Changchun City To Clear Snow And Ice Management

Original Language Title: 长春市城市清除冰雪管理办法

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(October 10, 2002, Changchun City, the people's Government of the 72nd General session on October 14, 2002, Changchun Municipal People's Government, the 57th release) first to clear the snow and ice in Changchun City in time to ensure road safety and the smooth flow of the city clean and, in accordance with relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    In the second article of the regulation is applicable in the city roads, bridges and squares such as snow and ice removal and management.
    Article posted in the city at the offices, organizations, military units, schools, enterprises, individuals, businesses and residents (hereinafter referred to as units and individuals), has assumed the obligation to clear the snow and ice. Fourth municipal people's Government is responsible for clearing snow and ice in the city's leadership, in accordance with the gradual expansion of the principles, require removal of snow and ice areas each year.
    The district people's Government is responsible for clearing snow and ice implementation within their respective jurisdictions, and according to the provisions of the Municipal Government to clear snow and ice areas, appropriately expand the scope of clearing snow and ice.
    Construction Administrative Department is responsible for clearing snow and ice guidance and supervision and inspection work.
    Public security, transportation, industry and commerce, education, civil affairs, pricing, financial and other relevant administrative departments, shall cooperate with competent construction department in accordance with their respective responsibilities of removing snow and ice.
    Fifth article to clear snow and ice to remove, apply the principle of jurisdiction responsible for management, classification, fenpianbaogan, take the combination of professional and mass, manual and mechanical methods to clear ice and snow. Sixth and support units and individuals shall be encouraged in accordance with the formation of clear ice company, the implementation of paid services.
    Marketization and industrialization of the progressive realization of clearing snow and ice.
    Article seventh cleared snow and ice work of accountability. After the area of the city or district people's Government to clear the ice and snow by the municipal people's Government and the regional people's Government, the district people's Government and the area inside the neighborhood offices, and sub-district offices and were signed to clear snow and ice Clearing snow and ice responsibility responsibility.
    Responsibility signed each year on an annual basis.
    Subdistrict offices should be its responsibility with clearing snow and ice the responsible person (copy) sent construction administrative departments in a timely manner for future reference. Those responsible for clearing snow and ice obligations Article eighth, should be the clear responsibility of ice complete ice clear tasks.
    Clearing snow and ice changed responsibilities, the local subdistrict offices to determine those responsible, signed responsibility again. Nineth article clear ice responsibility people by following provides determine: (a) various public parking of ice, business management units for clear ice responsibility people; (ii) various trade market of ice, market business management units for clear ice responsibility people; (three) to drainage and the heating pipeline spill leak formed of product ice, facilities of property units for clear ice responsibility people; (four) demolition site, and construction site around Street road of ice, development units for clear ice responsibility people; (five) neighborhoods within of ice, implemented property management of,
    Property management Department for the clearance of snow and ice responsible; implementation of property management, neighborhood offices for the clearance of snow and ice responsible; (vi) other roads, bridges, squares to clear snow and ice responsibility, determined by the district or sub-district offices. Article tenth cleared snow and ice the person responsible shall be timely clear ice and snow. Snow at night, next day organization clear day snowfall, snow had stopped the organization clear. Complete clearing within snow 1st, large and complete clearing within snow 3rd.
    Holiday snow should be promptly cleared. 11th ice and snow needs to be shipped out of the region, snow should be shipped out in 2nd, big, shipped out in the snow on 5th, out of the snow dumped in designated locations.
    In other regions, in the case do not affect pedestrians, snow and ice can be stacked in a pedestrian walkway near the kerb, so tidy.
    12th to clear the ice and snow, no ice, no snow, exposed as a standard.
    13th clear obligations of snow people unable to shoulder the responsibility to clear snow and ice can entrust the streets cleared and snow-by 3 Yuan per square meter standard payment clearing snow and ice services.
    Fails to clear the snow and ice or not to clear snow and ice standard, purging by the subdistrict office assigned, the costs borne by the person responsible.
    Out of snow and ice obligations assumed responsibility for inability to ship out of snow and ice, or street by the district administrative authority responsible for shipping out, the required transport costs borne by the responsible person or may entrust a qualified cleared snow and ice company-paid transportation.
    14th of municipal and district people's Government will be cleared of snow and ice Street road, clearing snow and ice during the passage of vehicles, organized by the public security and traffic departments are responsible for grooming. In the process of clearing snow and ice, passing vehicles should pay attention to avoid Clearing snow and ice personnel, to ensure their personal safety.
    For disobeying a traffic management, traffic accidents, public security traffic Administrative Department shall timely processing.
    15th to remove snow and ice made outstanding achievements in the work unit or individual, city or district people's Government should give recognition or reward.
    Article 16th for violations of these rules, refused to sign a responsibility, the local construction administrative departments shall be ordered to correct, and to impose a penalty of 400 Yuan more than 800, the departments concerned should give notice of criticism over the unit in charge.
    17th article in violation of this article tenth, 11th and 12th articles, do not perform the obligation of clearing snow and ice on time or standard, the local construction administrative departments to the person in charge shall be fined a maximum of 200 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan.
    Article 18th disobey article 13th, failing to pay the costs of clearing snow and ice from local construction Administrative Department ordered to pay, and a fine of 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine. Article 19th block construction Administrative Department and other departments concerned in performing their duties, by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishments relevant provisions of the regulations will be punished.
    If the case is serious enough to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 20th party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty, according to the People's Republic of China administration reconsideration law and the People's Republic of China administrative litigation law of the provisions may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit. Parties within the statutory time limit does not apply for reconsideration does not sue nor performs the decision on punishment, make a decision of administrative penalty authority apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution.
    During the period of administrative reconsideration or administrative proceedings, does not affect the implementation of administrative punishments. 21st construction administrative departments and dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism in the departments concerned, shall be given administrative sanctions.
    Constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    22nd counties (cities) in accordance with the measures implemented.
    23rd article this way by the municipal construction Administrative Department in conjunction with the various district people's government organizations. 24th article this way as of the date of promulgation.
                                                                            Published on October 13, 1997, the Changchun Municipal People's Government on the removal of snow and ice in winter interim provisions repealed simultaneously.

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