Qingdao Sports Management

Original Language Title: 青岛市体育竞赛管理办法

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(March 18, 2002 the 3rd meeting of the people's Government of Qingdao consideration on April 8, 2002, people's Government of Qingdao City, 135th published) first to regulate competition, promote the development of sport in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the municipality, these measures are formulated.
    Article sports in these measures refers to international sports organizations identified and sport administrative departments under the State Council of sports and ethnic and folk traditional sports items for the content of the integrated or individual sports activities.
    Article within the administrative area of the city holding sports competitions of the following procedures apply: (a) entry fees, tickets or advertising revenue, (ii) uses its own money-oriented society, and (iii) donations or sponsorship.
    Fourth municipal sports administration is the sports administrative departments, municipal and district (City) sports Administrative Department in accordance with the limits of authority is responsible for the supervision and administration of athletic competition.
    Industry and commerce, public security, health, tax and audit departments according to their respective duties, in collaboration with good management of sports competition.
    Article fifth sports contests implementation of the registration system.
    Organizing sports contests, sports competitions the sponsor must register with the sports Administrative Department.
    Sixth held city-wide (districts, cities) sports, registered by the municipal sports administration.
    Organizing the district (municipal) competition by the district (City) sports administration registration.
    Seventh International and national and provincial sports competitions, apart from the legally must register with the relevant authorities, and the sponsor should also be submitted to the municipal sports administration departments.
    Eighth article sports held people should has following conditions: (a) can independent bear civil responsibility; (ii) has and race scale phase adapted of places, and facilities and equipment; (three) has and race project and race scale phase adapted of professional technology and management personnel; (four) has race procedures and organization implementation programme; (five) has and race scale phase adapted of funding; (six) legal, and regulations provides of other conditions. Nineth article held people declared sports, should Yu race held 30th Qian submitted following material: (a) application table; (ii) held people registration registered of proved material; (three) race places using letter of intent; (four) race equipment and facilities of situation proved; (five) Referee of basic situation and proved material; (six) race procedures, and organization implementation programme; (seven) sports funding source and funding budget report; (eight) Sports of security and medical guarantees measures and the emergency programme; (nine) lift
    Sports competitions, by country, province, should be approved by the provincial sports administration departments at or above the relevant provisions shall submit the relevant documents of ratification.
    Organization of shooting, archery, aviation, hot air balloons, martial arts, boxing, free combat, chariot racing, bungee jumping, Marathon and other intense, dangerous sport projects shall also submit the feasibility report. Article tenth sports Administrative Department shall, from the date of receipt of the request for registration in the 15th to grant registration or registration decisions.
    To meet the conditions to grant registration as provided herein, to the sports registration; does not meet the conditions of this Regulation shall not be registered, it shall explain the reasons and inform the applicant in writing.
    11th law or rules and regulations organizing sports competitions are required under any procedure such as policing, fire services, the applicant shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions. After registration, the 12th sport should not be changed.
    Held held for some reason really necessary to change race and race registration of name, time, location, or any other, should be held in the race 10th to register the change with the original registration authority and to society announcements.
    13th sponsor for some reason need to cancel the competition, apart from the outside shall be announced to the public, it should be law to clean up the debt, and to the registration office for registration.
    14th sport administrative departments should strengthen the sports contest of guidance and supervision, check sports contests in complying with the laws, rules and regulations.
    Article 15th sports inspectorate system.
    Inspectors from city and district (City) sports administration sent, is responsible for supervision and inspection in this area in the various sports competitions held saifeng, JI and the match referees implementing rules of the situation.
    16th to participate in sports coaches, players and referees shall comply with sportsmanship, to ensure fair play.
    Prohibited the use of doping, fraud, favoritism, gambling or other illicit activities.
    After grant registration, the 17th competition, shall not be charged for advertising, sponsored and entry fee.
    18th organized general sports, its market-regulated prices ticket fees; major Government pricing, charges for special sports competition, fees approved by the charging unit prices.
    Non-profit organization sports contests such as public institutions, social groups, charging a fee, in addition to implementing the provisions of the preceding paragraph, a management fees should also permit.
    Article 19th organised fund-raising competition, the sponsor must send in their financial budget report sports administration departments.
    Organised fund-raising income of sports, except in accordance with a documented race funding budget to pay the necessary costs, must be delivered from a donated human.
    Social Welfare organized a fundraising competition shall be approved by the civil affairs departments.
    Article 20th sports sponsor in front of sports contests, tickets printed formalities should be to the tax authorities and pay taxes according to law.
    Article 21st sponsor must within 30th on the closing date of the competition, Sports Administration Department competition summary, books, race results and race the race order financial report on the accounts.
    22nd may entrust a qualified to host the Sports Sports Sports Agency-specific organizations, but the two sides shall conclude a contract, clear rights and obligations. 23rd competition organizer should consciously accept the sports administrations and inspectors ' supervision and inspection.
    Sport inspectors at the time of inspection, shall produce certificates.
    24th article has following behavior one of of, by sports administrative sector give warning, ordered deadline corrected, and can sentenced 20000 Yuan following fine: (a) without registration, unauthorized held sports race activities of; (ii) without registration, unauthorized for advertising publicity, accept sponsored or charged registration fee of; (three) not according to has registration of sports race procedures and implementation programme organization sports of; (four) unauthorized change sports registration matters of; (five) will fundraising sex sports income moved for he with of.
    25th sponsor use of sports gambling activities, by the public security organs ordered to stop illegal activities, and in accordance with the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishments Ordinance penalties constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Article 26th think sports Administrative Department's violations of the legitimate rights and interests of a specific administrative act may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
    27th sports administrative law enforcement abuse, malpractice, negligence, by their work units or by the competent authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
        28th article of the measures introduced on May 8, 2002.