Administrative Measures On Urban Heat-Supply In Liaoning Province

Original Language Title: 辽宁省城市供热管理办法

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(December 18, 2002 Standing Committee of the Liaoning Provincial people's Government, the 116th consideration by Liaoning Provincial people's Government, January 12, 2003 released 152th) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the management of urban heating, protect legal rights of enterprises, heating heat users and heat sources, protect the environment, save energy, improve the quality of life of urban residents, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the province, these measures are formulated.
    Urban heating in these measures in article, refers to the city core heating, cogeneration, industrial waste heat, boiler, dispersing the steam boiler, solar, geothermal and other sources of heat, hot water, through paid public heating supply pipe network in hot.
    Article in the province within the administrative area for the urban heating of planning, construction, production, distribution, use, and management should abide by these measures.
    Article fourth provincial administrative departments in charge of construction supervision and management of urban heating in the province.
    Cities and counties (including County-level cities and districts, the same below) competent administrative department responsible for the administration of urban heating in the supervision and management of urban heating.
    City heat and administrative departments can delegate urban heat-supply management agencies responsible for supervision and administration.
    Urban planning, finance, civil affairs, labor and social security, prices, environmental protection and other relevant administrative departments, shall, within the scope of their respective duties of city heat-supply management.
    Fifth city heating socialized production and commercialization of supply and diversifying operations.
    Urban heating must be the implementation of an integrated planning and management, giving priority to the development of central heating, phasing out restrictions disperse heat, carrying out the household heating and gradually achieved by heat metering and charging.
    Sixth Government encourage enterprises engaged in the production of steam, hot water and heat medium (hereinafter referred to as heat enterprises) and enterprises engaged in heating operation (hereinafter referred to as heating) using clean energy, less pollution, low energy consumption, operation safe heating methods and facilities, promotion of advanced technologies and equipment, and raise the level of urban heating.
    Chapter II planning and construction of seventh city heat supply planning by relevant departments for urban heating planning and other relevant administrative departments, the level of Government approval, into the overall urban planning.
    Article eighth building, rebuilding, expansion of urban heat-supply engineering, shall conform to the planning of urban heating, after approval by the competent administrative Department for city heating, relevant infrastructure and approval procedures.
    Nineth does not have the conditions needed to establish temporary heat for central heating must be approved by the county administrative departments of urban heating, reported to the competent administrative departments of urban heating.
    The dispersion of existing boiler house and old House and heating plans should be developed by the Administrative Department of the city, make overall arrangements, in batches and complete central heating improvement within a specified period (including grid-connected, the same below) and household heating renovation.
    New housing is not in the design of household heating, construction drawing design documents shall not be approved has been completed, no acceptance and use. Article tenth of household heating renovation projects under construction units shall be in accordance with the relevant national standards and technical specifications for construction.
    Due to improper construction, use of heat production, heat management heat units and individuals (hereinafter referred to as user) property damage or affect heating due to delayed the construction schedule shall bear the responsibility.
    Chapter III 11th urban heating facilities heating equipment including heat source plant and boiler rooms, heat exchanger stations, pipelines and indoor plumbing, piping, pump, valves, gauges, radiators and other related facilities. 12th construction units of heating services after expiry of the warranty period, for heating the heating company is responsible for maintenance and renovation.
    Using electric heating, heating facilities affiliated with the unit inside the House, heat supply facilities by the employer is responsible for maintenance.
    Maintenance of heat supply facilities, shall not be charged to user fees other than the cost of heating. 13th article ban following damage heating facilities or effect its using function of behavior: (a) in heating facilities management range within mining sand, and take soil, and blasting and other harmful job; (ii) unauthorized will since built heating facilities and public heating facilities phase connection; (three) relies on boiler room or ground tube network facilities built structures and led pulled, and lifting, bearing job; (four) in underground pipeline above building construction, stacked material, tree planting; (five) to heating pipeline trench or check well within emissions rain (snow) water, and sewage, and
    Dumping, (vi) out of indoor heating tube built into or walls of a building; (g) heating equipment or affect the function of other damage.
