Shenzhen Fresh Produce Food Safety Regulations

Original Language Title: 深圳市鲜活农产品食用安全管理规定

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(March 29, 2002, Shenzhen Municipal People's Government at the 53rd Executive meeting announced, people's Government of Shenzhen City, April 15, 2002 the 114th) Chapter I General provisions article to enhance the agri-food safety management, prevention of agricultural products in the production, management and processing of contaminated or harmful substances, protection of human health and safety, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, Shenzhen practice, these provisions are formulated.
    Agricultural products referred to in the provisions of article, refers to formation of cultivation or farmed for human consumption of vegetables, fruits, milk, aquatic products, livestock, and livestock and poultry slaughtering.
    Food safety in these rules refers to agricultural production, operations and activities related to food safety in the process.
    Third agricultural Administration Department is responsible for the management of agricultural inputs for production, management, use, to prevention of the cultivation or farmed products, inspection and quarantine, food safety certification system establishment and management of agricultural products.
    Commercial administrative department is responsible for the circulation of agricultural products and livestock and poultry slaughtering and processing in the field of industrial management, and together with the relevant departments for the administration of agricultural products wholesale market and distribution center of agricultural products, livestock and poultry slaughterhouses managing food safety.
    Industrial and commercial administrative departments responsible for food safety management of agricultural operations, and in conjunction with the relevant administrative departments to manage the operating safety of agricultural products in the meat market.
    Health Administrative Department is responsible for the circulation of agricultural products and processed food hygiene management in the field.
    Agricultural products in quality and technology supervision departments are responsible for national standards, industry standards and local standards of organization and implementation in Guangdong Province and Shenzhen City, developing and implementing local standards for agricultural products inspection and certification body in accordance with law, audit and management.
    Environmental Protection Department is responsible for the agricultural production base of environmental protection and the State of the environment monitoring and management.
    Entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau is responsible for the import inspection and quarantine of agricultural products.
    Article development plans, planning and natural resources, finance, public security, science and technology, water supply, urban management and other relevant administrative departments within the scope of their respective duties, assists the food and safety management.
    Article fifth agricultural and sanitary supervision of inspection and quarantine institutions set up by the Administration in accordance with its functions on the production, circulation and processing agricultural products in the field of sampling.
    Established according to law and acceptable to producers and operators of other inspection bodies commissioned to examine agricultural products.
    Agricultural production units, wholesale markets for agricultural products, distribution center, manufacturing enterprises, refrigerator production and management of agricultural products by post.
    Sixth as not meeting the People's Republic of China national standard and People's Republic of China agricultural industry standards of agricultural products, carried out by the relevant administrative department ordered harmless treatment; not for treatment, should be destroyed.
    Chapter II management of the production process seventh people's Governments at various levels shall formulate agricultural production base planning consistent with food safety standards.
    Agricultural production base planning and site selection, should conform to national, provincial and Shenzhen environmental quality standards and the Shenzhen City master plan.
    Article eighth agriculture, environmental protection, water supplies and other administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to supervise the construction and management of agricultural production base and guidance.
    Nineth is forbidden to production bases of agricultural products, fisheries aquaculture and may affect agricultural production base of regional emissions of heavy metals, nitrates, oil, acids, toxic waste, radioactive waste containing pathogens, untreated sewage, harmful gases and other harmful substances, or dump, landfill waste and household waste.
    Tenth in the agricultural production process, prohibit the following acts: (a) use highly toxic, highly toxic, high pesticide residues and mixtures, (ii) the use of banned pesticides, veterinary drugs, fish medicine; (c) the use of Clenbuterol and other banned substances, (d) other acts that violate laws and regulations and mandatory standards. 11th in the production of vegetables, fruits, should be in accordance with the People's Republic of China agriculture, livestock and Fisheries Department, jointly issued by the Ministry of security provisions for the use of pesticides and the People's Republic of China Ministry of Agriculture's guidelines for the rational use of pesticides, the rational use of pesticides, agricultural growth regulators.
