Administrative Measures On Urban Rail Transit

Original Language Title: 大连市城市轨道交通管理办法

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(Released October 25, 2002 the people's Government of the 21st) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the management of urban rail transit, ensuring normal operation of urban rail transit, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of passengers and operators, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the laws, regulations and rules, combined with the municipality, these measures are formulated.
    Second urban rail transit in these measures refers to the urban rapid rail transit system, including ground and connected parts.
    This approach applies within the administrative area of the city of urban rail transit planning, construction, operation, facility protection and related administrative activities. Article traffic in Dalian port authority (hereinafter referred to as traffic, port authority) is the Administrative Department of the city's urban rail traffic management, should be in accordance with the responsibilities of urban rail transit planning and construction, facilities, security, transportation, order management. CRC operations unit is responsible for the day-to-day operation of rail traffic management.
    Head of traffic police is responsible for rail traffic policing, security, traffic accidents, and so on.
    City administrations, the UMT district people's Government and the Dalian Economic and technical development zone, Dalian Golden Pebble Beach National holiday resort Administration Committee shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, coordinate the implementation of these measures.
    Article fourth of urban rail transit construction funds through multiple channels, multiple ways to raise. Encouraging domestic and foreign enterprises and other organizations to invest in the construction and operation of urban rail transit.
    Investors ' legitimate rights and interests protected by law.
    Fifth urban rail transit construction and management, should follow the same planning, construction, and centralized management, unified scheduling, safety first, the principle of standardized services.
    Sixth chapter planning construction and management of urban rail transit development plan and construction, land use plans, formulated by the municipal transport in accordance with the master plan of the port authority, and in accordance with the national procedures for examination and approval by the planning of land and planning departments, reported to the municipal people's Government for approval organization. Approved planning and construction of urban rail transit development, land use planning, and may not be altered.
    Absolutely necessary to change, it should be according to the statutory procedures for approval.
    Seventh city track traffic construction project surveying, design and construction, shall comply with the Dalian City, country and standards, and consistent with the protection of surrounding buildings, structures and other related facilities, technology and environmental protection provisions. Urban rail transit construction project surveying, design and construction shall be assumed by the unit with appropriate qualifications.
    Any entity without a license or beyond the scope of certificate provides forwarding rail transit construction project surveying, design and construction tasks.
    Eighth in the planning of urban rail transit construction in the process of demolition, light, noise and other reasons need to compensate, in accordance with national, provincial and municipal laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the regulations. Nineth urban rail transit engineering completion approval, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.
    Acceptance and reported to the municipal people's Government for approval before they can be open to traffic.
    Chapter III article tenth of facilities management in urban rail transit facilities, including the viaduct of rail transit, rail, tunnels and subgrade, railway stations, vehicles, mechanical and electrical equipment, communications, lighting and other ancillary facilities, as well as for the protection of rail transportation provided for the operation of related facilities.
    11th rail operating units should strengthen the maintenance of rail transit facilities, regular inspection and maintenance in a timely manner to ensure that rail transportation equipment in good and safe operating condition. 12th rail operating units should be set at the station pay phone, waste containers and other necessary facilities. Rail transportation facilities must be clean, in good repair and operating signs and signal device clearly stands out.
    Stations, car advertisements should be legal, normative, orderly and civilized. 13th article ban following against track traffic facilities of behavior: (a) in track traffic facilities security range within store flammable, and easy burst, and toxic harmful items; (ii) to track traffic facilities emissions corrosion sex liquid, and gas or dumping dirt real; (three) in track, and station, and station out entrance and channel range within Park vehicles, and stacked material; (four) damaged vehicles, and tunnel, and bridge, and track, and subgrade, and flat make crossing, and track closed network, and column, and station, facilities; (five) damaged and interference electromechanical equipment, and
    Overhead cable and communications signals and lighting systems; (vi) throwing items to rail transit facilities; (VII) put graffiti in the rail transit facilities; (VIII) emergency or non-emergency State security apparatus; (I) damage to other CRC facilities.
    Fourth chapter management 14th rail operating units should strengthen the urban rail traffic management and protection to guarantee normal operation of urban rail transit, to transport passengers safely and quickly.
    Power, communications, water supply and other related departments should assist the operating units to protect mass transit operations. 15th CRC operation unit dealing with rail transport driver training, assessment.
    The examinations and report on traffic records, certification of the port authority.
    16th track traffic port of fares by the municipal traffic administration, a proposal by the municipal price control Department for review, submitted to the municipal people's Government. 17th passengers shall hold valid ticket.
    No ticket or invalid ticket, railway operating units in accordance with the full one-way fare supplement fare shall be, and add 10 times the fare.
    18th passengers may bring a child who is less than 1.3 metres free bus, carrying more than two (including two) separate tickets children less than 1.3 m in height shall not ride alone.
    19th passenger carry-on items in 20 kg or more in weight from 50 kg or below the volume in more than 0.125 cubic meters to 0.25 m, should hold their fare ticket purchase. 20th passengers shall comply with the requirements, the proper use of car or station ticket vending machines.
