Implementation Measures For The Radio Management In Hubei Province

Original Language Title: 湖北省无线电管理实施办法

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(May 14, 2003 Standing Committee of the Hubei provincial people's Government to consider May 23, 2003 order No. 245 of Hubei Province announced) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the radio management, maintaining the order of radio, and efficient use of radio frequencies and satellite orbit resources, guarantee the normal progress of various radio services, in accordance with the People's Republic of China of the radio regulations (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) and the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Article in this province is set, use the radio (station) (hereinafter referred to as radio stations), the development, production, import and sale of radio transmitting equipment, as well as the industrial, scientific, medical, radiation, such as radio waves information technology units and individuals of non-radio equipment, you must comply with these measures.
    Radio management do not apply to the practices of the military system.
    Third radio station mentioned in these measures refers to fixed, mobile, radio, television, radar, navigation, positioning and other radio communication services and radio astronomy operations the transmitting device, receiving device, or a combination (including ancillary equipment).
    Fourth State of radio frequency resources and satellite orbit resources, applying the principle of unified planning, management and compensation for the use.
    No unit or individual may appropriate, or illegal use of radio frequencies and satellite orbit resources.
    Fifth provincial radio management of radio management institution in charge of the province.
    Provincial radio management institution established by the Agency, according to the administrative division of radio management functions.
    Relevant departments of the people's Governments above the county level shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities with radio regulation institutions and make the radio management.
    Chapter II administration of radio units and individuals of the sixth set, using radio, to the provincial radio management institution or its agency, submit a written application and the necessary technical information and procedures set by the regulation and approval procedures, obtaining a radio licence.
    Seventh article set, and using radio should has following conditions: (a) radio equipment meet national standards; (ii) operation personnel familiar radio management of about provides, through national exam, made operation radio qualification; (three) has necessary of radio network design programme and meet economic reasonable of principles; (four) work environment security reliable, set Taiwan units or personal has corresponding of management measures. Eighth article application set radio, should provides following information: (a) personal set radio of, should submitted written application and I ID copies a type two copies; (ii) units set radio of, submitted this units written application report; (three) using national radio management institutions delegate State about sector refers to distribution frequency set radio of, or using military frequency set place radio of, should submitted State about sector or PLA radio management institutions of frequency using documents,
    And in province radio management institutions or its sent institutions handle set Taiwan procedures, received radio license; (four) in ship, and locomotive, and aircraft Shang set standard radio of, should submitted and radio about of technology information, to province radio management institutions handle registered registration procedures, received radio license; (five) set amateur radio Taiwan of, should holds approval permission of radio movement Association approval pieces.
    Nineth article set using radio, by following program handle approval procedures: (a) application set using radio, by territorial management of principles, to radio management institutions declared; (ii) set radio of units or personal fill in set radio (station) application table; (three) radio management institutions pre refers to distribution frequency; (four) set radio of units or personal by pre refers to distribution frequency for necessary of technology design, and issued radio launches equipment model approved card; (Five) radio management institutions on technology design programme review qualified Hou, issued approved file; (six) try run 30-90 day, by radio management institutions organization acceptance qualified Hou, issued radio license; (seven) set using public business mobile terminal, and micro-power radio launches equipment of units and personal, not needed handle radio approval procedures, but should using by national radio management institutions approved of equipment.
    Business mobile devices using the public, also must comply with the provisions of the information industry Department for network access license procedures; (VIII) radio set using the public, do not need to go through the established procedures, but the communication quality is not affected by the radio authority for protection. Tenth, where approved settings using radio and development, production, import radio transmitting equipment of the units and individuals shall pay the costs associated with radio management.
    Except for the national relief operations. Radio management fees include: radio frequency resource usage fees, registration fees and equipment fees.
    Radio management fees charged, construction and operation of facilities for radio management and radio management in scientific research. 11th in case of emergency rescue and disaster relief, civil air defense, dealing with emergencies that threaten people's life and property security, you can temporarily enable unauthorized set of radio equipment, but should be promptly reported to the provincial radio management institution or local agency.
    The temporary use of radio transmission equipment should be approved by the Radio Authority type. 12th radio station legal use, shall not exceed the radio licence is valid.
    Effective date if you want to continue to use, radio licenses expire on 30th to original radio licenses issued by the Agency to go through the relevant formalities. 13th approved using the radios, the work should be in accordance with the approved project may not send signal has nothing to do with the work.
    Absolutely necessary to change the project, should be made to the approved bodies to handle the change.
    Radio regulatory agencies to set, use various types of radio stations provide for detection.
    Article 14th radio scrapped or inactive, should be filed to the original set of radio management bodies, and returned licence scrap, deactivated, or temporarily deactivate the radio station and its equipment in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    Disabled-enabled radio, should be established again for approval.
    In urban planning in the 15th set microwave stations, radar stations, large satellite earth stations, broadcasting shortwave radio transmitter as well as the more than 150W fixed radio stations must comply with town planning.
    Administrative Department for urban planning in the planning of high-rise buildings, site selection, site shall obtain the consent of its radio regulatory agencies have agreed to protect significant radio and microwave channels were built.
    16th no unit or individual shall not allow the set of buildings, towers, mountains and other locations, the use of radios.
    In the limit of high towers, mountains and other locations, the use of radios, must comply with the relevant provisions of the State.
    Does not allow establishment of stations and limit of buildings, towers, mountains of specific locations, by the radio authority determined in accordance with local conditions and electromagnetic compatibility, and made public, while State radio regulatory filings.
    In the limit of high towers, mountain sites accepted sets the radio ownership or management units, subject to the radio authority filing procedures.
    Buildings, towers, mountain property units or administrative units shall provide radio sets to the Radio Authority, under the supervision and inspection of the radio management.
    Chapter III article 17th provincial radio management of radio frequency management body and its agencies by setting permission on assigned radio frequencies.
    Radio frequency resources and satellite orbit resources by setting permission can take administrative examination and approval, tender, auction or other means to determine the frequency of use.
    Direct and relevant departments of the central authorities in Hubei, State radio regulatory agency assigned to the Department's frequency and frequency planning, and submitted to the provincial radio management institution for the record.
    Article 18th assignment and frequency of use must comply with the provisions of relevant national frequency management. Have been assigned frequencies, State modified frequency allocations, or need to adjust the frequency planning of national interest and frequency allocation plan, radio regulation institutions and can be adjusted. When radio management decided to adjust the frequency of use, should be announced in advance, inform the frequency user-related matters.
    Frequency must be adjusted, within the time limit set by the frequency of use.
    Already assigned frequency, does not meet the requirements of country is configured or original design requirements, the Radio Authority is entitled to recover.
    Expiry of the frequency used, need to continue to use, should go through the renewal process. Any unit and individual, without approval of the Radio Authority, it may not use, alter, transfer frequency.
    Prohibition or disguised letting frequency.
    19th because of national security and vital task requires an implementation of the radio control.
    Radio control commands, controls 72 hours ago issued by the provincial people's Government. Radio control by the military authorities, local radio organization.
    Radio control should ensure that complete the task under strict control control frequency, place and time.
    When the radio control is implemented, with radio transmission equipment, radio equipment and other radiation units and individuals, subject to regulatory requirements, shall not be delayed for any reason, refused to execute control commands.
    Time after which a control provided in the command control, control orders at the time of termination as provided for automatic discharge, does not provide for the end of time, organs of control orders deregulation order issued by the Publisher.
    20th to set up a radio station, radio management should protect its frequency from harmful interference.
    When using exposed, radio management should coordinate and investigate in a timely manner. The fourth chapter of radio transmitting equipment development, production, import and sale of 21st in the development, production, import and sales of radio transmission equipment, the working frequency, frequencies and the technical specification shall conform to the national standard and the relevant provisions of the radio management.