    Banned pesticide residues exceed the quality standard of pollution-free vegetables of the vegetable market.
    In the process of production of livestock and poultry and its products, aquatic products, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Ministry of agriculture issued guidelines on the use of veterinary drugs, feed and feed additive using the guidelines and the guidelines on fishery drugs using, rational use of veterinary drugs, fish medicine and feed additives.
    12th production unit on the production of agricultural products and issue certificates, and marked the production units and the original production base.
    13th of livestock and poultry and its products shall be approved by the supervising agencies for animal epidemic prevention and quarantine and quarantine; pass the quarantine inspection and quarantine certificates issued by the supervising agencies for animal epidemic prevention and quarantine.
    Chapter III management of process management, processing of agricultural products article 14th into the operation, processing facilities should be provided by the supplier of agricultural products agricultural product inspection and quarantine certificate or other quality certificates and marking of country of origin.
    15th article in agricultural business and processing process in the, ban following behavior: (a) business and processing contains prohibited pesticide, and veterinary drugs, and fish drug of agricultural or harmful material exceeded of agricultural; (ii) business and processing process in the joined on human health harmful of material; (three) business and processing no test, and quarantine certificate or other products certificate ming of agricultural; (four) business and processing other violation national food health management provides of agricultural.
    16th article agricultural wholesale market, and distribution center, and processing enterprise, and supermarket, and cold storage, and meat market of business units and personal, on into business, and processing site of agricultural of edible security has following responsibility: (a) established agricultural security responsibility system; (ii) identification agricultural test, and quarantine qualified card and the other products certificate Ming; (three) tie test quarantine supervision institutions on agricultural for sampling; (four) tie about administration sector on agricultural edible security for supervision check.
    17th agricultural products wholesale market, distribution center, manufacturing enterprises, cold storage should be configured the consumption and safety testing facilities, full-time staff, and the establishment of appropriate testing procedures and management systems.
    18th wholesale markets for agricultural products business unit should be established in trading places prominently publicity, publicity on the following: (a) self test failed and its operators of agricultural products, (ii) failed to pass the inspection of agricultural products and its operators; (c) the operators of substandard agricultural products processing.
    Article 19th supervising agencies for animal epidemic prevention and quarantine Sentinel poultry slaughterhouses slaughtering of livestock and poultry and its products should be subject to inspection and quarantine poultry slaughterhouse operator should be compatible with, and provide the necessary workplaces and conditions.
    20th into the slaughter of animal origin should be attached above the county level, supervising agencies for animal epidemic prevention and quarantine issued quarantine certificates, vehicle disinfection certificate.
    The fourth chapter legal liability article 21st in violation of the provisions of article sixth, not for harmless disposal or destruction, by the relevant Administrative Department for decontamination or destruction and decontamination or destruction of the product owner's expense, and penalty of between 3,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan for all products.
    22nd article violates this article Nineth, ordered by the Environmental Protection Department management, according to the Shenzhen Special economic zone on environmental protection regulations will be punished.
    23rd violates article tenth of these provisions, more than 10,000 Yuan by the agricultural Administration Department fined a maximum of 50,000 yuan.
    Article 24th of violation of the provisions of article 11th, more than 3,000 Yuan by the agricultural Administration Department fined a maximum of 20,000 yuan.
    25th article violates this article 15th, by departments of health and agriculture administration duties, fined 10,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan fine serious cases according to law should be revoked, by the industry and commerce administration departments dealt with according to law.
    26th a violation of this provision, if the circumstances are serious enough to constitute a crime, the judicial organ shall investigate its criminal responsibility.
    Violation of these provisions, causing damage, shall be liable for compensation.
    Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 27th of edible agricultural products safety management in the administrative authorities pursuant to the relevant laws, regulations and the provisions of the appropriate management approach.
                                                                                                                      28th article of the regulations come into force on July 15, 2002.