Provisions On Administration Of Construction Project Quality In Handan City

Original Language Title: 邯郸市建设工程质量管理规定

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(February 11, 2003, Handan city 92nd meeting consideration of the people's Government through February 17, 2003, Handan people's Government announced 96th) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen quality management of construction projects in the city, standardized project construction all quarters main body quality, strengthening quality supervision and management function of the Government, to ensure project quality.
                                                          According to the People's Republic of China Law on construction, the construction engineering quality management regulation, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    2 the second section within the administrative area of the city, in 500m and its investment in an area of 200,000 yuan, or more than new construction, expansion, renovation of building engineering and its matching line piping, equipment installation, decoration works, and municipal infrastructure projects (hereinafter the "project"), shall comply with this regulation.
    Construction projects such as schools, kindergartens, cultural activities, not subject to an area of investment and restrictions shall apply to these regulations. Third Government construction project quality supervision and management system.
    Municipal construction administrative departments in charge of construction project quality supervision and management in the city, and in charge of quality supervision and management of the urban construction projects in the downtown; in each County (City), fengfeng mining area construction Administrative Department is responsible for the management of construction project quality supervision within the administrative area.
    Municipal construction Administrative Department entrusted the city construction engineering quality supervision institutions responsible for the city quality supervision and management of construction projects, and in charge of construction projects in the downtown of the city quality supervision; the counties (cities), entrusted by the Administrative Department of fengfeng mining area construction in the construction engineering quality supervision institutions responsible for the administration of construction project quality supervision. Fourth Government to encourage the use of advanced technology and management methods, improve the quality of construction projects.
    Project quality access to city-level honor for construction projects shall be awarded. Fifth construction projects to implement quality warranty system.
    Warranty of the quality of the construction unit organization and coordination of construction projects, the relevant liability is in charge, under warranty, the warranty period and warranty responsibilities should be consistent with the relevant provisions. Chapter II responsibility for the quality of construction engineering quality of the sixth unit is in overall charge. And perform following quality responsibility: (a) strictly law comply with capital program, insisted first survey, and Hou design, and again construction of principles; (ii) in received construction license or starts report Qian, should handle engineering quality supervision procedures; (three) should by enrollment bid will engineering employer to has corresponding qualification grade of units; (four) survey results, and construction figure design file by provides reported construction administrative competent sector for review, timely organization technology low-down, and drawings triage; (five) shall not express or hinted survey, and design, and construction, and Project management unit violates the engineering construction compulsory standard, lower the quality of construction projects. Shall not free compression reasonable duration, shall not dismembered Engineering; (six) units by contract agreed itself procurement of building materials, and building frame accessories and equipment, must meet quality requirements, and on its quality is responsible for; (seven) Organization hidden engineering, and Foundation based, and subject structure and the completed engineering acceptance; (eight) according to about provides delegate supervision units for supervision, and presence site representative; (nine) itself management of project, should equipped with corresponding professionals, and meet following requirements: 6 layer following, and span 15 meters within, and
    Engineering cost 3 million Yuan within of construction engineering, at least has 1 name made civil class Assistant Engineer and above titles of personnel; 12 layer following, and span 21 meters within, and engineering cost 10 million Yuan within of construction engineering, at least has 1 name made civil class engineers and above titles of personnel; 12 layer above, and span 21 meters above, and engineering cost 10 million Yuan above of construction engineering, at least has 2 name made civil class engineers and above titles of personnel. Seventh of the survey and design units to project survey and design files to be scientific, responsible for security. And quality responsibility for the following: (a) undertake the engineering survey, design consistent with the qualification of the entity shall not sub-contract or illegal subcontracting the contractor work; (b) must be carried out in accordance with the engineering construction compulsory standard survey and design. Should sound quality guarantee system and quality responsibility system, implementation survey, and design file of step by step sign and audit system, clear corresponding of practice industry responsibility; (three) design units in design file in the selection of building materials, and building frame accessories and equipment, should indicate specifications, and model, and performance, technology index, its quality requirements must meet national provides of standard; (four) large construction project by provides sent design representative stationed in site; (five) participate in drawings triage, and technology low-down; participate in focus parts hidden engineering, and
    Foundation, structure and project completion acceptance, participation in project quality accident analysis and the corresponding technical solutions (vi) may not explicitly or implicitly specified, illegal, equipment manufacturers and suppliers of building materials. Article eighth supervision unit should bear the liability of construction supervision quality. And perform following quality responsibility: (a) bear of supervision task and this units qualification match, shall not illegal transfer, and leapfrog, and Super range contract business; (ii) supervision engineering due full of supervision contract and by construction administrative competent sector record; (three) engineering supervision implemented total supervision engineers responsibility, site supervision institutions personnel supporting complete, ratings posts, and holding card induction, practitioners qualification meet provides, quality accountability implementation in place; (four) construction project implementation supervision Qian, Should be developed according to the characteristics of complete project management planning and rules, and is responsible for implementing (v) next to the field station, patrol and inspection supervision in the form of parallel, key parts of the construction and hidden side-standing supervision must be practiced. Cooperation with construction units to cover engineering, Foundation, structure and project completion acceptance; (vi) implementation of engineering construction compulsory standard, found the use of substandard materials, equipment, components and unqualified, cent, Division of works shall promptly stop, urged the party to correct.
