Zhengzhou Skilled Vocational Training Management Approach

Original Language Title: 郑州市技术工种职业培训管理办法

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(June 27, 2002 Zhengzhou municipal people's Government at the 10th Executive session on April 3, 2003, Zhengzhou municipal people's Government announced the 117th) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen the skilled management of vocational training, improve the quality of workers, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Labour Code, the People's Republic of China vocational education law, combined with the municipality, these measures are formulated.
    Skilled in these measures in article, refers to the complex technology and wide universality as well as jobs or occupations closely related to personal and property security.
    Article on the technical work, the city stages of implementing the vocational qualification certificate system of employment.
    Skilled workers, should be subject to appropriate vocational training beforehand.
    Article fourth of skilled workers within the administrative area of the city and management of vocational training to apply this approach.
    Fifth of municipal administrative departments of labor security work, technical work, is responsible for the management of vocational training, County (City), the administrative departments of labor security in accordance with this Regulation shall be responsible for the area of skilled management of vocational training.
    Education, human resources, business administration, economics and trade, quality and technical supervision, supervision and administration of production safety, civil affairs, finance, price control and other relevant departments, shall, within the scope of their respective duties together good management of technical types of vocational training.
    Vocational training sixth chapter technical type of vocational training, including professional training, rehabilitation training, on-the-job training, apprenticeship, transfer of training, promotion and other occupational training, qualify for the training can be divided into primary, secondary, advanced training and training technicians and senior technicians training. Article seventh technical work established by law for vocational training vocational training institutions, technical schools and vocational schools to assume.
    Employers can also organize the units of skilled practitioners with vocational training, or commissioned by vocational training institutions, technical schools, vocational schools for vocational training.
    Article eighth social forces held implementation skills of vocational qualification training, technical training and employment skills training for educational institutions, approved by the administrative departments of labor security, and CC, educational administrative departments at the same level for the record. Nineth an employer shall establish a vocational training system for employees, planned for the unit's staff and new staff skilled vocational training, and to create conditions to encourage skilled workers to participate in transfer, promotion and training.
    Cost of training by the employer from employee training expenditures.
    Tenth place, an employer receives national policy staff engaged in technical work, you should organize training, meet the corresponding job skill requirements before they can post.
    Large, secondary school graduates willing to work in technical work inconsistent with majors, should be trained first, meet the skill requirements of the job.
    11th employer enrolled in technical trades apprentice, shall, in accordance with the People's Republic of China trades apprenticeship training under the category.
    12th employer because of the special need to recruit more technical and the city did not have training of skilled personnel, first hired retraining but should be submitted to the municipal or County (City), the administrative departments of labor security.
    13th skilled vocational training should be organized in accordance with the national occupational standards national unified teaching material and teaching plans and teaching outlines and combining theoretical teaching and skill training.
    Chapter III appraisal and certification of occupational skills 14th occupation skill testing, approved by the administrative departments of labor security establishment of vocational skill identification of bodies responsible for accredited, issued by the administrative departments of labor security of the certificate of vocational qualification.
    15th skilled practitioners to apply for professional skills identification, shall be subject to appropriate technical types of vocational training.
    Large, secondary school graduates and professional school or similar technical trades, or engaged in relevant skilled personnel can directly participate in vocational skill appraisal.
    16th technical school, vocational (technical) schools, employment training centers and a variety of vocational and technical training institutions (AVN) technical type jobs employment shall obtain a corresponding certificate of vocational qualification.
    Employer's own training of skilled practitioners to achieve the appropriate technical job skills requirements may apply for professional skill appraisal.
    17th occupation skills divided into theoretical knowledge examination and skills assessment.
    Occupational skill testing questions of national unity.
    18th national vocational qualification level is divided into primary, intermediate skills, advanced skills, technicians and senior technicians.
    State provision of the vocational qualification certificate issued by the national labor and Social Security Department, a basic skills, intermediate skills, advanced skills professional certificate issued by the administrative departments of labor security, technicians and senior technicians vocational qualification certificates issued by applying to the administrative departments of labor security.
