Administrative Measures On Market Access For Agricultural Products In Dalian City

Original Language Title: 大连市农产品市场准入管理办法

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(May 29, 2003, Dalian City people's Government 9th Executive session on May 29, 2003, Dalian City people's Government released 29th) article to promote the production of non-pollution agricultural products in the city, improving the quality of agricultural products and market competitiveness, consumer safety protection of urban and rural residents, according to the relevant regulations of the State Council and the provincial government, these measures are formulated.
    II agricultural products mentioned in these measures refers to formed by the growing or rearing, raw or primary processing, available for human consumption of vegetables, fruit, aquatic products and livestock products.
    Market access in these measures refers to the certification of pollution-free agricultural products, green food, organic food and has been tested in accordance with national, provincial and municipal quality and health and safety requirements of agricultural products, to be admitted to the market management; without the certification of agricultural products or not qualified, forbidden to enter the marketing sales management system.
    Third article this regulation is applicable within the administrative area of Dalian City engaged in the sale of agricultural products market.
    Article fourth Dalian City agricultural product quality safety management work group (hereinafter referred to as leading group) led the city's market access for agricultural products, set up under the Office (located in rural economic development board) is responsible for the market access of agricultural products, coordinate and guide the work of the organization.
    Counties (cities), the District Government, Dalian Economic and technological development zones, bonded areas, Golden Pebble Beach National holiday resort, high-tech industrial park (hereinafter the pilot zone) Management Committee, in accordance with the unified plans of the leading group, do a good job within the assigned area of agricultural market access.
    Fifth departments shall, in accordance with responsibilities and the following Division of labor, supervision, management of the agricultural market access: rural economics and Management Department is responsible for agricultural products to enter the market first production areas supervisory, production bases and rural origin wholesale market agricultural products quality and safety inspection mechanism established and perfected.
    Municipal commercial Department is responsible for the administration of commodity circulation industry to guide urban market agricultural products quality and safety inspection mechanism established and perfected.
    Municipal administration for industry and commerce is responsible for enter the circulation of agricultural products quality safety supervision and management, and to investigate and punish counterfeit and shoddy farm products, as well as national and local mandatory standards of quality and safety of agricultural products.
    The City Health Department is responsible for the health and safety of agricultural products to market checks and supervision.
    City of quality and technical supervision Department is responsible for the Organization of local agricultural standards technical specifications development, filing and publishing work, and supervision of the implementation of the standards in conjunction with the agriculture sector.
    City Environmental Protection Department is responsible for the quality of agricultural products production and pollution monitoring management.
    Marine fishery waters and Fisheries Department is responsible for the supervision and management of the production environment.
    Entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Liaoning province responsible for the entry inspection and quarantine of agricultural products, and supervision and management.
    Sixth article in accordance with the unified plan, step by step, step by step, and constantly improve the principles, implementing agricultural products market access system.
    First implementation of access to markets for large agricultural products wholesale market, urban shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, markets and cities and counties in the area specializing in the wholesale market. First type and detection of agricultural products market access key as follows: vegetables, fruits, and livestock products.
    Vegetables, fruit focused on detection of organophosphate and carbamate pesticide residues, livestock point sampling of clenbuterol hydrochloride in pork (commonly known as lean) banned substances.
    Scope, type and detection of other agricultural products market access priorities by the municipal leading group to society announcements gradually.
    Seventh of municipal and County (City), the district people's Government, the pilot area management, should establish and improve the quality and safety system of compulsory inspection, testing, form agricultural producers, dealers and markets operate strictly checked, commissioned the social intermediary inspection authorities and law enforcement agencies oversee the inspection and testing system of combining sampling.
    Eighth agricultural production should strictly rational use of agricultural inputs in accordance with the relevant provisions of environmental standards and related technical specifications and product production, from production to ensure quality and safety of agricultural products, and rapid test self test before product launch. Nineth certified agency certification of agricultural products, including organic food, green food and pollution-free agricultural products and market inspection system, with certification and logo directly into the market.
    Foreign entry listed by certificate of entry inspection and quarantine of agricultural products into the market.
