Datong City People's Government On The Effective Prevention And Control Of Sars Emergency Information

Original Language Title: 大同市人民政府关于切实做好传染性非典型肺炎防治工作的紧急通告

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(April 22, 2003 4th meeting consideration of the people's Government of Datong city on April 23, 2003, Datong city people's Government, the 44th release) in order to further strengthen the prevention and treatment of infectious atypical pneumonia to ensure the health and safety of the masses. According to People's Republic of China infectious diseases control method, and public health management Ordinance, legal, and regulations of provides, special notices following: a, and levels Government must put do infectious non-typical pneumonia control work as practice "three a representative" important thought, and maintenance General people interests of major task, put important agenda, established led institutions and coordination mechanism, clear responsibility, and manpower coordination, quickly active to carried out work. All relevant departments should perform their respective duties, accountability, collaboration, closely work together to fight the epidemic.
    At all levels and all departments and units of the principal responsible comrades and comrades to stand firm in charge of epidemic prevention work, over the next period of time is allowed to go out. Second, health administrative departments at all levels must make every effort to coordinate infectious atypical pneumonia prevention, control, and medical work, timely and accurate report of epidemic situation, trends, forecasts, analysis and treatment, provide a scientific basis for government decisions.
    To set up 24-hour telephone, responsible for epidemic reporting and scheduling work.
    Three, and levels various medical disease control and health supervision institutions must strengthening outbreak monitoring, established 24 hours duty phone, timely to local health administrative sector report outbreak monitoring situation; all standing with units and community are must timely, and accurate to master where units and regional of outbreak, and timely to local epidemic sector report, effective do early found, and early report, and early isolation, and early treatment, never allows sustained reported, and omitted and concealed, or, to serious held about led of responsibility. Four, and city various II level above of hospital must established specifically of fever outpatient and isolation treatment Ward, according to first diagnosis responsibility of requirements, for found of non-typical pneumonia cases or suspected cases take closely measures, local isolation, and do treatment and outbreak report work, shall not to any reason shuffle or refused rule, or, will according to about legal, and regulations provides, on parties medical institutions and personnel for serious processing, caused serious consequences of to held criminal. For the treatment of clinically diagnosed cases require referral must be promptly transferred to the hospital for treatment.
    Where a patient referral, you must use dedicated ambulance, you will be escorted to the nearest designated hospitals.
    Five, health administrative departments at all levels to medical institutions, medical personnel and public health professionals to complete the diagnosis of SARS treatment, disinfection and isolation and personal protection services, such as training, do their best to avoid the infection of health care workers.
    Six, and levels police sector to collaborative medical institutions, on through 9 a entrance into I city of vehicles and personnel, do check, and left inspection work, prevent occurred entered sex outbreak; on has confirmed for infectious non-typical pneumonia, but refused to isolation treatment or isolation period not full unauthorized from isolation treatment and interference normal medical order of patients, to assist treatment units law be forced isolation; on draws pluck, and induced social not stable factors of personnel to law be punished.
    Seven, and railway, and highway, and bus, and passenger, sector to height attention through transport may caused infectious non-typical pneumonia spread of problem, according to State five sector notification, must established infectious non-typical patients and suspected patients left inspection station of units, to developed emergency processing plans, seriously do infectious non-typical pneumonia patients and suspected patients of left inspection observation, and isolation treatment, while to strengthening on transport and related places of disinfection and ventilation, and full tie health administrative sector carried out work, prevent occurred entered sex outbreak.
    Eight, educational administrative departments at all levels, all kinds of schools and kindergartens must take effective measures to step up the prevention and control of all aspects of the implementation, prevention of infectious atypical pneumonia in schools and kindergartens. Nine, the city for all hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and crowded public places such as waiting rooms, running in the city bus, taxi, shuttle bus and other public transport must be carried out daily preventive disinfection and enhance ventilation.
    Near future, cultural administrative departments to the city's Internet cafes, discos, dance halls and other public places of entertainment sorted is closed.
    Ten, sanitation departments at all levels to all preventive disinfection of public facilities in the city, and special medical institutions strictly according to requirements of garbage collection, sterilization, transportation and treatment, disinfection of hospital solid waste must be cleaned up after.
    Third, urban construction and Labor departments at all levels must strengthen the management of migrant workers, according to the owners, authorities checking supervision, supervision in the health sector, health monitoring of migrant workers.
    12, the tourism sector at all levels to strengthen supervision of travel agencies, guiding visitors acquire the relevant knowledge to protect visitor safety, tourism travel agencies visit affected areas is strictly prohibited.
    13, at all levels of industry and commerce, price and the pharmaceutical supervisory and administrative departments should strengthen supervision of the pharmaceuticals business unit, medicines and appliances necessary for the public to clearly, released to the public, no taking the price-gouging, once discovered, severely punished according to law.
    14, press, radio, television and other news media to strengthen publicity and positive guidance, disseminate knowledge about prevention and treatment of infectious atypical pneumonia and enhance public awareness of self-protection, eliminate fears.
    XV, where violations of the People's Republic of China Law on prevention of infectious diseases, public health regulations and other laws and regulations, the relevant executive departments and agencies shall be investigated and dealt with according to law.
                                                                        16, the notice as of the date of promulgation.