Provisions On Administration Of Map Compilation And Publication Of Yunnan Province

Original Language Title: 云南省地图编制出版管理规定

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(February 21, 2003 Yunnan Province Government 1th times Executive Conference considered through March 20, 2003 Yunnan Province Government makes 116th, announced) first article to strengthening map prepared published management, guarantee map prepared published quality, specification map market order, maintenance national of sovereignty, and security and interests, for economic construction, and social development and people life service, according to People's Republic of China mapping method, and People's Republic of China map prepared published Management Ordinance (following referred to Ordinance
    ) And other related laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.
    Article published in the administrative area of the province's General maps and thematic maps (including paper maps and digital maps, multimedia map, online map map and other maps in the form of) preparation and publication of and application of the Ordinance and these regulations. Article provinces surveying and mapping Administration Department is responsible for the supervision and management of map drawing activity in the province.
    Provincial publishing competent administrative authorities and the province's surveying and mapping Administration Department is responsible for the supervision and management in map publishing activities across the province.
    , State, city and county administrative departments in charge of surveying and mapping and publication administrative departments in charge of the administrative area distribution, sales, show, published a map of regulatory work.
    Other relevant departments at the provincial level in accordance with the responsibilities under the provincial people's Government, responsible for the audit work related to professional content in the topic map.
    Fourth compilation of maps for surveying and mapping unit shall obtain the corresponding certificate.
    Map preparation activities of professional and technical personnel should have appropriate licensing conditions.
    Prepare schematic map in only, the preceding two paragraphs shall not apply.
    Article fifth drawn on the map of People's Republic of China borders and Chinese borders, countries of the world boundaries and administrative boundaries of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, shall, in accordance with the regulations provided for in sixth, seventh draw.
    Drawn on the map, State, city and county administrative boundaries, should be approved by the provincial administrative boundaries of standard descriptive drawing.
    Sixth map content shall comply with the relevant provisions of the State.
    General map should represent water, landforms, transportation, residential, administrative division, State and other factors.
    Topic map content shall be consistent with the map uses.
    Maps should indicate the map used by the deadline for current information.
    Seventh article map name must correspond with that shown with the map.
    Place names shall be in accordance with the County over names on the map of administrative departments found that the standard name JI.
    Eighth in the General may not be advertised on the map.
    In the topic map can be advertised but advertising space shall not exceed a thematic map of the layout of one-fourth.
    Advertisement on a thematic map, map compilation unit, should be obtained, after examination and approval by the Administrative Department of surveying and mapping, and then to the Administrative Department for industry and commerce-related procedures. Nineth publication and display unpublished but painted line or above the county level administrative boundaries map (including books and newspaper illustrations, hint and published maps), prior to printing, production or display of the map, shall, in accordance with the regulations and national surveying and mapping Administration Department map audit management provisions of the relevant materials and supporting documentation submitted to the maps accepted audit department audits.
    Publishing unit of the map can be sent.
    Trial materials preparation of trial-like figure in the use of geographic map relates to copyright, proof of permission from the copyright owner to use the materials shall be attached.
    Province map material of the competent Department of surveying and mapping Administration accepted the audit, you need to transfer, or transfer the audit, shall, upon receiving the approval date of the material within the 7th for transfer or transfer.
    Tenth to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan or the foreign bodies in the province show involving maps of administrative regions in Yunnan province, by the introduction of the Nineth mutatis mutandis the provisions of article approval.
    11th ads, logos, posters, movies, television, books, newspapers and periodicals in a schematic map, by producer units of introduction and trial sample sent province's surveying and mapping Administration Department sent that trial procedures. 12th provinces more competent Department of surveying and mapping Administration agreed to publish or display maps, publish the corresponding drawing. Drawing number is valid for two years.
    Within two years, Second Edition, the line drawing, content and layout changes, should be in accordance with the audit program approval again; no changes, you can no longer submit, but only if the unit shall submit samples in duplicate before you print to the original published review of Department records.
    Need to reprint after the expiry of the review, and shall expire 30th to the published record review, drawing, braided hair, drawing back.
    13th map printing enterprises should have the law of the conditions, rules and regulations, and after obtaining the license, may engage in map printing operations.
    Maps in the 30th after printing is complete, trial sample units should be submitted to the provincial administration of surveying and mapping in triplicate for filing.
    14th for breach of map compilation and publication management actions, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ordinance shall be investigated for legal responsibility.
    Ordinance of the 24th, 25th article of the administrative punishment made by the competent Department of surveying and mapping administration, can be used by local, State, and municipal and County of surveying and mapping Administration Department.
    15th in violation of the provisions of article tenth, the introduction of map showing prior approval of trial samples and other material from administrative departments above the county level, surveying and mapping shall be ordered to stop selling, displaying, the introduction unit to a fine of less than 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan in serious cases, fines of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.
    16th other violations of the compilation, distribution, sale, display, publish maps management from administrative departments above the county level, surveying and mapping shall be ordered to correct; it refuses to, the relevant units or individuals of less than 300 yuan and 3000 Yuan fines; the circumstances are serious, and 3000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.
    Other acts that violate the publication, printing management, by administrative authorities above the county level, publication shall be subject to administrative penalties.
    First two acts constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                                                              17th these provisions come into force on June 1, 2003.