fighting and emergency rescue techniques.

Encourages and advocated high-rise building owners, occupiers are equipped with fire extinguishers, fire blanket, self-rescue breathing apparatus and household self-help equipment such as fire detection alarm.

Sixth article of any unit and individual has maintenance of high-rise building fire safety, protecting fire control facilities, preventing fire disaster and reporting fire duty.

Chapter II fire-fighting responsibilities seventh people's Governments above the county level shall organize, coordinate relevant departments establish high-rise building fire fighting and emergency response and management mechanism, for the public security fire-fighting teams, professional fire brigades are equipped with special equipment, and strengthen the construction of public fire facilities in high-rise buildings.

The township (town) people's Government, the subdistrict offices should be urged to guide high-rise building owners, used to establish fire safety management system, clear fire safety responsibilities.

Eighth article County Government police organ fire institutions law on senior building implementation fire security supervision management, and guide carried out following work: (a) fire prevention and the emergency evacuation plans of developed and walkthrough; (ii) full-time fire brigade, and volunteer fire brigade, fire organization professional training; (three) fire hidden check and rectification, and saves early up fire, and organization guide personnel evacuation escape, and fire publicity education of capacity construction; (four) fire facilities standardization, and identifies of, and standardized of construction.

Nineth people's Governments above the county level departments of housing and urban-rural construction for high-rise building design, construction and supervision units supervise implementation of fire safety responsibility of construction projects.

Urban and rural planning authorities shall examine the design of high-rise building programme should safeguard around high-rise building fire lane width, spacing, and turning radius design complies with standards set by the State.

Real estate administrative departments of special maintenance funds for public fire facilities for housing maintenance, renewal and modernization, as well as the Realty service enterprise service quality supervision of fire safety.

Municipal city appearance and environmental sanitation departments for high-rise building set up outdoor billboards, store size, landscape lighting facilities monitoring and management to ensure compliance with fire safety requirements.

Administrative Department for municipal water supply water supply enterprises should be guaranteed high-rise building fire water, maintaining municipal fire protection supervision, inspection of water supply facilities.

City management departments should strengthen the passage of fire trucks, fire fighting and rescue management, ensure open fire lane and the fire fighting and rescue the normal use of the site.

Tenth Article units on following senior building fire security is responsible for, exists fire hidden of, should for rectification: (a) has completed but not sold or yet delivered property management and the buy by people of; (ii) not law by fire acceptance or acceptance not qualified, delivered using of; (three) not law by fire record or record Hou by checks not qualified, delivered using of; (four) fire record Hou not was checks, for units responsibility caused construction project not meet national engineering construction fire technology standard of.

11th design unit shall, in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and national fire protection technical standards for fire protection design of engineering construction, according to law on fire control design quality.

12th construction construction site fire prevention safety responsibility system should be established, identifying fire safety responsibility, implementation of fire safety measures.

Outside the construction site of the scaffolding, formwork erection body shall be made of non-combustible material, scaffold safety net by fire-safety net.

High-rise buildings under construction may not set up boiler rooms, kitchen and other areas of life and not set of combustibles, inflammable and explosive dangerous goods storage warehouse.

Alteration, expansion of tall buildings, the construction unit shall determine the construction area and other areas of fire prevention, and fire-fighting equipment configurations, fire safety supervisors, management as well as other regional fire resulting from construction fire safety responsibilities to facilities in normal use conditions.

13th article supervision units should on senior building construction site fire security for supervision, found construction site not meet fire technology standard and management provides, exists fire hidden of, should to construction units proposed rectification views, situation serious of, should proposed stop construction views, and report units; construction units refused to rectification or not stop construction of, supervision units should timely to construction location police organ fire institutions report. 14th article senior building of owners, and using people perform following fire security obligations: (a) comply with fire security management provides; (ii) strictly implementation with fire, and electricity, and with oil, and with gas security management provides, found illegal behavior timely reported; (three) keep stairs, and aisle and security export smooth, shall not stacked items, shall not set obstacles real; (four) in stairs, and aisle, and cable well, and pipeline well,, shall not store electric bike or for electric bike for charging; (five) protection fire facilities, and equipment,

Allowed to damage, misappropriate or unauthorized dismantle and stop use; (vi) immediate remedy fire hazards, and or take corrective actions as agreed under the law; (VII) shall perform other fire safety duties according to law.

