Administrative Measures For The Prevention And Control Of Vector In Liaoning Province

Original Language Title: 辽宁省病媒生物预防控制管理办法

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(December 18, 2002 Liaoning Province Government 116th times Executive Conference considered through January 12, 2003 Liaoning Province Government makes 154th, announced) first article to prevention, and control disease media biological on human health caused of against, prevent disease spread, improved environment and improve life quality, according to Liaoning province patriotic Health Management Ordinance (following referred to Ordinance) and other about provides, combined I province actual, developed this approach.
    Second approach is the ostensible reason for vectors, refers to the transmission of human diseases and threaten human health, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and other insects and rodents.
    Article I all units and individuals within the administrative area of the province, must comply with these measures.
    Article vector prevention and control, follow the prevention first, people management and professional management, centralized governance and day-to-day management combined with the principle.
    Fifth of provinces, cities and counties (including County-level cities and districts, the same below) the patriotic public health campaign Committee (hereinafter referred to as aiweihui) lead and coordinate the administrative vector prevention and control. This class aiweihui daily work of departments (hereinafter referred to as aiweihui), responsible for specific vector prevention and control work.
    Other relevant departments according to their respective duties, doing work on vector prevention and control.
    Article sixth vector density control standard formulated by the province, aiweihui, adjusted and promulgated. Vector density, the disease prevention and control agencies are responsible for monitoring.
    Disease prevention and control institutions shall, in accordance with the relevant technical specifications, regular vectors of regional monitoring and reporting of monitoring results aiweihui departments.
    Seventh article hospital, and hotel, and airport, and port, and railway station, and coach station, personnel concentrated of places and food production business units, and construction site, and farmers market, and waste acquisition station, and garbage transit station, and garbage processing field, and Depot, easy incurred or breeding disease media biological of places, should established sound disease media biological prevention control system, set disease media biological prevention and elimination killed facilities, and specified personnel is responsible for disease media biological of prevention control. Article eighth health Administrative Department in vetting and engaged in food production, public health licenses, vector prevention and control should be used as one of the conditions of approval.
    For prevention, disinfection facilities are not complete and vector density exceed the control standards, health permit shall not be issued.
    Nineth Township (town) people's Government, neighborhood offices, UN-Habitat (village) the Commission shall, in accordance with aiweihui of the deployment, organizational units, and UN-Habitat (village) vector disinfection activities. Tenth unit and UN-Habitat (village) must participate in the Organization of regional unity vector disinfection activities. Kill required for drugs, equipment, provided by local aiweihui, in addition to the expenses incurred in public areas of the city (including residents of the public corridor, courtyard) and the villagers ' houses, yards, borne by the Governments at all levels, respectively, but borne by beneficiaries in other regions.
    Specific commitment approach prescribed by the provincial financial Department, in conjunction with the provincial aiweihui Department. Units in the 11th district, and residents should take measures to control or within the scope of management of the unit vectors within the residential density.
    Inability to control may be entrusted with vector disinfection service for disinfection. Vector disinfection service units should delegate units or individuals to sign the contract.
    Does not meet the quality of service requirements, shall assume agreed responsibilities.
    12th article disease media biological elimination killed service units should has following conditions: (a) has fixed of Office places and warehouse; (ii) has sound of service quality, and security management system; (three) has intermediate above titles of health professional technicians; (four) practitioners has corresponding expertise, and by aiweihui work sector assessment qualified; (five) by with of elimination killed drug, and devices meet provides of requirements. 13th kill vectors aiweihui service unit shall be subject to County departments for examination and approval.
    Aiweihui sector to comply with the provisions of article 12th units shall be approved within the 10th; not approved, reasons shall be given.
    Vector disinfection units must be registered by the industrial and commercial administration departments.
    14th disinfectants drug production, operation and management, the pesticides management regulations by the State Council and the relevant provisions of the regulations on the safety management of dangerous chemicals, specific measures separately.
    Production unit production of disinfectants drug toxicity identification should be carried out by the provincial health Administrative Department.
    15th operation, use of drugs kill, must have quality certificates, their packaging must comply with the laws, rules, regulations and requirements of the national standard, package and must be included in the safety data sheet of the product line, must be affixed on the packaging or attached hanging products consistent security label and packaging.
    Safety data sheet must contain the following elements: (a) the business name, address, license number or approval number; (b) the product name, registration number and batch number; (c) the content, weight, performance, and toxic active ingredients; (d) the purpose, method and notes; (e) the date of production and expiry date, and so on.
    16th aiweihui departments should strengthen cancellation killing drug production, management and supervision of the use of, and inspect the unit and individual vector prevention and control. Examiners shall be subject to supervision and inspection.
    Refuse, obstruct the supervision and inspection, form of punishment in respect to management of public security, dealt with by the public security organs in accordance with the Security Administration Punishment Regulations constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 17th article has following behavior one of of units, by aiweihui work sector ordered its deadline corrected, and can according to following provides sentenced fine: (a) disease media biological density over control standard, on environment and human health caused effect and against of, sentenced 100 Yuan above 3000 Yuan following fine; (ii) refused to participate in disease media unified elimination killed activities of, sentenced 500 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following fine; (three) without aiweihui work sector approved, engaged in disease media biological elimination killed service of,
    Fined 2000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine.
    18th vector disinfection service unit no longer meets criteria as provided herein, by the aiweihui Department be ordered to rectify, overdue change, withdraw the original approval.
    Article 19th without approved disinfectants drug production, operation, production, management of drugs prohibited by the State to kill, to kill drug packaging and labelling does not meet the requirements, or without registration vector disinfection services, dealt with by the relevant administrative department in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
    20th article about administrative sector staff has following behavior one of of, by its where units or superior competent organ give administrative sanctions; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) on prevention and elimination killed facilities not complete, and disease media biological density over control standard of food production business units and business places, issued health license of; (ii) on disease media biological unified elimination killed activities organization poor, led outbreak burst caused serious consequences of; (three) approval disease media biological elimination killed service units Shi, fraud of;
    (Four) found not law made approved or business registered of units and personal, unauthorized engaged in elimination killed drug production, and business or disease media biological elimination killed activities, and not banned of; (five) found elimination killed drug production, and business units or disease media biological elimination killed service units no longer has provides conditions, and not revoked original approved of; (six) using work of will marketing elimination killed drug, and devices, seek self-interest of; (seven) other abuse, and engages in, and negligence of behavior. Article 21st impose administrative penalties, in accordance with the People's Republic of China administrative penalty provisions of that Act.
    Penalties and fines, Liaoning province, in accordance with the penalty decisions from collection of penalty provisions of the detailed rules for the implementation of separation of implementation.
                                                                              22nd article this way come into force on March 1, 2003.