Xi ' An City Water Resource Management Approaches

Original Language Title: 西安市水资源管理办法

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(November 13, 2002 3rd release of XI ' an municipal) first in order to meet the needs of socio-economic development and people's life, rational utilization and protection of water resources, giving full play to comprehensive benefits of water resources, in accordance with the People's Republic of China water law, the State Council of the measures for the implementation of the water licensing system and the relevant provisions of the regulations on the management of water resources in Shaanxi Province, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second, within the administrative area of the city development, utilization, protection and management of water resources, must comply with these measures.
    Third water resources in these measures refers to surface water, including hot water, mineral water, and various types of groundwater. Article fourth water resources belonged to the State.
    Without permission, no unit or individual may unlawfully development and utilization of water resources.
    Units and individuals shall acquire the usufruct of water resource and other lawful rights and interests are protected by law.
    Article fifth development, utilization, protection and management of water resources, you must do the overall planning, overall arrangement and rational development, utilization, protection, practice strict economy and provide services to the socio-economic development and people's life.
    Sixth of municipal water conservancy administrative departments are responsible for the city's integrated water resources management and protection. New town, steles, Lotus Lake new residential quarteer, Yanta, weiyang, baqiao district, in the administrative area of water resources, directly managed by the municipal water conservancy Administrative Department.
    Municipal jurisdiction of the County and the yanliang district, zhangan district, Lintong District Water Conservancy administrative departments responsible for water resources management within their respective administrative areas.
    Seventh development and utilization of water resources in water resources investigation and assessment on the basis of professional planning and integrated planning by basin or region.
    City of water resources utilization integrated planning and the (Editor Note: this word left for three points water, right for produced) River, and bahe, and Feng, and heihe, and flood River of basin integrated planning, by city water administrative competent sector with city planning, about sector and about District Government prepared, reported City Government approved, and reported province water administrative competent sector record; other river or regional of integrated planning by district, and County water administrative competent sector with planning, about sector prepared, reported district, and County Government approved, and reported city water administrative competent sector record.
    Professional planning, prepared by the municipal, district and county administrative departments, and reported to the people's Government at the same level. Eighth development and utilization of water resources should insist on open source and throttle, throttle priority principle. Industrial water reuse measures should be taken, water reuse, water into water schemes will be repeated. Agricultural water consumption, efforts should be made to develop water saving irrigation, improving irrigation water use efficiency. Water for life, through the promotion of water-saving appliances, inhibit the run, run, drip, leak, water utilization in the implementation.
    On underground water, water management should be strengthened, over planned fare increases charged fee options to promote economical use of water resources.
    Nineth any unit and individual development and utilization of water resources, must not harm the public interests and the legitimate rights and interests of others.
    Construction of the development and utilization of water resource projects, involving other regions and industries, the construction unit shall seek the views of relevant areas and departments.
    Across the districts of river and both sides one kilometer outside the County boundary between range, without the agreement, approved by the water conservancy Administrative Department, or, may unilaterally the construction and approval of drainage, water, water, water storage projects.
    Article tenth of the utilization of surface water, should take fully into account the upstream and downstream, about Bank and other interests, taking into account urban and rural domestic water, water for agriculture, industry, water and environment of water. 11th on the exploitation and utilization of groundwater, should adopt the balance, first consider environmental protection, prevention of geological disasters and expanded. In the groundwater overdraft area, should strictly control the exploitation and protection of groundwater resources.
    In the absence of measures to recharge groundwater overdraft area closure-owned wells, water is strictly prohibited. Article 12th on deep exploitation of underground water, should be strictly limited, and strengthen supervision and management. Lintong Lishan scenic area, no further expansion of geothermal water; in urban areas within the second ring road, strict control of geothermal development; development and utilization of underground hot water in other areas, should also be strictly according to the scientific planning well, prevent well-water interaction.
    Underground thermal water mixed with potable groundwater mining is strictly prohibited to prevent water pollution.
    13th cross-county river water allocation and water project water resources allocation plan, formulated by the municipal water conservancy administrative departments, and submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval before implementation.
