Administrative Provisions On Security Technology In Henan Province

Original Language Title: 河南省安全技术防范管理规定

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(Henan provincial people's Government on February 27, 2003 order 74th release) first in order to strengthen the security protection work, guarantee the security of States and citizens ' lives and property, collective property, according to the relevant regulations of the State, combined with the actual situation in our province, this provision is enacted.
    Security technology in these rules in article, refers to the use of security technology products and system science, prevention, combating illegal and criminal acts or of any major security incidents.
    Security protection products mentioned in these regulations refers to can prevent robberies, theft-proof, explosion-proof function, special products for security protection activities.
    Security protection system in these rules refers to integrated use of security technology products and other related products of security systems. Is the province's third Province Public Security Bureau security protection work of the Department.
    City, County (city, district) within its terms of reference, public security organs, in charge of the safety technology management work within the district.
    Fourth anti-robbery, and theft, explosion-proof and included in the national catalogue of security technology products special products, in accordance with the national provisions implementing safety certification or registration system.
    Fifth security protection products should be in line with national standards or trade standards, local standards; no national standards, industry standards and local standards, manufacturers should develop enterprise standards, and reported to the provincial quality and technical supervision Department.
    The sixth sale of security technology products should be to the public security organ for the record.
    Use security protection products units, should identify security protection products manufacturer certificate and quality inspection certificates, do not meet the criteria, no installation.
    Seventh article following places and parts must take security technology prevention measures: (a) weapons ammunition of production, and store places; (ii) flammable, and easy burst, and toxic, and radioactive items, and control drug and germs, dangerous items of production, and store places; (three) store involved national confidential documents, and information, and software of room, and Museum (library); (four) gold and silver, precious metal and jewelry processing, and business, and store of places; (five) printed, and store, and destroyed securities of places and financial institutions of business places, and Vault, and shipped note car; (Six) power, and telecommunications, and water, and gas, and heating, and broadcast TV, units of focus key parts; (seven) Museum, and Gallery, and heritage shop, collection, and displayed, and sales, and exhibition has important science value, and economic value of heritage and other items of places or parts; (eight) airport, and large station and other need for security checks of places; (nine) star hotel (hotel) of lobby out entrance and other main channel, important parts; (ten) national strategy reserves library, and
    Defence production sites and the repository of the cutting-edge products and other warehouses (11) should install and use security technology to prevent other facilities and security protection products or parts.
    Security protection system with alarm function should work with public security organs "110" alarm desk online.
    Eighth security protection system design, construction units, should hold a license issued by the provincial public security department.
    No unit shall entrust security protection system of unit construction without a license.
    Nineth security protection system should be in line with national standards or industrial standards, local standards and other regulations.
    Involve State secrets, national security security protection system for the design, construction, shall be borne by the enterprises in line with national requirements. Tenth security protection system construction should engineering drawings and related information sent public security organs for examination and approval, before delivery of construction.
    Really necessary to change the design in the course of construction, shall be subject to the approval of the public security organs. After the completion of security protection system, shall be approved by the public security organ acceptance.
    Acceptance or acceptance of unqualified security protection systems, shall not be put into use.
    Public security organs shall review and acceptance in the 30th.
    11th public security organs and the security protection system design, construction, testing, the use of units and personnel should strictly abide by the confidentiality provisions of laws and regulations, strengthen the management of security technology to prevent the information to prevent loss, leakage.
    12th security protection facilities unit, shall establish a sound security protection system use and maintenance systems, safety technology to prevent the normal and effective operation of the system, and accept the guidance of the public security organs.
    13th public security organs and their staff not to install security technology products and systems specified for the unit and individual products, sales and design, construction units.
    No unit or individual may make use of security technology products and systems violating the legitimate rights and interests of others.
    The 14th article in violation of the provisions, administrative penalty provisions of the State, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the State shall be punished. Violation of the provisions of the seventh, tenth, a rectification; refuses, fined a maximum of 10000 Yuan.
    Caused by the security protection system does not meet the requirements in the building criminal cases or major public order incidents, officers, persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    The 15th police staff in violation of the provisions of article, any of the following acts, administrative sanctions shall be granted by the competent authorities constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    (A) violation provides audit sent card of; (ii) not by provides and statutory time audit drawings and about information of; (three) violation provides check, and acceptance and supervision management of; (four) participation security technology prevention products or system business activities of; (five) specified security technology prevention products or sales, and design, and construction units of; (six) has other negligence, and abuse, and engages in behavior of.
                                                            16th article of the regulations come into force on May 1, 2003.