    Damage due to improper use, appropriate financial compensation should be granted. 21st passenger should be subject to rail staff management.
    When a dispute occurs, the CRC operation unit departments concerned, but shall not affect the normal operation of staff management and rail transport.
    Fifth chapter safety management of protected article 22nd urban rail transit security, security reserves are as follows: (a) lateral within 50 metres of the tunnel line; (b) ground station and elevated station track lateral within 30 metres of the outer edge and (iii) the portal, substations and other buildings and structures lateral within 30 metres of the outer edge.
    23rd article in city track traffic security reserves within engaged in following activities, must consent of track traffic operation units of agreed, and reported by city related administrative competent sector of approved: (a) built or demolition buildings, and structures; (ii) engaged in piling, and mining, and underground top into, and blasting, and erection, and flood drainage, and Foundation reinforcement, construction job; (three) other big area increased or reduced load of activities.
    24th rail line curves inside, against prejudice to traffic up at buildings or structures impede traffic watch and planted trees.
    25th rail operating unit shall, in accordance with the fire management, relevant provisions of accident rescue, mass transit facilities, installation of fire fighting, flood control, protection and alarm, rescue equipment and equipment.
    When fire or other contingencies, CRC operating units staff shall report immediately to the police and take fire, remove danger and other contingency measures.
    Article 26th passengers prohibited flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful substances or weighing more than 50 kg, more than 0.25 cubic meters in volume, over 2 meters in length and various animal rides.
    Traffic operating unit staff are entitled to a 27th track security checks on passengers carrying goods, endangering public safety items to carry passengers shall order the station refused to stand, transferred to the public security departments dealt with according to law.
    28th article anyone shall not has following against track traffic lane security of behavior: (a) intercept vehicles; (ii) into track or tunnel and the through track, and in track Shang sat lying; (three) climbing or across wall, and fence, and railing; (four) in line outside waiting or forced upper and lower car; (five) in track along sides 30 meters within or line shelterbelt to within stocking livestock; (six) violation legal, and regulations provides of other behavior.
    29th article vehicles and pedestrian through track traffic flat make crossing must comply with following provides: (a) motor vehicle and animal car through crossing Shi, goods mount height shall not over 4.5 meters; (ii) motor vehicle mount height over 2 meters of goods Shang is strictly prohibited sat people; (three) motor vehicle carrying hundred tons above large equipment, and component Shi must according to track traffic operation units specified of crossing and time through; (four) motor vehicle in flat make crossing no turn, and reversing; (E) the vehicle through crossings no more than 20 km per hour, large and medium tractors less than 15 kilometers, small tractor not more than 10 km and shall not overtake or Park in the crossing. Vehicles occurred fault Shi to immediately will vehicles moved out flat make crossing gauge outside; (six) distance flat make crossing 20 meters within of sections ban parking; (seven) pedestrian holds stick, and bamboo, and flags and whip, high long object through flat make crossing Shi should keep level State; (eight) met has crossing railing (bar door) close, and audio device issued alert, and crossing signal displayed red lights or crossing guards personnel motioned train is through Shi, vehicles, and pedestrian is strictly prohibited Rob line, shall not effect crossing railing (bar door) of close, shall not hit, and drill, and climbed
    And more crossing the rail (bar).
    Article 30th casualty accidents in mass transit security in protected areas, the competent transport public security organs shall, in accordance with the rescue operation, to remove obstacles, principles of processing after, handle casualties, site investigation and testing, rapid return to normal operation, and the treatment of road traffic accidents by the State Council and the relevant provisions of the State Council after the repair work.
    31st article has following behavior one of, and caused casualties accident of, track traffic operation units not bear responsibility: (a) in track subgrade Shang walking, and shade, sat lying rail of; (ii) in station within and interval within (two a station Zhijian) track stay, and wandering or through, and picked picked up debris of; (three) drill car, and Bache, and jumped car of; (four) in track subgrade sides stocking livestock and playing Sun crop of; (five) vehicles and pedestrian Rob more track traffic flat make crossing of.
    32nd in mass transit security in protected areas due to force majeure or the parties at fault causing property damage, personal injury, mass transit operating unit assumes no liability for damages.
    Sixth chapter legal responsibility 33rd article violation this approach has following behavior one of of, by city traffic port authority be punishment: (a) violation 13th article provides of, at 100 Yuan above 2000 Yuan following fine, and compensation by caused of economic loss; (ii) violation 23rd article provides of, at 5000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following fine; (three) violation 28th article, and 29th article provides of, at 100 Yuan above 500 Yuan following fine.
    Article 34th in mass transit security in protected areas to cause trouble, disturbing public order, endangering personal safety and the safety of the passengers, or refusing or hindering rail traffic management personnel in performing their duties by the competent traffic public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China public security administration punishment regulations shall be punished; constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    35th rail managers to dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and by their work units or by the competent authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal liability shall be investigated for their.
    36th on an administrative punishment is dissatisfied, he may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit.
    Party fails to carry out administrative punishment decision, the Department made the decision, apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution.
                                  37th article of the rules of the seventh schedule as of November 25, 2002.