Chapter 15th there were part of the fire safety of high-rise building fire management is responsible for jointly by all the owners, exclusive parts of the relevant owners are each responsible for fire safety. Senior management of construction contract, lease or delegate, owners of houses and relevant venue should be comply with fire safety requirements and fire safety responsibilities of the parties to the contract shall specify.

No agreement or the agreement is unknown, fire safety responsibilities are used by owners, who share.      

Senior public rental housing, county-level people's Governments shall, through the purchase of services or any other means, provide fire safety services to users. 16th one high-rise building has two or more owners, users, owners, occupiers shall entrust property management service. Property management service in accordance with the law and regulations and delegate to the contract undertake fire safety responsibilities.

Owner, written report the use of delegates shall be the public security fire control institutions.

Not delegate property service enterprise of senior residential building, by home (village) people Committee with local police police station organization owners, and using people established fire security organization, implementation fire security responsibility; senior public building, by police organ fire institutions with local subdistrict offices or Xiang (town) Government urged owners, and using people common consultations established fire security organization, consultations not of, by police organ fire institutions determine owners, and using people formed Fire Security Organization.

17th high-rise building owners, occupiers should enter into a written contract with the fire safety organizations or responsibility, for fire safety, management issues, the rights of the parties obligations, fire equipment, equipment maintenance, fires hidden costs to implement methods and procedures, breach of contract, such as the content of conventions. 18th article senior building fire security organization bear following fire security responsibility: (a) developed fire security management system, determine fire security management personnel, organization fire inspections, and check, timely elimination fire hidden; (ii) guarantees evacuation channel, and security export, and fire engine channel smooth, fire engine ascended surface not was occupied, in senior building each layer striking location set security evacuation route guide figure; (three) urged and guide owners, and using people implementation fire responsibility, discourage, and stop effect fire security of behavior ; On not listening to discourage, and stop of, should timely to police organ fire institutions or police police station report; (four) using broadcast, and electronic display, and announcement bar, and community network, publicity fire security knowledge; (five) law or according to agreed on total with fire facilities, and equipment for maintenance maintenance, annual at least on fire facilities for once detection, guarantees total with fire facilities, and equipment effective, fire security logo intact; (six) developed fire saves and emergency evacuation plans,

Organized fire fighting and emergency evacuation drills at least once a year, improve the ability of self help themselves; (VII) shall bear or other fire safety responsibilities in accordance with the contract.

19th high-rise buildings within the organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations, should establish and improve the system of fire safety education, fire safety education for workers; fire safety responsibility, fire safety Manager should be involved in professional training institution's fire safety training. Operating in public gathering places in tall buildings should be set-up personnel every six months, an early inspection and rectification fire hazards, extinguishing fires, organizing and guide the evacuation of personnel training.

Conditional units should strengthen fire safety capacity-building, configuring escaped fire and rescue equipment. 20th high-rise building equipped with fire control room, owners, users, property management service, fire safety organizations should formulate fire control room management system and the joint police operation, equipped with communications, fire-fighting equipment and personal protective equipment. Officer on duty shall be certified, a 24-hour duty, duty officer not less than two persons in each class.

High-rise building fire, the officer on duty shall immediately start an emergency response program.

21st high-rise buildings in the public places of entertainment business units and hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other crowded places, should determine the evacuation Guide, in the fire emergency organization and guide the evacuation.

22nd high-rise building fire-fighting equipment fails or is damaged, owners, users, the Realty service enterprise or fire safety organizations should immediately organize the maintenance does not have fire protection features, you should update or modification.

Fourth chapter fire prevention 23rd new construction, expansion or reconstruction shall go through the fire-fighting design of high-rise building audit, inspection or fire record.

No unit or individual shall not alter the high-rise building function, alter fire, fire-fighting equipment such as fire-fighting design content; not complying with the design standards of decoration materials shall not be used.