    22nd the development of radio transmission equipment, must fill out the application form for the development of radio transmission equipment, approval documents, and submit feasibility reports and related technical information, review by the provincial radio management bodies, reported State radio regulatory authority for approval.
    23rd in this province in the production of radio transmitting equipment, radio management institution by the province for examination and then reported to State radio regulatory agency approval. 24th article import radio transmitting equipment (including parts, assemblies), are required to have a State radio regulatory agencies of the radio transmission equipment type approval certificate issued by and approval code, submitted to the provincial radio management bodies for approval, made of the radio equipment into the review documents.
    The customs of the radio equipment in reviewing documents to be released.
    25th in the development, production and sales of radio transmitting equipment, effective emission test is required, shall set the radio approval process to the radio regulatory agency established temporary procedures.
    Industrial, scientific, medical and information technology such as radio wave radiation of radio transmitting equipment must conform to state regulations shall not cause radio interference to radio services.
    Fifth chapter radio monitoring and supervision check 26th article province radio stations and the around radio stations is radio management of technology institutions, is responsible for on radio frequency and satellite track resources of using situation and the has approved of radio of work situation for monitoring; find without approved using and violations using of radio and the radio interference source; on radio launches equipment of main technology index and industrial, and science, and medical, and information technology, non-radio equipment of radio radiation for detection.
    Radio stations found in radio interference radio monitoring, or upon receipt of a report, complaints of radio interference, it shall find the interference source, take effective measures to eliminate them; find approved work project of the illegal setting or changing radio stations, radio management institution shall promptly report.
    27th the Governments at various levels to the radio monitoring network infrastructure in and around the electromagnetic environment protection.
    Radio stations shall be set to affect radio monitoring around tall buildings and radio stations.
    28th provincial radio management institution and its agencies shall establish a radio inspector, to supervise and inspect the work of radio management.
    29th article province radio management institutions and sent institutions law on set using radio and development, and production, and imports, and sales radio launches equipment and using radiation radio of non-radio equipment for supervision check Shi, right to take following measures: (a) for site check, and Forensics; (ii) requirements was check units and personal provides about material and file; (three) asked party and witnesses, making asked record; (four) for technical interference;
    (E) to hold or detain the illegal use of radio transmission equipment.
    Sixth chapter penalty provisions article 30th violates these rules, People's Republic of China administrative penalties had been made provisions of the radio regulations, from its provisions.
    31st article violates these rules, set, using radio to provide places for the unauthorized, granted by the Radio Authority warned that a rectification; fails to mend, and fined 1000 Yuan fine. Article 32nd was not required to pay radio frequency occupation fee, ordered to pay unpaid 6 months overdue, will be assigned in the frequency back.
    Radio management of radio frequency occupation fee arrears by the province or its agencies apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution. Article 33rd radio management neglects his duty, abuse of power, favoritism, given criticism by organization or authority, administrative sanctions.
    Constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 34th these measures shall take effect on July 1, 2003.
                        Provincial radio management in Hubei Province issued on March 17, 1987 of the interim measures shall be annulled.