    14th article for Commonweal construction needed to affect safe operation construction of heat supply facilities, must first seek the views of enterprise or heating of heat source, and to take effective preventive measures to ensure heating facilities.
    The fourth chapter heat and urban heat-supply with heat 15th enterprise business activities from urban heating provided by the administrative authorities in accordance with national qualification approval and implemented at different levels.
    After heating Enterprise qualification certificate and apply for a business license, corresponding heating operation can be carried out according to the level of qualification.
    Heating heating enterprises should be organized by the competent administrative Department of the city competition contract a heat supply business, users have the option of heating.
    16th enterprises of heat source and heat supply enterprises, heating enterprises and users shall be signed for hot contract.
    For hot contract, includes heating time, indoor temperature, maintenance liability, fees, fees, settlement practices and breach of contract, such as the time limit.
    Heating period of the individual users (including heating and heating start and end time of the month, the same below), room temperature standards shall not be lower than the provisions of the municipal government.
    Standard temperature of unit heat user heating period, otherwise, their agreement shall prevail.
    For using a thermal model of the contract text, by province construction Administrative Department in conjunction with the provincial industrial and commercial administration departments.
    17th heat source heating enterprises and enterprise operation, maintenance personnel, and shall be subject to professional training, certified.
    18th user change or transfer heat scale heating and heat supply enterprises registration procedures should be 30th in advance.
    19th article heating enterprise should perform following duties: (a) according to qualification grade carried out heating business activities; (ii) maintenance, and maintenance heating facilities and guarantee its normal run and stable heating; (three) established sound repair processing, and heating facilities archives, internal management system, perfect at room temperature monitoring means, understand heating effect; (four) implementation Municipal Government provides of heating term, and at room temperature and charges standard; (five) heard hot user views, timely processing heating problem, improved service quality.
    20th article hot user should comply with following provides: (a) timely paid heating fee; (ii) shall not unauthorized started and close heating valve; (three) shall not unauthorized changes heating facilities; (four) shall not emissions, and theft heating facilities cycle hot and steam; (five) shall not unauthorized moved, and changes hot measurement instrument and annex; (six) shall not implementation effect heating effect of other behavior.
    For users without changing the structure, effect of indoor heating facilities heating effect, responsibility. Article 21st heating failure, abnormal heating, heat and heat supply enterprises shall immediately organize the repair work is being urgently and report the local administrative Department of urban heating.
    In public places require road repair, repairs, after completing the formalities, public security, transportation, construction and other relevant administrative departments shall provide cooperation.
    During the repair period, field should display warning signs and safety facilities repair end, shall be restored.
    22nd stops heating for more than 8 hours (including the number), the heating shall be announced 24 hours in advance users are widely publicized.
    Heating is not required or agreed period of heating heating, heating temperature of provisions or the agreement is not reached, users have the right to request return heating heating enterprises; losses caused to a user, should be compensated, but except for force majeure beyond heating. Refund of heating costs should be calculated according to the temperature difference and the accumulated time and press charges.
    Calculated measures shall be formulated by the municipal government. Article 23rd homes are not used to measure heat, should take effective measures to ensure the normal use of indoor water supply and drainage facilities.
    Frost crack pipe resulting from room temperature too low, causes losses to the heating or adjacent heat users, by the users assume liability.
    24th district heating shall be published by the Administrative Department of the city telephone, handle consumer complaints and receive news public opinion supervision.
    Urban heating administrative authorities dealing with consumer complaints, shall not exceed 24 hours. The fifth chapter of heating costs 25th who imposed urban heating with heat, who pay principles. Individual users have a working unit, and units (including organs, institutions, social organizations, enterprises and employees of individual businesses, the same below) or payroll departments will heating cost subsidy into wage; no work unit or individual operating and heating costs borne by individuals.
    Specific measures formulated by the municipal government in accordance with the relevant provisions of the province.
    Relevant provisions of the province referred to in the preceding paragraph, by the provincial labor and social security, personnel administration Department in conjunction with the construction, finance, civil affairs, price and other administrative departments.
    Will heating subsidies include to refused to wage approach, developed by the municipal government.