    When the accident occurred, and should be handled with responsibility and co investigation; (VII) supervision of construction project information is complete and accurate, archive full time; (h) must not explicitly or implicitly specified, illegal, equipment manufacturers and suppliers of building materials. Nineth construction units responsible for construction quality of construction engineering. And quality responsibility for the following: (a) the construction tasks consistent with the qualification of the unit, skip-free contracting, subcontracting, illegal subcontracting, contracting procedures and contract complete and valid, (ii) construction project quality assurance system, the quality system put in place. Project management personnel meet about provides, and professional supporting, and Division clear, and holding card induction; (three) construction organization design (programme) prepared reasonable, and complete, and organization implementation; (four) implementation team since check, and mutual check, and handover check System; Division, and points items engineering, and test batch by provides program organization since check; hidden engineering hidden Qian should notification construction, and supervision units for hidden acceptance, and notification quality supervision institutions; (five) strictly implementation witness sampling system, on into construction site of raw materials, and frame accessories, and semi-finished products, and Concrete testing by Convention.
    The unqualified raw materials, components, semi-finished products, ready-mixed concrete prohibitions and have the right to refuse to use; (f) engineering technical files complete, quality information is complete and accurate; (VII) quality procedures to be in accordance with the relevant report of the accident shall not fail to report, no later than, cheat.
    Article tenth testing institution should have a corresponding test qualification, testing experimental detection units should be carried out in accordance with the relevant standards, regulations, and is responsible for the test results.
    Chapter III supervision and 11th engineering quality supervision institutions to check quality relating to project construction all quarters main body quality and construction quality supervise and inspect the files.
    12th engineering quality supervision institutions should be based on the engineering construction compulsory standard of construction engineering quality supervision.
    13th engineering quality supervision institutions responsible for construction project completion acceptance forms, procedures, comments on implementation of the standards of inspection and site supervision and the evaluation results, project completion, contract compliance inspection, and construction administrative department or their delegate's registration certificate issued by the engineering quality supervision report. 14th system of construction project completion and filing.
    The construction administration department or its delegate acceptance record filing authority is responsible for the completion of the construction project management. 15th engineering quality supervision institutions should strengthen their Foundation, the main structure of the non-destructive sampling inspection and testing.
    Sampling results not in accordance with design requirements or when the doubts as to the quality, commissioned by the construction official testing unit for testing, and issue test reports, engineering quality supervision institutions according to the inspection report quality problems in ordering the parties to proceed to rectify.
    Engineering quality supervision institutions against the quality of the structure and use security risk, should be ordered to build units or entrust a qualified construction unit's official testing agency for testing. Article 16th project construction all quarters main responsibility credit archives of quality system.
    Building construction liability, responsible quality credit files and publish on a regular basis, and as construction liability, responsibility for quality inspection, qualifications, promotions and other important evidence.
    Article 17th webmasters engineering quality supervision institutions in charge, engineer construction project quality supervision responsibility system.
    Engineering quality supervision agencies should establish a sound and effective regulatory system, establish and improve the supervision archives, ensuring scientific, impartial nature of the work. Fourth chapter quality management program 18th employer registration at the time of construction engineering quality supervision, should be required to pay the supervision fee, and fill in the following information:

    Engineering construction quality supervision registered registration table; units site representative qualification review registration form; construction, and supervision units site quality guarantee system review registration form; construction engineering planning license; construction, and supervision bid notice; construction, and supervision contract and the units qualification certificate; construction, and construction, and supervision units construction site quality guarantee system file and the related personnel qualification documents; construction figure design review approved file and the full of construction figure and survey report; other provides need of file information.
    Article 19th engineering quality supervision institutions after completed the review information submitted by the employer, should determine who is responsible for the quality engineer or quality supervision of engineering group, and notify the owner in writing.
    20th quality supervision engineers should be based on the construction characteristics, construction drawing design documents, liability management, preparation of supervision plan (programme), and according to the monitoring plan (programme) to perform supervisory tasks. 21st construction units should be receiving the construction permit after construction.
    Pile foundation construction, before the inspection of Foundation subsoil, the construction unit shall submit to the engineering quality supervision institutions construction permits, construction, supervision and organization units building materials, semi-finished products and components to check the quality.
