Administrative Measures For The Main Urban Area Of Chongqing City Public Parking Lot

Original Language Title: 重庆市主城区城市公共停车场管理办法

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(October 15, 2002 Standing Committee of the Chongqing Municipal People's Government the 122th by, October 19, 2002, Chongqing Municipal People's Government the 141th release) first in order to strengthen the management of urban public parking lots in the downtown, city roads safe, according to the State Council regulations on the administration of urban roads and the Chongqing Municipal facilities management Ordinance and regulations, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies within urban public parking lots in the downtown of the city construction and management.
    Article main city mentioned in these measures refers to the yuzhong district, Jiangbei district, district, and shapingba district, jiulongpo district, Dadukou district, Yubei District, banan district, beipei district, and, and, and.
    This approach by said public parking is refers to for social vehicles provides service of parking, and library, and floor, main including government investment special construction of public parking (library), and large public building supporting construction of parking (library), and social units and personal since built foreign carried out business service of parking (library), and by approved set of accounted for road parking (points),, but for highway transport provides service of van shipped parking floor field except.
    Fourth municipal Administrative Department in charge of urban public parking lots in the downtown management.
    District municipal Division of responsibilities for the Executive authority, is responsible for the management of urban public parking lots in the area.
    Planning, public safety, transport, prices, construction, land and housing, finance and other sectors, according to the Division of responsibilities, cooperate with municipal administrative departments improve management of urban public parking lots.
    Fifth city public parking lot management follow the same planning, rational distribution, the principle of ensuring smooth traffic.
    Sixth to encourage units and individuals to invest in urban public parking lots.
    Article seventh relevant departments for municipal planning, public security traffic Administrative Department according to the requirements of urban master plan, is responsible for the preparation of urban public parking lots in the downtown planning, after the approval of the municipal government organizations.
    Eighth district development, transformation of the old city and the construction of large public buildings should be in accordance with the planning requirements, supporting the construction of urban public parking facilities, and building engineering designed, built and put into operation simultaneously.
    State organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions shall, in accordance with the requirements of urban planning, facilities parking facilities.
    Nineth design and construction of urban public parking lots, must strictly implement the national standards and technical specifications for construction, building design and construction units should be made by the appropriate qualification, ensure the quality of engineering.
    Article tenth of urban public parking lots should be used for parking, no unit or individual may unlawfully closes or changes of usage.
    Closing of urban public parking lots or altering the use of urban public parking lots must be approved by the district planning and municipal administrative authorities.
    11th car park carrying out external services must be approved by the municipal administrative departments for examination and approval, made the public car park service license.
    Applied for the public car park service license shall submit the following information: (a) the parking planning certificates; (b) the car park security technical information; (c) information on parking lines and traffic signs and (iv) parking lot acceptance information.
    By the municipal administrative departments of the field survey, meet the requirements, in the 15th issue of the public car park service permit does not meet the conditions, not be issued to the public car park service license, 15th days after acceptance of the application and inform the applicant in writing.
    12th parking external operating service, must pay permit issued by the Municipal Department of prices.
    City public parking charges for Government pricing or Government guidance prices in two ways: (a) the Government investment project construction of urban public parking lots, airports, stations, ports, tourist attractions such as the window area and parking fees to implement Government pricing, (ii) shopping malls, casinos, hotels and residential areas, hotels and other buildings open pit or underground supporting government guidance of urban public parking.
    The Government pricing or Government guidance prices charges by the municipal price control authorities and the departments of municipal administration study, submitted to the municipal people's Government announced after the execution.
    13th Road Carpark should be set according to urban public parking lots in the downtown planning. Set road car park, must be approved by the municipal administrative departments and public security traffic Administrative Department for review and approval.
    Request road car park, by the applicant to apply to the municipal administrative departments, municipal administrative departments within 15th on the date of acceptance of the application, together with the municipal public security traffic management studies, made the decision to approve or not to approve.
    Prohibited in urban arterial road, important traffic roads and sidewalks set road car park, within 100 metres of the banning indoor public car park set road car park.
    Road car park must be approved in accordance with the time limit for the period of parking.
    14th article city public parking should do: (a) sound parking fire, and identification, internal management system; (ii) guarantees parking security, put an end to accident hidden, prevent vehicles lost, and damaged; (three) in significantly location set unified of city public parking logo brand; (four) spaces line clear, vehicles Park neatly, and keep environment clean; (five) publicity prices sector approved of parking charges standard; (six) using unified of parking dedicated notes; (seven) management personnel wearing unified of service identifies.
    15th article in the urban public parking shall comply with the following provisions: (a) follow the parking Manager's orders, (ii) registration stop to pay parking fees, (iii) non-smoking and using open fire in the parking lot and (iv) not to car wash in the parking lot, fixing cars and cargo.
    16th services of urban public parking outside the operation approved, issued by the competent administrative departments of municipal parking bills printed tax department.
    Parking charges are not uniform parking bills, parties have the right to refuse to pay.
    17th article violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, ordered corrected, at 5000 Yuan above 30,000 yuan following of fine: (a) not according to city planning requirements supporting construction city public parking facilities of; (ii) city public parking facilities no and building subject engineering while design, and while construction, and while input using of; (three) unauthorized close city public parking or change city public parking uses of.
    18th in violation of these rules, any of the following acts, in addition to be banned outside the confiscation of illegal gains, and a fine of less than 3000 Yuan and 10,000 Yuan: (a) without the public parking license foreign trade service, (ii) road car park failed to carry out the appropriate procedures.
    19th article violates these rules, any of the following acts shall be ordered to correct, fines of between 200 Yuan more than 5000: (a) violations of the provisions of article 14th; (b) to charge fees that are not approved by the commodity price departments.
    20th article violates these rules, public car park in the city parking violation of provisions shall be ordered to correct; it refuses, fines of between 50 Yuan and 200 Yuan.
    21st urban public car park operators to violate these rules, resulting in personal and property losses of parked vehicles or personnel, shall bear civil liability.
    22nd units and individuals in violation of these rules by the municipal administration department or the municipal administration entrusted to monitor law enforcement team administrative punishments.
    Violation of these rules, you need to implement other administrative penalties, by the relevant administrative departments according to law.
    23rd article administrative organ and staff violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, by where units or superior administrative organ be administrative sanctions; suspected crime of, transferred judicial organ processing: (a) illegal approval set accounted for road parking of; (ii) not by provides issued public parking service license of; (three) not by statutory permission and program for administrative punishment of; (four) abuse, and engages in, and negligence of.
    Article 24th on an administrative organ specific administrative acts, may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
    25th article of the rules take effect on December 1, 2002, the main urban area of Chongqing public parking garage (field) construction regulations (Government Decree [1998] 12th) repealed simultaneously.
        Article 26th other counties (autonomous counties, and cities) of urban public parking management, in accordance with the measures implemented.