Xi ' An Obstacle-Free Facilities Construction Regulations

Original Language Title: 西安市无障碍设施建设管理规定

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(August 1, 2002, XI ' an Executive meeting of the municipal people's Government, the 7th through August 26, 2002 2nd release of XI ' an municipal), barrier-free facilities, first to strengthen the construction and management, promote social civilization and progress, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of the city, renovation and expansion of the public buildings, residential buildings, residential, urban roads (including square, public green spaces, parks, pedestrian overpass, a pedestrian underground passage crossing the street, the same below), train stations, long-distance bus station, Metro station and major tourist attractions, attractions and other construction projects, the creation of barrier-free facilities.
    Barrier-free facilities in these rules refers to persons with disabilities, the elderly, the injured and the safe passage and use of children and other vulnerable groups to facilitate, in the provisions of the preceding paragraph supporting the construction of building engineering services.
    Article city and county governments within the administrative area of barrier-free facilities construction and management direction and oversight responsibilities, municipalities and counties work for disabled persons in accordance with the relevant provisions of the administrative area of barrier-free facilities construction and management.
    Planning, construction, city planning, landscape, tourism, trade, public security, transportation and other sectors, shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities of barrier-free facilities planning, design, construction, maintenance and use of supervision and management.
    Article fourth design of barrier-free facilities, must comply with the State of the urban roads and building of barrier-free design standard requirements.
    Fifth planning administrative departments in the review unit to the application project, design programmes such as expansion, on the design of barrier-free facilities are not in accordance with the regulations, construction project planning permit not be issued.
    Planning administrative departments should strengthen supervision and inspection of planning projects and correct construction of barrier-free facilities and investigated and dealt with according to the provisions.
    Sixth construction units must be in conformity with the approved design files, supporting the construction of barrier-free facilities.
    Article seventh construction administrative departments in reviewing the preliminary construction projects design and construction drawing design, not required to have barrier-free facilities under construction, not to be granted construction permits. Eighth section of barrier-free facilities in the context of urban road maintenance, according to city facilities maintenance division of road and traffic signs and signals, respectively municipal public security and traffic management departments.
    Other buildings construction of barrier-free facilities maintenance, authorized by the building owner or Manager is responsible for.
    Barrier-free facilities maintenance responsible shall, in accordance with the provisions of the barrier-free facilities for maintenance and repairs, ensure that the normal use of barrier-free facilities.
    Nineth of urban public buildings have been built in barrier-free access, parking, building access, Elevator, private bathroom (toilet), the location of wheelchair accessibility, and trend, the owner or authorized operator shall set the barrier-free universal signs.
    Article tenth no damages, encroachment of barrier-free facilities, change in use of barrier-free facilities is strictly prohibited.
    Due to exceptional circumstances temporary occupation of urban road while consuming barrier-free facilities, must be approved by the relevant departments according to law, and occupied by the road warning signs and signal facilities are in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    Article 11th has built public buildings, residential, city roads, tourist attractions, the area does not have barrier-free facilities under construction, the owner or authorized business manager shall create conditions and alterations. 12th of municipal and district and County work for disabled persons in accordance with the provision of barrier-free facilities construction and management supervision. Identified problems can be managed according to the following Division of responsibilities to the departments.
    Relevant authorities after receiving the reflected, should be promptly investigated and processed results to the city, County, or district disability institutions.
    (A) the construction of the building, rebuilding, expansion, construction unit without changing the design, by the Administrative Department of planning according to the relevant provisions of the State; not required to have barrier-free facilities under construction, by construction Administrative Department in accordance with relevant State regulations.
    (B) for illegal use, damage city roads within the barrier-free facilities, handled by the Municipal Administration Department; damaged traffic signs and signals, the public security traffic management departments.
    (C) the unauthorized appropriation of barrier-free facilities in the context of urban roads, or, having approved a temporary occupation but without complying with the provisions set up warning signs and signal facilities, handled by the municipal or public security traffic Administrative Department.
                                                              13th article of the regulations come into force on September 10, 2002.