Jilin Province Public Organizations Management Several Provisions

Original Language Title: 吉林省社会团体管理若干规定

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(December 18, 2001 Jilin Province Government 51st times Executive Conference considered through January 21, 2002 Jilin Province Government makes 135th, announced) first article to specification social groups of behavior, strengthening on social groups of management, promote social groups of health development, for social stable, and national unity, and technology progress and economic development service, according to State social groups registration Management Ordinance and national other about provides, combined this province reality, developed this provides.
    Article in within the administrative area of the province engaged in social activities and administration of the society, are required to comply with these provisions.
    Third people's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the leadership of public organizations management, and encourage and support the development of social groups, standardizing, guiding the behaviour of social groups.
    Fourth civil affairs departments above the county level people's Government is a social organization registration authority, in charge of the registration and administration of social groups within the administrative area, has the following responsibilities: (a) is responsible for the establishment of social organizations, modification and cancellation of the registration or filing, (ii) social group annual examination; (c) the supervision and inspection of social groups, administrative punishment for their misdeeds.
    Fifth article County above Government about sector and County above Government authorized of organization, as social groups of business competent units, in social groups management aspects, has following duties: (a) is responsible for social groups preparatory application, and established registration, and change registration, and cancellation registration Qian of review; (ii) supervision guide social groups comply with Constitution, and legal, and regulations and national policy, according to its articles carried out activities; (three) led supervision social groups thought political work, and party of construction, and personnel management and financial management work;
    (Four) is responsible for social groups annual check of trial; (five) approval and supervision social groups held seminar and foreign contacts, major activities; (six) review and supervision social groups accept both inside and outside donation, and funding, activities; (seven) assist registration management organ and the other about sector investigation social groups of violations; (eight) with about organ guide social groups of liquidation matters; (nine) recommended social groups Secretary-General above led members of candidates; (10) on social groups founded entity for review.
    Head of sixth unit discharge the duties provided for in article fifth shall not collect charges from social groups, and social groups must not be used for this unit or the interests of others.
    Seventh public bodies can collect and use in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State contributions, but not free to expand the range of fees, without improving standards and exceeded the limits prescribed by statute to use contributions on contributions. Article eighth administrative organ, institution or people's organization of leading cadres with administrative functions, shall not be more than social organization Secretary-General leadership positions.
    Due to special circumstances need a part-time job shall be subject to the registration authority for examination and approval, in accordance with the management of permission and approval authority for approval.
    Nineth units and individuals shall create conditions for social organizations to carry out activities, facilitate and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of social groups, it may not require the society to provide manpower, material and financial resources.
    Article tenth social groups can legally invested business entities, business income must be used for the development of social groups.
    11th head of unit in the social group found significant problems in the supervision and administration shall notify the registration authority at the same level.
    The competent business unit has completed regulations the purpose of the social groups social groups, should be written off to a sibling registration authority in a timely manner.
    Competent business unit for one year did not operate within social groups, should be withdrawn to a sibling registration authority.
    12th registering social groups approved by the registration authority for social and legal organizations, the registration authority from the date of registration shall be announced on the 30th in the public press. Article 13th social groups should consciously accept the registration authority and the competent business unit shall exercise supervision and management.
    Registered and approved community groups, from March 15 to May 31 in each year to the registration authority should be subject to annual inspections.
    14th article social groups must comply with following provides: (a) shall not altered, and rental, and lending social groups corporate registration certificate or rental, and lending social groups seal; (ii) shall not beyond registration management organ approved of business range carried out activities; (three) according to provides handle change registration; (four) shall not unauthorized established branch institutions, and representative institutions; (five) shall not directly engaged in profit sex business activities; (six) shall not violation national about provides charged costs, and raised funds or accept, and using donation, and funding;
    (VII) may be privately or misappropriate social group assets; (h) shall not refuse to accept supervision and inspection, (IX) shall not use business unit in charge of power for personal interests.
    15th head of registration administration organ shall strengthen the supervision and management of social groups guidance on fulfilling its duty of supervision and management shall be informed of the situation. 16th registration authorities for the establishment of a social organization registration and society change, cancellation and annual examination, within the time provided shall be in the following over.
    Meet the required conditions, registration or through the annual inspection; do not meet the required conditions, registration or through annual inspections, explain the reason, and notify the applicant in writing: (a) establish a registration to the 30th, (ii) change of registration, 15th; (c) the cancellation of registration, to 60 days; (d) the annual inspection, the 15th.
    17th head units do not perform functions of supervision, consequences, depending on the circumstances, the persons directly responsible, the registration authority may recommend their units, higher authorities or the relevant authorities be given administrative punishments.
    18th article violation this provides 14th article provides one of of, by registration management organ give warning, ordered corrected; can deadline stop activities, and can ordered replaced directly is responsible for of competent personnel; plot serious of, be revoked registration; constitute crime of, by judicial organ law held criminal; has illegal business amount or illegal proceeds of, be confiscated, can and at illegal business amount 1 time times above three times times following or illegal proceeds three times times above five times times following of fine.
    Article 19th without approval, social groups preparatory activities undertaken without authorization, or without registration, without authorization on behalf of the social organizations activities, and revoked the registration of social organizations to continue activities on behalf of the society by the registration authority to be banned, confiscated illegal property constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law; does not constitute a crime, they shall be given administrative penalties for public security.
    20th article has following case one of of, party can law application administrative reconsideration or filed administrative litigation: (a) think meet provides conditions, application approved, and registration or annual check, and not to approved, and registration or through annual check of; (ii) registration organ handle approved, and registration or annual check over provides term of; (three) on administrative punishment decided refuses to of; (four) legal, and administrative regulations provides can application administrative reconsideration or filed administrative litigation of other case.
    21st party registration authority of administrative penalty, within the statutory time limit, does not apply for reconsideration or sue, or carry out, made the decision of the administrative authority may apply to a court for mandatory enforcement according to law.
    22nd the registration authorities and persons directly responsible for the leadership, not complying with the provisions of the conditions and duration of registration, or abuse of power, ultra vires registration, and registration social group does not perform its functions of supervision or inadequate supervision, the violation is not investigated, by their work units, higher authorities or the competent authorities shall be given administrative sanctions.
    Article 23rd in social groups have made remarkable achievements in the work of organizations and individuals, by the people's Governments at the same level, parent registration authority or the competent business unit to recognize or reward.
                                                                                24th article of the regulations come into force on February 1, 2002.