Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government Of Slaughtering And Pig-Product Management Approach

Original Language Title: 郑州市人民政府郑州市生猪屠宰和生猪产品流通管理办法

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(September 5, 2002 Zhengzhou municipal people's Government at the 13th Executive meeting on September 9, 2002, Zhengzhou municipal people's Government announced the 107th) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen the management flow of pigs slaughtered and pig products, protect the people's health, according to the slaughtering of the State Council regulations on Henan province, the pig slaughter Management Ordinance and the implementation measures, combined with the municipality, these measures are formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of the city engaged in slaughtering and pig products sales, processing and use of the units and individuals shall comply with these measures. Article III imposed on pig slaughter.
    Without fixed points, no unit or individual is allowed to slaughter pigs.
    Farmer autotrophic hogs can kill your own food, but sales of pig products not listed.
    Fourth, commercial administrative departments in charge of the city, slaughtering and the supervision and administration of circulation of pig products.
    Counties (cities), shangjie district, commercial administrative departments within their respective jurisdictions pig slaughter and supervision and administration of circulation of pig products,, circulation, and accept supervision by the Administrative Department.
    Commerce, industry, agriculture, health, technical supervision, environmental protection, prices, finance, taxation, public security and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, in collaboration with pig slaughter and supervision and administration of circulation of pig products.
    Chapter II slaughter fifth hog slaughter plants (field) settings should be consistent with established by the provincial hog slaughter plants (field) set plans.
    Sixth city, County (City), circulation, shangjie district administrative authority should be in accordance with provincial hog slaughter plants (field) planning, in conjunction with the relevant departments of the city hog slaughter plants (field) set the programme and reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval implementing, and higher commercial administrative departments for the record.
    Hog slaughter plants in the urban area (field) does not exceed 3, counties (cities), shangjie district people's Government station and each township (town) can be set 1 hog slaughter plants (field).
    Article seventh hog slaughter plants (field) unit or individual, should be submitted to the municipal or County (City), shangjie district, commercial administrative departments to submit a written application and related technical information, commercial administrative departments of health, agriculture, environmental protection and other departments concerned, in line with the hog slaughter plants (field) set plans, reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval before they can build.
    Eighth article pig Sentinel slaughter factory (field) should meet following conditions: (a) location away from life drinking water of surface water reserves, and shall not hamper or effect location residents life and public of activities; (ii) has and slaughter scale phase adapted, water meet national provides standard of water conditions; (three) has meet national provides conditions of stay slaughter between, and slaughter between, and urgent slaughter between and pig slaughter equipment and vehicles; (four) has necessary of test equipment, and disinfection facilities and disinfection drug and the pollutants processing facilities;
    (Five) has pig and the pig products harmless of processing facilities; (six) equipped with has pre cold between and refrigerated library; (seven) has meet animal epidemic prevention method provides of epidemic prevention conditions; (eight) has law made health proved, and pig slaughter technicians qualification certificate of slaughter technicians; (nine) has by assessment qualified made meat products quality test personnel qualification certificate of full-time or part-time of meat products quality test personnel; (10) legal, and regulations, and regulations provides of other conditions.
    Nineth hog slaughter plants (field) is completed, by the commercial Administrative Department, in conjunction with relevant departments to make checking; meet the requirements, issue a hog slaughter plants (field) certificate.
    Pig slaughter (field), the hog slaughter plants (field) after certification, according to law to the Administrative Department for industry and commerce business license.
    Article tenth of commodity circulation of pig slaughter plants by the Administrative Department (field) qualification of inspection without fail to pass the annual inspection or annual inspection, the hog slaughter plants (field) certificate expiry.
    Prohibition of forged, altered, sold, rented, lent the hog slaughter plants (field) certificate.
    11th hog slaughter plants (field) consists of approved pig slaughter establishments in regular people's Government issued plate.
    Hog slaughter plants (farms) hog slaughter should be signs hung in prominent positions.