High-rise building owners, occupiers will be residential to hotels, restaurants and other business premises or warehouse, shall comply with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations and in accordance with national fire protection technical standard of engineering construction.

The 24th new construction, expansion, the modification of fire-fighting design of high-rise building fire technical standards shall conform to the national construction.

Establishments to be densely populated high-rise buildings should set up intelligent emergency lighting and evacuation guide system, electric leakage fire alarm system equipped with mobile shelter life-saving facilities such as lighting, smoke mask.

Each floor high-rise public buildings should be set for rescue fire rescue personnel to enter the Windows three floors above each window, balcony and other operational parts regulation applies to descending, escape slides or escape escape, such as assistive devices.

25th high building shall not be implemented in the following acts: (a) in smoking, smoking in forbidden areas, or the use of fire, (ii) fire working in public places during business hours or use electricity (gas) welding operations; (c) in the personnel-intensive sites or open flame heating; (iv) discharge of fireworks.

Article 26th high-rise building hotel, restaurant, catering kitchen should be placed in places of fire-fighting equipment, fire, smoke, and other facilities between combustible and fireproof measures taken, at least every three months to a kitchen range hood duct inspection, cleaning and maintenance. 27th in high-rise building within the electrical equipment installation, track laying, maintenance, shall comply with the relevant technical standards and regulations.

No unit or individual is allowed to secretly pull the wire; does not increase more than rated load power electrical equipment. 28th article of high-rise building using gas used in gas mode, should be in accordance with the relevant standard design and installation of gas leakage alarm cut off device.

Use inflammable and explosive dangerous goods and other related facilities, equipment, shall comply with the relevant technical standards and regulations.

Not in the production, storage, management of high-rise building inflammable and explosive dangerous goods; not in high-rise building underground parts using LPG.

Article 29th of high-rise building external wall insulation, decoration, decoration, and billboards set up shall comply with fire safety requirements shall not affect fire safety in high-rise buildings against smoke and fire fighting and rescue operations.

Owners, occupiers may not be in the fire Lane, fire-fighting and rescue site sets a fixed partition wall, designated parking, fire engines access, water use or affect the fire fighting and rescue operations.

30th high-rise buildings on smoking, fire should be clear warning sign fire channels, water intakes, fire and rescue sites, rescue Windows, outdoor fire hydrant, fire pump adapter should set clear warning signs, and to strengthen day-to-day management.

High building main entrance, Elevator, fire doors should be set clearly marked, indicating the safe escape routes and emergency exits location.

High-rise building fire protection facilities, equipment should be identified using the method. Fifth chapter legal responsibility 31st article has following behavior one of of, by police organ fire institutions ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, at 10000 Yuan above 30000 Yuan following fine: (a) construction site of outside scaffolding, and support die frame of frame body not used not burning material erection; outside scaffolding of security protection network, not used flame retardant type security protection network of; (ii) supervision units found construction site not meet fire technology standard and management provides, not perform regulatory duties,

Or fails to promptly report to the public security fire control institutions.

32nd article senior building fire security organization has following behavior one of of, by police organ fire institutions ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, at 1000 Yuan above 3000 Yuan following fine: (a) not determine fire security management personnel of; (ii) not Organization for fire inspections, and check or not timely elimination fire hidden of; (three) not law or not according to agreed on total with fire facilities, and equipment for maintenance maintenance of; (four) not organization fire saves and emergency evacuation walkthrough of.

33rd article senior building within hotel, and hotel, and catering places kitchen of fire, and smoke road, facilities and can burning real Zhijian not take fire insulation measures, row fume pipeline not regular check, and cleaning and maintenance, by police organ fire institutions ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, on units at 2000 Yuan above 5000 Yuan following fine, on personal at 200 Yuan above 500 Yuan following fine.

34th people's Governments above the county-level public security fire control institutions and performance of high-rise building fire safety supervision and management of other departments and their functionaries, negligence, malpractice, disciplined by the Department or the supervisory organs constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

35th in violation of this provision shall be liable for other acts, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations. Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 36th these provisions come into force on May 1, 2016.