    Article 14th water directly from rivers, lakes or underground and water licensing system, specific measures according to the State Council, and provincial, municipal water licensing regulations.
    15th new construction, renovation or expansion projects need to fetch water or increasing water intake, water conservancy administrative departments must be applied for water licensing and application for water without approval of the application, project approvals unit shall not approve the project.
    16th article has following case one of who, water administrative competent sector can on water households of take water for limit, and adjustment or stop take water: (a) natural reasons makes water water capacity reduced; (ii) social total of take water increased, and cannot in recently within another gets new of water; (three) groundwater serious Super mining or for mining groundwater occurred ground settlement; (four) for production reasons occurred water changes; (five) other special situation.
    17th direct access to surface water as well as hot water, mineral water, various types of ground units and individuals, must be paid according to the quantity of water to the water conservancy administrative departments of water resources fee.
    According to the State regulations exempt or do not need to apply for a license for water, water resource fees waived.
    Water resources fee levy received by the fiscal expenditures, for the development, utilization, management and protection of water resources and shall not be appropriated for other purposes.
    18th disputes in the development and utilization of water resources of water, shall be settled through consultation based on the principle of mutual understanding and accommodation.
    Between units and individuals, units and individual water disputes between parties through negotiation, mediation or negotiation, mediation, and may request the municipal, district and county governments or authorized by the competent authorities. City, district and county governments or authorities authorized its temporary measures to be taken when dealing with disputes, parties must comply.
    Water before a settlement of the dispute, either party may unilaterally change the status quo of water.
    The conflicts between districts and counties, through consultation, by the municipal people's Government. 19th prohibited all acts of destruction and water pollution. Living water to urban and rural residents, water drinking water protected areas should be established.
    Surface water drinking water source protection area, shall be reported by the municipal people's Government, shall be determined and published in groundwater drinking water source protected zone by the municipal, district and County shall be determined and published. 20th article any unit and individual is prohibited into seepage wells pits, sink, cracks or caves and other underground sewage.
    Prohibit the use of wastewater for irrigation.
    Directly from rivers or reservoirs and channels of sewage in the water, its setting, expansion or reconstruction of the sewage, sewage disposal unit before reporting to the Environmental Protection Department must be approved by the water conservancy administrative departments, and bear the costs of levee maintenance and management of water projects.
    Use of facilities have been built directly into rivers or water works sewage within the units and individuals, shall, within the prescribed period to register with the Department of water administration, approved its emissions by the water conservancy Administrative Department. 21st in the exploration, mining, construction of underground works or other activities, protective measures should be taken to prevent pollution and damage to water. Underground water level dropped, due to drainage depletion or collapse on the ground or in your personal life, loss of production caused by other units, the construction unit shall take remedial measures and compensate for the damage.
    Drain drain meet water quality standards for groundwater, should be used. 22nd article of the following acts in violation of these regulations, by the water conservancy administrative departments be ordered to desist from the illegal act, remedies, damages, according to relevant laws, regulations, rules and administrative penalties. Legal, and regulations, and regulations has provides of, from its provides; no specific provides of, on non-business activities, can at 1000 Yuan following fine; on is is business activities and no illegal proceeds of, can at 10,000 yuan following fine; has illegal proceeds of, can at 30,000 yuan following fine: (a) unauthorized built water engineering take water of; (ii) illegal transfer water resources development right of; (three) violation take water provides or unauthorized change take water purpose of; (four) serious Super mining groundwater and refuses to from water administrative competent sector seal stopped or limited mining provides of
    ; (Five) not by provides installation volume water facilities or paid water resources fee of; (six) with illegal means get take water right or violations others take water right of; (seven) unauthorized in river, and reservoir, and channel, and drains within set or change sewage mouth of, and using into seepage wells pits, and waste well, and sink, and fractured or cave to underground emissions sewage and with sewage for back irrigation of.
    23rd party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law, the party fails to apply for reconsideration or does not bring a lawsuit nor performs the decision, by the decision authority apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution. 24th article of the rules take effect on October 1, 2002.
                                              Promulgated in 1997, the XI ' an city of underground hot water resource management approaches repealed simultaneously.