    Prohibition of forged, altered, sold, rented, lent the pig slaughter signs.
    12th hog slaughter plants (field) slaughtering should be strictly implemented national hog slaughter procedures and slaughter requirements.
    Hog slaughter plants (field) is strictly prohibited to slaughter pigs Flash or into other substances; no pigs or pig products Flash or into other substances.
    Chapter three quarantine 13th hog slaughter plants (field) slaughtered pigs shall be subject to origin of live pigs supervising agencies for animal epidemic prevention and quarantine.
    Article 14th hog slaughter plants (field) industrial slaughter and quarantine (field) synchronized within the centralized quarantine, animal epidemic prevention supervision institutions.
    Ban on live pig products factory (field) outside of quarantine.
    15th hog slaughter plants (field) must establish a strict meat quality inspection system, the meat quality inspection.
    Meat quality inspection includes: (a) infectious diseases and parasites of other diseases; (b) harmful substances the glands and other; (c) Flash or into other substances (iv) quality of slaughter and processing; (e) type of hog, sow, or night; (vi) other content related to meat quality.
    Meat quality test should be synchronized with the slaughter, and strictly enforce the national meat slaughtering products quality inspection spec.
    16th as quarantine and inspection of live pigs, pork with unified qualification inspection for quarantine, seal, and proof of the animal product quarantine inspection and the livestock and poultry products after the inspection certificate, the factory (field); products division, pig by-products should be packaging, attached to the livestock and poultry products inspection certificate after the factory (field).
    Pig products without quarantine, inspection and quarantine, unqualified products may not be manufactured (field).
    Article 17th rejected by meat quality of pig products, hog slaughter plants (field) in meat quality inspection personnel under the supervision of factory (field) according to the relevant State provisions.
    Article 18th hog slaughter plants (field) for failing to promptly sold or manufactured in a timely manner (field) of pig products, shall take necessary measures such as frozen or refrigerated to store.
    Article 19th hog slaughter plants (field) must establish and improve the number of slaughter, quarantine and inspection results and the processing of registration system, and report regularly to the commercial Administrative Department; an outbreak is detected, or other exceptions shall promptly report to the Administrative Department of agriculture.
    Fourth chapter management section 20th transport pigs, pigs and their means of delivery of the product shall conform to the requirements of the national sanitation, epidemic prevention. Van transporting pig products should be used special-purpose vehicle.
    Delivery of fresh pork, compartment must be equipped with hanging facilities.
    21st engaged in pig products sales, processing units and individuals, as well as a restaurant, hotel, group meals, pig products purchase registration system should be established, distribution or use of pig products should be are pig slaughter plants (field) after quarantine and inspection of live pigs slaughtered in products. 22nd article this city urban (not containing Shang blocks, with) yiwai of pig products production enterprise into this city urban sales this factory (field) production of pig products, should to city circulation administrative competent sector registration record, by city circulation competent sector review, its sales of pig products meet following conditions of, should granted registration: (a) County above Government approved of pig Sentinel slaughter factory (field) slaughter processing of pig products; (ii) must is by quarantine, and
    Inspection and according to relevant standard packaging products division, product identification in line with State regulations, (iii) comply with the pig-product safety and health standards.
    Not registered or not to grant registration for production of pig products, may not be sold in the city.
    Article 23rd, outside the commercial Administrative Department of the city's production of pig products supervision and inspection can be carried out, which do not meet health and safety standards, shall order the manufacturer to correct; it refuses to revoke registration. 24th markets retail pork must be stamped "inspection of meat" and "meat inspection" seal, and animal quarantine certificate and the certificate of inspection of livestock and poultry products along with the live pig products placed in conspicuous places.
    Pork with skin sales, pig by-products package sales, and attached to the certificate of inspection of livestock and poultry products.
    Stores, chain stores and supermarkets selling products division of live pigs and pig by-products, packaging, and attached to the certificate of inspection of livestock and poultry products.
