Xi ' An Urban Low-Rental Housing Management

Original Language Title: 西安市城镇廉租住房管理办法

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(12th of April 7, 2003, XI ' an municipal release) first to solve the housing problems of low income family, according to the relevant regulations of the State, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second, xincheng district, lianhu district, Beilin district, Yanta district, weiyang district, baqiao District 6 district administrative (hereinafter referred to as the City District 6) low-rent housing management, these measures shall apply.
    Article town of low-rent housing in these measures refers to the Government social security for non-agricultural permanent residence registration in the lowest income families provide ordinary housing at low rents.
    Fourth municipal Bureau of land resources and House Administration is the town of low-rent housing Administrative Department, responsible for the construction of low-rent housing and management.
    Fifth source of low-rent housing: (a) the financial budget of the housing security; (b) extracted from a straight sale of public housing funds and (iii) extraction of 10% from the housing provident fund benefits; (iv) donated by Community funds.
    Sixth low-rent housing financed by the municipal Bureau of land resources and House Administration Management, storage accounts.
    Article seventh low-rent housing, including: (a) the municipal and district governments of housing for the lowest income families built or acquired, (ii) make certain public housing; (c) the lowest income households are now rented by the municipal Bureau of land resources and housing administration finds public housing; (d) donated by community housing.
    Eighth public rental housing should meet the following conditions: (a) has the city 6 non-agricultural permanent residence; (b) a certificate issued by the public service of the lowest income families proved, (iii) no families or families living area of less than 8 square meters per capita, (iv) have made outstanding contributions to the society and housing tenants with lower incomes.
    Nineth eligible under the condition of low-rent housing rental should I apply to the subdistrict office or unit where from the subdistrict office or unit where the municipal Bureau of land resources and House Administration departments unified registration.
    When applying for registration shall provide the following documents: (a) rental housing registration, (ii) domestic household register and ID card (copy) and (iii) sub-district offices and units issued by the family's housing situation description and rental housing certificates; (d) the Department proof of the lowest income families.
    Tenth article meets the conditions for low-rent housing rental, the municipal administration of land resources and Housing Department review newspaper publicity, no objection in the 30th, according to the order of its housing and registration, open and fair distribution to rent.
    11th standard low-rent housing rent by the municipal Bureau of land resources and housing management Administration published regularly every year.
    12th city land resources and House Administration shall regularly to tenant income verification, to grasp the changes.
    13th article has following behavior one of of, by city land resources and housing administration sector approved, can recovered low rent housing; (a) tenant people family income has over city minimum life guarantees line of; (ii) for no reason arrears rent cumulative up 6 months above of; (three) tenant room for no reason idle 3 months above of; (four) will low rent housing sublet of; (five) change housing uses of.
    14th Government-assigned public rental housing by the municipal Bureau of land resources and housing Administrative Department is responsible for the selection of property management, professional management.
    15th property management units of low-rent housing should be carried out in accordance with public housing repairs management maintenance, normal use of the equipment for structural safety of housing and facilities. 16th on the development and construction and the purchase of low-rent housing units on land, tax aspects of support.
    Specific references related to affordable housing policy implementation.
    According to provisions of article 17th Teng low-rent housing back formalities should wilfully put off the ban, the municipal Bureau of land resources and housing management Administration Department in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    Article 18th assigned public rental housing provided false certificates, shall be investigated for responsibility of the parties concerned, and recommends that the relevant authorities give administrative punishment to his unit leader. The 19th administrative staff abuse of low-rent housing, or engages in, the relevant authorities be given administrative sanctions.
    Constitute a crime shall be investigated for criminal liability.
    20th city counties, Lintong district, yanliang district, zhangan district of low-rent housing management may refer to these measures.
  21st article this way come into force on June 1, 2003.