Administrative Measures On Children's Sports School

Original Language Title: 少年儿童体育学校管理办法

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Administrative measures on children's sports school

    (September 2, 2011 State General Administration of sport, the Ministry of education released 15th come into force October 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen the construction and management of children's sport school, fully implement the national sport, education policy, promoting the development of sports in China, according to the People's Republic of China sports law, the People's Republic of China Law on education and the People's Republic of China compulsory education law and other laws and regulations, these measures are formulated.

    Second children's sports schools in these measures refers to the nine-year compulsory education for young sports features the school of sport specific skills (including sports secondary school, individual sports schools, children's Amateur Athletic school, hereinafter referred to as shaotixiao).

    Article shaotixiao of the main task is to serve the country and society, conveying with good moral, cultural and athletic sports reserve talent. The fourth above the county level sports and education administration under the leadership of the people's Governments at the corresponding level, overall planning, Division of responsibility, coordination and management shaotixiao.

    Sports Administrative Department is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school, student training, participants, coaches and the training and education administrative departments responsible for matters related to student education management, including teaching, teachers and training and so on.

    Fifth State shall encourage and support enterprises, institutions, social organizations and individual citizens to organize private shaotixiao.

    Shaotixiao shall not be held for profit-making purposes.

    Chapter II sets and approval

    Sixth shaotixiao should proceed from reality, taken independently or in ordinary primary and secondary school. Seventh organised shaotixiao social organization should be qualified as a legal person, should have political and individual citizens full civil capacity.

    Shaotixiao shall have legal personality.

    Organized eighth shaotixiao, on school-related settings should be in line with national standards, with commensurate with set of sports training equipment facilities and venues. Shaotixiao independent of culture and education, should be commensurate with the scale of cultural facilities, equipment and teaching staff.

    General primary and secondary education, should be signed and attached school joint running agreement, specify the rights and obligations of both parties.

    Nineth shaotixiao should be based on the region's traditional layout sports and sports.

    Tenth shaotixiao of establishment, change or terminate comments sport administrative departments at and above the county level, educational administrative departments at the same level according to the relevant laws and regulations to be approved.

    Chapter III admission and student status

    11th shaotixiao school year aimed at primary and secondary school enrolment.

    Shaotixiao admissions to be enrolling students for medical examinations and selection of tests. After the 12th shaotixiao enrollment, recruit new should be trial.

    Trial is not appropriate to continue the special athletic training students are back to school.

    13th shaotixiao student ever accepted by change and management, according to local school management measures.

    Fourth chapter of moral and cultural education

    14th shaotixiao should stick to the education-oriented, putting moral education in the first place, enhancing pertinence and actual effect of moral education and educational activities should be guided by the mental and physical development of children.

    15th article shaotixiao must strengthen student moral education in patriotism, collectivism, socialism, and civilized behavior education, legal education, the Chinese sports spirit and sports education.

    16th shaotixiao should be compulsory courses in accordance with national programmes, curriculum standards, selected countries validated teaching materials, implementation of cultural teaching and adapted to local conditions to develop with regional characteristics, school curricula and other educational resources. 17th shaotixiao shall ensure that students have completed nine years of compulsory education curriculum.

    Students complete nine years of compulsory education course and examination by qualified, issue appropriate primary and secondary school diploma.

    The fifth chapter of sports training and competition

    18th shaotixiao should implement the "good seed selection, looking forward to the future, to lay a good foundation, system training, actively promote" principles of training, materials, talent training.

    19th shaotixiao should be in accordance with the children's learning, training as a supplement to the principle, reasonable arrangements for students ' learning and training time.

    20th shaotixiao should be in accordance with the teaching of national youth training program provided scientific and systematic training for students, and in principle contained within 2.5 hours of training time per day (with exercises).

    Specific results achieved technical level standard for athletes, can apply for the corresponding grade title.

    21st shaotixiao should uphold the principle of holidays, diversity and competition, through the popularity of the competition to promote children's physical training and improving.

    22nd shaotixiao students can be represented in the training shaotixiao and transportation school participation at all levels of sport, sports competitions organized by the administrative departments of education.

    Student competition represented controversial, by the competent sport, the administrative departments of education in accordance with the relevant provisions of the competition.

    23rd shaotixiao student medical supervision should be strengthened, prohibiting the use of stimulants prohibited overload training, prohibiting corporal punishment.

    Sixth chapter teachers, coaches 24th shaotixiao literacy teachers teacher qualifications shall meet the national requirements.

    Public shaotixiao literacy teachers appointed by the administrative departments of education. 25th shaotixiao coaches implementation of appointment system.

    Appointment of coaches coach qualifications and qualifications shall conform to national requirements.

    Shaotixiao you can hire part-time coaches teach.

    26th shaotixiao teachers and coaches should be of mutual respect, solidarity and cooperation, care for the comprehensive growth of students together to do students ' ideological education, culture, sports training and life management.

    27th shaotixiao recruitment staff, retired athletes to achieve outstanding results, you can take the form of direct assessment recruitment; other retired athletes, should be priority in employment under the same conditions.

    Shaotixiao built using Lottery funding sporting facilities, shall cause a certain percentage of posts for the employment of retired athletes.

    The seventh chapter guarantee conditions

    28th local people's Governments at various levels shall, in accordance with State regulations, strengthening the construction of shaotixiao, their integration into local sports and education development plans, training competition, cultural education funding included in the budget at the same level, and to increase funding and improve school conditions.

    Public infrastructure investment shaotixiao, Director of sports, education administration joint report to the local people's Governments to address. 29th shaotixiao literacy teachers teacher qualifications shall meet the national requirements. Educational administrative departments responsible for public shaotixiao selected teachers of culture.

    Literacy teachers ' professional titles, salary in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State. 30th shaotixiao students, coach fare of no less than 20 Yuan per person per day, exercise clothing standards no less than 500 yuan per person per year.

    Provinces (regions and municipalities) should be in accordance with local economic development and the level of prices, make not less than such standard fare as standard and sportswear, and a corresponding mechanism of dynamic growth. 31st shaotixiao should be for student insurance.

    Conditional, based on the characteristics of sports training and competition, for the special accident insurance.

    The eighth chapter safety management and supervision

    32nd shaotixiao campus safety responsibility system should be established according to the actual situation, security, insurance, emergency treatment and prevention reporting system.

    33rd shaotixiao should be equipped with the necessary security personnel, school safety management, support training contest, educational and other activities of students, coaches, and teachers safe. 34th above county level sports, educational administrative departments shall regularly check the shaotixiao cultural education.

    In contravention of the People's Republic of China Law on compulsory education and related systems, and behavior of the present measures, should be corrected in a timely manner and in accordance with the shaotixiao and the appropriate treatment, punishment of those responsible.

    35th shaotixiao in training competition, education and teaching activities in the security incidents occurred, be investigated and prosecuted by the competent departments, disciplined those responsible, resulting in serious consequences shall be investigated for criminal liability.

    The Nineth chapter supplementary articles

    Article 36th in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the sports and educational administration Department in accordance with these measures, formulate implementing rules or applicable rules and regulations. 37th article of the rules take effect on October 1, 2011. State General Administration of sport, the Ministry of education released on February 4, 1999, the management measures of children's Sports School (Group of words [1999]17) repealed simultaneously.

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