    Engineering quality supervision institutions to building and construction, the engineer project manager qualifications and check of the construction organization, meets the requirements before construction.
    22nd engineering quality supervision institutions to deal with piles of raw material, hole, piling, steel, concrete, and witness sampling tests, covert acceptance, review test focus on random, and random sampling. Article 23rd pile upon completion of the works, should be carried out by qualified testing unit testing, and issue a test report.
    Employer organization survey, design, construction, supervision and acceptance, engineering quality supervision institutions after the review meets the requirements, can be carried out the next working procedure construction.
    Article 24th completion of Foundation reinforcement project, organized by the unit construction, the engineer reinforcement engineering quality inspection and review by the engineering quality supervision institutions to meet the requirements, to continue construction.
    25th construction units in ground based upon completion of the works and before backfill of earth work, organizational design, supervision and construction unit acceptance of foundation engineering, engineering quality supervision institutions should supervise, meets those requirements, construction can be carried out the next working procedure.
    Concealed works of 26th Division prior to covert, construction units should be in self-test based on by employer organizations supervision, construction inspection in accordance with requirements, relevant quality documents and related reviewed quality of information reported to the engineering quality supervision institutions.
    27th engineering quality supervision agencies should strengthen the body engineering construction of concrete strength, proportion, measurement, steel and masonry of the sampling, inspection and sampling. Main structure sampling qualified 28th and construction units after the self-test is complete, by the employer organization design, supervision, construction inspection, and began assessing the main structure to the engineering quality supervision institutions report, summary of witness sampling and quality information. Engineering quality supervision institutions should supervise the main structural engineering acceptance, meets those requirements, construction can be carried out the next working procedure.
    High-rise buildings section of the main project acceptance.
    29th the completion of construction projects all design work and contract content, reach requirements, engineering quality supervision institutions ordered completion of all corrective action corrective action unit has agreed to pay under the contract, according to relevant procedures to complete the plan and other special acceptance, completion inspection can be carried out. 30th article units organization engineering completed acceptance Qian, should ahead of seven a days will acceptance time, and locations and the acceptance group list written notification engineering quality supervision institutions, and submitted following information: survey, and design units of quality check report; construction figure design review institutions completed design review report; construction units prepared of completed report; sent, and contracting both signed of engineering quality warranty book; Foundation based and subject structure acceptance sign table; supervision (construction) units of completed quality acceptance report; planning sector of acceptance file
    Public security fire-fighting and environmental protection issued by license or permit the use of files; notice of acceptance of completed construction project quality. 31st engineering quality supervision institutions received completion acceptance notice and related information, the verification acceptance criteria, and to inform the employer in writing within 3rd verification opinion.
    Meet the acceptance criteria, assigning quality supervision to supervise the completion of engineers and professionals.
    Article 32nd construction quality supervision institution on construction engineering quality management in violation of the relevant provisions of acts or quality does not meet eligibility requirements of the project, ordered the construction unit for rectification, and issued within five working days after the final acceptance of reorganizing letters of acceptance.
    Units reorganized received notice of acceptance immediately after rectification, organized according to program again after completion of rectification, rectification in writing and reported to the engineering quality supervision institutions.
    Article 33rd on the parties involved in the project completion acceptance if it cannot come to an agreement shall be settled through consultations, negotiation does not make sense, units may be responsible for the construction engineering quality supervision institution for adjudication unit according to the verdict to fill out acceptance conclusions.
    Article 34th engineering quality supervision organization shall, within the completion date of the 5th, to construction administrative department or submit a project quality supervision report commissioned by the filing office.
    35th construction units should be qualified in 15th after completion of the construction, construction Administrative Department filing authority or its delegate acceptance record, and submit relevant information.
    Construction administrative departments or the filing authority entrusted upon the receipt, validation, after filing, issue a certificate of construction engineering completion approval record in the 15th.
    Article 36th after acceptance of the construction project, the construction unit shall within six months to complete the transfer of management of urban construction archives project files. 37th fifth chapter penalty for violation of this provision and the relevant legal provisions, regulations, quality and engineering quality problems caused, shall be ordered to correct under law, local measures such as the suspension of construction, until the problem is corrected.
    Testing, testing for false testing reports issued by the unit, shall be investigated for their liability.
    Article 38th project construction all quarters main responsibility in violation of the rules and relevant laws and regulations, nature, problems are serious, in accordance with the Ordinance and other laws and regulations on construction quality for punishment according to law. 39th quality supervision engineer falsification, dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in such conduct, by the competent authority depending on the seriousness, for criticism, warning, demerit until cancel quality supervision engineer qualification.
    Constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 40th emergency rescue and disaster relief work, temporary housing construction, farmers build low-rise residential and military equipment projects do not apply these measures.
                                                                                                          41st these measures implemented since the 30th after the date of its publication.