    25th sale of pigs products shall issue a voucher sold to consumers.
    Fifth chapter of supervision and inspection article 26th city, County (City), shangjie district, commercial administrative departments should strengthen the hog slaughter plants (field) slaughtered and pig products, sale, processing and use of supervision and inspection. Commercial administrative department in accordance with the needs, in conjunction with industry and commerce, health, agriculture, public security and other departments concerned carry out supervision and inspection.
    Necessary, to report to the relevant departments of the people's Governments at the same level supervision and inspection.
    27th agricultural administrative departments in accordance with law on slaughtering, transportation, supervise and inspect the work of quarantine and epidemic prevention.
    28th the health Administrative Department in accordance with food safety laws, regulations, provisions of the regulations, to pig production, processing and marketing, use and pig products for health inspection and supervision. 29th industrial and commercial administrative departments should strengthen the pigs on the market operation of the product management and product quality supervision, to investigate and punish violations.

    Article 30th commercial Administrative Department and other relevant departments of the pigs slaughtered and pig products in circulation shall supervise and check, the pig slaughter plants (field) and the relevant units and individuals shall cooperate, may refuse or obstruct; refuse, obstruct, by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishments Ordinance provides for punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    31st commercial administrative departments shall establish a pig slaughtered and pig-product flow supervision system, set up telephone hotlines, and announced to the public.
    Circulation of information or complaints received by the Administrative Department, should be dealt with in a timely manner.
    Article 32nd circulation of commodities, trade and industry, health, agriculture, technical supervision and administrative departments shall fulfil their duties of supervision and inspection, to slaughter order is due to negligence, shall be directly responsible and competent leadership of administrative responsibility constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    33rd sixth chapter penalties have not acquired the pig slaughter plants (field) slaughtering without authorization of the certificate, by the city and County (City), be banning shangjie district, commercial administrative departments, and by the commercial administrative departments concerned confiscated illegal slaughtering of pigs and their products, slaughter and unlawful income, 3 times the amount of a fine and illegal operation.
    34th article pig Sentinel slaughter factory (field) has following behavior one of of, by city, and County (City), and shangjie district circulation administrative competent sector in accordance with following provides give punishment: (a) pig Sentinel slaughter factory (field) not by national provides processing by meat products quality test not qualified of pig products of, ordered deadline processing, can and at 30000 Yuan following of fine; plot serious of, can and at 30000 Yuan above 50000 Yuan following of fine;
    (Ii) factory (field) without test or by test not qualified of pig products of, confiscated pig products and illegal proceeds, can and sentenced illegal business amount 1 time times following of fine; (three) on pig, and pig products injection or injected other material of, ordered stop slaughter activities, confiscated injection or injected other material of pig, and pig products and illegal proceeds, can and at illegal business amount 1 time times above 5 times times following of fine; plot serious of, reported by sibling Government approved, canceled pig Sentinel slaughter factory (field) qualification;
    (D) is not provided for by the State of live pigs and pig meat products quality inspection, correction, and a fine of 5000 Yuan and 20000 Yuan fine.
    35th article engaged in pig products sales, and processing of units and personal and hotel, and hotel, and collective food units violation this approach provides sales, and using non-pig Sentinel slaughter factory (field) production of pig products of, by circulation administrative competent sector ordered corrected, confiscated pig products, can and at pig products illegal business amount 1 time times above 5 times times following of fine, but highest not over 30000 Yuan.
    Article 36th acts in violation of these rules, conflict with the provisions of other laws, rules, regulations, relevant sectors such as agriculture, health, industry and commerce in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations, regulatory penalties constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 37th cattle and sheep slaughtering and circulation management, in accordance with the measures implemented. 38th article of the measures shall take effect on November 1, 2002.
                                                                                          September 4, 1998 city people's Government issued the notice on further strengthening the management work of slaughtering (Zheng Zhengwen [1998]132) repealed simultaneously.