    19th the employer made the staff of the vocational qualification certificate shall, in accordance with labour market wage guide price in determining the appropriate pay and benefits.
    20th against forgery, alteration, lent the certificate of vocational qualification.
    The fourth chapter management and supervision article 21st the employer should obtain the appropriate certificate of professional qualification of personnel directly engaged in skilled workers.
    Engaged in technical work and does not have a corresponding certificate of the professional qualifications of comparisions, the types of certified system, when implemented, the employer shall, in accordance with national occupational skills standards for training, to achieve the type of occupational skill requirements.
    22nd through employment agencies job seekers, persons required to perform technical work, employment agencies should be provided by the professional qualification certificate issued by the administrative departments of labor security.
    Employment agencies may not be introduced without the certificate of vocational qualification personnel engaged in skilled jobs.
    23rd the employer or employment agency recruiting skilled personnel advertisements, should express the professional qualifications of skilled personnel.
    Article 24th administrative departments of labor security in accordance with the technical work of vocational training, vocational skills and employers recruit skilled staff for supervision and inspection.
    Fifth chapter penalty is 25th article employing units enrollment with not made career qualification certificate of personnel directly engaged in and personal, and property security is closely related to of technology jobs of, by city, and County (City), and district labor guarantees administrative sector give warning, ordered its deadline on enrollment with of personnel for training, made career qualification certificate Hou induction; late not corrected of, by enrollment with number per person sentenced 200 Yuan fine, but highest shall not over 30000 Yuan.
    26th to defraud, forgery, alteration of the vocational qualification certificate or violation of the provisions of the vocational qualification certificate is invalid, and the administrative departments of labor security, cancellation of collection.
    27th administrative departments of labor security worker, vocational skill evaluation institution for dereliction of duty, abuse, deception, bribery, shall be given administrative sanctions by the relevant authorities constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 28th these measures shall take effect on July 1, 2003.
    Attached: Zhengzhou implemented holding career qualification certificate employment of technology jobs (career) directory first batch (July 1, 2003 up implemented) production, and transport equipment operation class: Turner, and milling, and Miller, and boring workers, and welder, and cold for sheet metal metalworking, and mechanic fitter, and Assembly fitter, and tool fitter, and car repair workers, and maintenance electrical, and tube workers, and concrete workers, and steel workers, and lifting handling mechanical operation workers, and boiler operation business, and services class: Chinese cooking Division, and health massage Division, and beautician, and Salon Division, and photographer Second batch (January 1, 2004 implemented) production, and transport equipment operation class: combination machine operation workers, and processing center operation workers, and boiler equipment assemblers, and boiler equipment installation workers, and computer maintenance workers, and motorcycle maintenance workers, and earthwork mechanical operation workers, and masonry workers, and shelf workers, and waterproof workers, and casting workers, and forging workers, and level voltage electrical assemblers, and electrical equipment installation workers, and chemical test workers, and food test workers, and textile fiber test business, and services class: salesperson, and salesman, and refrigerated workers, and Chinese pastry Division, and Western cooking Division, and Western pastry Division, and adjustable wine Division, and Qian Office waiter, and computer operation member, and watches maintenance workers do personnel and other class: operator, and PR Member, and user communications terminal maintenance member third batch (January 1, 2005 implemented) production, and transport equipment operation class: metal heat treatment workers, and coated loaded workers, and motor assemblers, and electronic instrument instrument assemblers, and electrical instrument instrument assemblers, and precision instrument instrument repairman, and variable electric equipment installation workers, and decorative decoration workers, and anti-corrosion workers, and manual woodworking, and fine woodworking, and
                                                                                                            Bus driver commercial, and services class: rooms waiter, and household electronic products maintenance workers, and household appliances products maintenance workers, and photography equipment maintenance workers, and publications issued Member, and medicine purchase and sale Member, and medicine commodity purchase and sale Member, and medicine transfers Member, and nutrition catering Member, and career instructor, and property management Member, and glasses optometry Member, and glasses set distribution workers, and office equipment maintenance workers, and pension nursing Member do personnel and other class Secretary, and drawing Member