Ministry Of Land And Resources On Entrusting The Shanxi Provincial Department Of Land Resources In Shanxi Province Implemented Within The Administrative Area Of Some Coal-Bed Methane Exploration And Exploitation Of The Approving Decision On Registratio...

Original Language Title: 国土资源部关于委托山西省国土资源厅在山西省行政区域内实施部分煤层气勘查开采审批登记的决定(草案)

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  (March 31, 2016 land resources department 2nd times Department works Conference through) for exploration perfect seam gas mining right approval registration system, according to People's Republic of China administrative license method, and People's Republic of China mineral resources method, and mineral resources exploration block registration management approach and mineral resources mining registration management approach, land resources department decided delegate Shanxi province land resources office in Shanxi province administrative within implementation part seam gas exploration mining approval registration: a, and

Coal-bed methane exploration and set of coal-bed gas exploration rights, approval and registration continuing approval and registration, modification, transfer, reservation and cancellation; II, reserve size medium the following coal-bed methane mining approval and registration and established medium-scale mining rights of coal bed gas reserves continuing approval and registration, changes, transfers and cancellations; third, testing, approval and registration of coal-bed gas. Ministry of land and resources of Shanxi provincial land and resources department responsible for supervision of the implementation of the administrative license and assume legal responsibility for the consequences of the Act. Shanxi provincial Department of land and resources should be strictly in accordance with the People's Republic of China mineral resources law and other relevant laws, regulations, and relevant regulations of the State, in the context of commitments, to implement the administrative licensing on behalf of Ministry of land and resources; other organizations or individuals shall not delegate implementation of the administrative license. After examination and registration, the Shanxi provincial Department of land and resources should be free to grant approval for coal-bed methane exploration and exploitation after approval and registration date of the registration decision of 100 days for examination and registration of files submitted to the Ministry of land and resources.

Shanxi provincial Department of land and resources should be strengthened within the administrative area of exploration and exploitation of coal-bed gas in Shanxi province supervision and inspection of coal seam gas and coal resources exploration and mining sequence for the coordination, strengthen the management of integrated exploration and exploitation, promote rational exploitation and utilization of coal seam gas and coal, protect the legitimate rights and interests of exploration right or mining right. This decision shall come into force as of the date of, for 22 years.

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