People's Government Of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, On The Modification Of The Exempted From Property Tax For Foreign Investment Enterprises Several Provisions Of The 14 Regulatory Decisions

Original Language Title: 广东省人民政府关于修改《广东省对外商投资企业征免房产税若干规定》等14项规章的决定

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(May 28, 2002, Guangdong provincial people's Government released 75th), public housing regulations in Guangdong Province (Provincial Government published on January 8, 1983, December 31, 1997, as amended) title to read: "administrative measures of Guangdong province public property."
    First, 84 or 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, in the "regulations" corresponding to "approach".
    Implementing rules for the second, the North River Grand levee management in Guangdong Province (provincial government issued May 30, 1985) 11th article is revised as follows: "violation of the rules for the implementation of the fourth to tenth, commissioned by the provincial water conservancy administrative departments of beijiang dike management in the Guangdong Province, in accordance with the regulations of the authority of the relevant provisions of".
    Third, the administrative measures of Guangdong Province, village and town ferry (Provincial Government released on September 9, 1986, revised on December 31, 1997) (a) of section 13th "operating the ferry owner of the people's insurance company to conduct insurance and passenger accident insurance" is amended as "trading ship for shipping insurance, and passengers of the ferry accident insurance".
    (B) by deleting article 30th.
    Guangdong Province, four, exempted from property tax for foreign investment enterprises several provisions (provincial government approved on March 31, 1988) article is revised as follows: "new or newly purchased real estate enterprises with foreign investment shall be exempt from property taxes for 3 years". Five, forest fire prevention measures in Guangdong Province (provincial government, published on January 26, 1990, revised on December 31, 1997) article 11th is revised as follows: "forests in our province special fire period is from September 1 to April 15 each year. Forest fire prevention publicity and education of the people's Governments at various levels shall organize regular, established duty system for forest fire prevention, forest fire prevention work ".
    In the 12th, 13, 14, 15 "forest fire" corresponding to the "forest fire." Six, levy fees for excessive emission measures for implementation in Guangdong Province (Provincial Government published on September 3, 1990, revised on April 28, 1998) (a) article Nineth is revised as follows: "the pollutant discharging units shall, on the date of receipt of the payment in the 20th to the specified bank fees.
    Late payments, daily according to the payable sewage charge amounts 15 ‰ levied late fees. "
    (B) by deleting article 14th.
    Seven, Guangdong road, waterway vessel hit the limit of operation management (Provincial Government released on March 25, 1991) by deleting article "trading cars, boat launching, and should be in accordance with the power-public transport as the main body, private and individual strength to complement State-run specialized transportation mainstay into full play the role of proportion principle in the development of arrangements".
    Forest pest and disease control measures, BA, Guangdong Province (Provincial Government published on June 25, 1991, revised on December 31, 1997) by deleting article 15th.
    Nine, the Guangdong provincial fishing license management (Provincial Government on September 25, 1992, revised on December 31, 1997) (a) by deleting the seventh paragraph (a) of the 5th "countertrade fishing vessels registered in the province."
    (B) the 18th amendment as follows: "unauthorized fishing without a permit in accordance with this approach for fishing, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Fisheries Act section 41st penalty."
    (C) by deleting article 21st.
    Relieving hardship of the ten towns of Guangdong Province construction management regulations (provincial government, published on September 10, 1994, as amended on December 31, 1997) by deleting article 16th.
    Plenary, and Guangdong Province illegal charges behavior punishment provides (provincial government May 9, 1996 approved, April 28, 1998 to 36th, provincial government makes Amendment) (a) first article modified for: "for maintenance national interests and citizens, and corporate and other organization of lawful rights and interests of, according to People's Republic of China price method, and People's Republic of China administrative monitored method, and Guangdong Province implementation straddling People's Republic of China price method approach and Guangdong Province administrative career sex charges Management Ordinance, developed this provides".
    (Ii) fifth article modified for: "on has fourth article subsection (a) to subsection (four) items behavior who, ordered its deadline corrected, will illicitly acquired returned original pay who, cannot returned of confiscated surrendered Treasury; and can on fourth article subsection (a), and (ii), and (four) items behavior who sentenced illicitly acquired amount 3 times times following fine, on fourth article subsection (three) items behavior who at 1000 Yuan following fine".
    12, environmental protection management of nuclear power plants in Guangdong Province (provincial government issued September 28, 1996) by deleting article 21st.
    Administrative measures on foreign-funded afforestation in 13, Guangdong Province (provincial government issued August 1, 1997) by deleting article Nineth.
                                14, and benefits compensation of ecological public welfare forest construction in Guangdong Province management approach (provincial government issued November 17, 1998) 11th article, by deleting "sparse remnant" and amended as: "ecological forest planning area within the boreal forest, the woodland canopy below 0.3, replanting, interplanting and renovation should be carried out."