    Tenth article by rural economic management sector finds of no pollution-agricultural production base of products and implemented Sentinel slaughter and made quarantine certificate of livestock, implemented cable card sampling system, by origin finds certificate and recently products detection certificate Ming (livestock by sentinel slaughter seal and quarantine certificate) can directly into market sales; no recently products detection qualified proved of, for site sampling, qualified rear can into market sales.
    Other provinces and cities into the marketing of animal products (including animals and animal products), need to apply to the local animal epidemic prevention supervision institution in advance, approved an "animal and animal product purchasing permit" before the redeployment.
    11th agricultural products that is not certified or recognized, the implementation of field detection system, run by the market after passing the test, allowed to enter the market. 12th market to establish agricultural product validation, testing and system of agricultural products quality safety notices, the establishment of drug residue testing rooms and professional staff, advanced inspection, detection methods, techniques and equipment, and on agricultural products entering the market before the PIN verification and testing.
    Disagrees with the results of agricultural products, to entrust a qualified product quality inspection institutions to conduct quantitative analysis and published results listed in a timely manner.
    13th market on market access for agricultural products for testing, sample test results are weak, dealers of agricultural products should be warned, remains weakly positive for the second time, stopping entering transactions a week; strong positive sample test results, referred to the industrial and commercial administrative law enforcement departments. 14th industrial and commercial administrative departments should conduct supervision and inspection of agricultural products entering the market, sampling of suspected substandard agricultural products, field monitoring should be made and seized on the spot, and sent in a timely manner qualified product quality inspection agency review, review for qualified, immediate lifting of compulsory administrative measures.
    Quality and technology supervision departments dealing with agricultural pesticide residues and to regularly check the content of harmful substances, discovered the problem in time.
    15th of municipal leading Group Office, to organize a relevant law enforcement departments for joint checks on the origin and market, spot checks and handle regularly and published on product quality management of production base and outstanding market, awarded the "agricultural products in Dalian City quality trustworthy organization".
    16th agricultural production bases and markets staff, municipal leading Group Office of Organization for the harmonization of business training, and certified upon examination. Article 17th logo, sign market access of agricultural products management.
    Can packaging of agricultural products, grading packaging market, and indicating the origin and producer on the packaging (dealers) name; not listed on the package on the counter, indicating the origin and producer (dealers) name.
    Article 18th market should establish pollution-free agricultural products, green food and organic food distribution counter, the implementation of high quality and high price. Article 19th market access for agricultural products, agricultural products quality and safety traceability system should be implemented.
    Producer to Distributor, distributor to the consumer, on its production and sales of agricultural products quality safety commitment.
    City information network should be established in the Office of the leading group, promptly posted on the agricultural production base and market inspection results.
    20th product dealers to strengthen its interface with production plants or producers, signed "marketing straight hanging" contract, agricultural products quality safety responsibilities, establish a relatively stable relationship between supply and demand of production and marketing.
    Article 21st disobey article eighth, agricultural producers in the production process using the State banned pesticides, veterinary drugs, aquaculture drugs, feed and feed additives, be warned by the rural economy Department, ordered to stop using, and can be fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan and in serious cases, fined a maximum of up to 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan.
    22nd disobey article 12th, market who do not have the quality and safety testing equipment, professional staff, or failing to establish appropriate testing procedures and management systems, be warned by the business sector in conjunction with the industrial and commercial administrative departments, order the rectification; refuses, by the Administrative Department for industry and Commerce fined 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.
    23rd violates article 13th in these measures, market for drug residues over poor management of agricultural products into market transactions, be warned by the Administrative Department for industry and commerce, and rectification are serious, and fined 1000 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan fine.
    24th disobey 17th article listed on the packaging of agricultural products, not indicating the origin and producer on the packaging (dealers), as well as agricultural products without packaging, not listed on the counter indicating the origin and quality of security responsibility, the Administrative Department for industry and commerce shall order rectification, refuses, fined 500 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan fine.
    25th identified in industrial and commercial administrative departments to the sampling of unqualified products, ordering harmless treatment of its dealers, not for treatment, should be destroyed, and may, if the circumstances below 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine.
    Article 26th violated these measures involve other administrative departments, which shall be punished according to laws, rules and regulations or deal with.
    27th market and supervise law enforcement personnel negligence, abuse of power, favoritism, bribes, by their work units or higher administrative authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
                                                                                                    28th article of the rules take effect on July 1, 2003.