    Article 26th introduction of household heating and installation of metering equipment shall be charged in the heat metering heating charge; have yet to be implemented, should be reached within the period prescribed in the municipal charge on the building floor space heating costs. Standards set by the Municipal Government of heating charges.
    Development of heating fees must follow the principle of guaranteed profit, taking into account the heat source heating construction and network maintenance costs and taxes and other factors, and to hear the views of heat users and heating companies. 27th does not pay heating costs, has not payment reminder unit heat users and individual users of household heating and heat supply enterprises are entitled to in accordance with the contract, of limited supply, slow or suspend.

    Payment difficulties users should be stage payment contracts with the heating.
    Neither payment nor of the phased contributions contract with the heating, heat supply business after payment notice served on the 10th, you can stop the heating. City and county governments shall establish special regulation for urban heating funds, used to enjoy the city's minimum living guarantee and posted other difficult residents pay heating costs.
    Specific measures shall be formulated by the municipal government.
    Have the ability to pay heating costs and it does not pay, collection of relevant administrative departments according to law by the municipal or County Government.
    28th hot thermal contract user changes for the main content or the transfer of housing, enterprises or to heat source heating enterprises to sign or modify his heat contract.
    No renewal or change of the contract, the heating costs borne by the original user; have not lived for heating houses sold, its heating costs borne by the owner or lessee of housing; not yet sold, borne by the employer. Sixth chapter legal responsibility 29th article violation this approach eighth article provides, without city heating administrative competent sector review agreed, unauthorized new, and alterations, and expansion city heating engineering, on meet city heating planning of, by city heating administrative competent sector give warning, ordered replacement about procedures; refused to corrected of, at 5000 Yuan above 20,000 yuan following of fine; on not meet city heating planning of, ordered deadline demolition; late not demolition of, application Court forced implementation,
    Or by the City Planning Administration confiscated illegal buildings, structures or any other facilities.
    30th article violation this approach Nineth article provides has following behavior one of of, by city heating administrative competent sector ordered corrected, sentenced 5000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following of fine: (a) new residential not used points households heating design and construction, and using of; (ii) without approved built temporary heat, unauthorized not used concentrated heating of; (three) dispersed boiler room in deadline within not implementation or refused to accept concentrated heating transformation of.
    31st in violation of the provisions of article 13th, by heating the city Administrative Department in accordance with the regulations on protection of municipal public facilities in Liaoning province 34th article of the punishment.
    32nd breach of paragraph II of this article 15th without qualification certificates or not according to the qualification level operation of the urban heating, granted by the competent administrative Department for urban heating warning shall be ordered to go through qualification procedure; it refuses, up to 3000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine.
    33rd article violation this approach 19th article provides has following behavior one of of, by city heating administrative competent sector give warning, can and at 3000 Yuan above 20,000 yuan following of fine; plot serious of, reduced qualification or revoked qualification certificate: (a) maintenance, and maintenance, and operation dereliction of or management poor, led heating facilities cannot normal run or cannot stable heating; (ii) unauthorized shortened Municipal Government provides of heating term or up not to at room temperature standard.
    Beyond the standard collection of heating charges, the price administrative departments shall punish.
    34th article violates this article 20th paragraph (b) to (f) the provision, by the competent administrative Department of urban heating in a warning and order them to correct; it refuses, a fine of 50 Yuan and 500 Yuan fines; causing heat damage, compensation shall be made.
    35th heat source heating enterprises and enterprise was fined for violating these rules, business owners and persons directly responsible, can be fine at 1% to 5% of the companies fines, but not more than 1000 Yuan.
    Article 36th impose administrative penalties, in accordance with the People's Republic of China administrative penalty provisions of that Act; penalties and fines, Liaoning province, in accordance with the penalty decisions from collection of penalty provisions of the detailed rules for the implementation of separation of implementation.
    37th city heating administrative departments and urban heat-supply management bodies functionaries, malpractice, negligence, by their work units or by the competent authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 38th formed independent mining district heating management, in accordance with the measures implemented.
    39th can be based on these measures, formulate detailed rules for the implementation of the municipal government.
                                                  40th these measures shall come into force on March 1, 2003.