Shijiazhuang Risk Management Measures For The Implementation Of The Amendments

Original Language Title: 石家庄市危险房屋管理实施办法修正案

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(March 25, 2003 in Shijiazhuang city people's Government Executive meeting of the 2nd review on May 8, 2003 128th in Shijiazhuang city people's Government announced), name changed to the Shijiazhuang municipal housing management of security.
    Second, the original article "to strengthen risk management in our city, and protect the lives and safety, promoting effective use of housing, according to the Ministry of construction, the city of dangerous buildings regulations" amended to read "to strengthen the security management, guarantee the safe use of housing, social public interests, in accordance with national laws and regulations, and provincial and municipal regulations".
    Third, the original article "these measures apply to town within the administrative area of the city of houses and outbuildings" amended to read "within the administrative area of the city has been built using a variety of housing and ancillary buildings (except for the villagers ' houses on the land), and its owners, users, business managers and other interested persons shall comply with these measures."
    Four, new article "building safety management should be implemented in accordance with use, periodic inspection, prevention and treatment, principle of ensuring security." Five, by deleting the original article "dangerous housing in these measures refers to due to uneven ground settlement ... ...
    Cannot guarantee the lives and safety of housing ". Six, the original article into a fourth, the first paragraph is amended as "management of municipal real estate administration is the city's housing security Administrative Department." Modify the second paragraph as "County (municipality) regional housing authority or designated departments are responsible for the area of safety management for housing and businesses accept the municipal real estate administration guide. High technology industries development zones, real estate, real estate management sector in terms of reference of the authority, responsible for security management within their respective jurisdictions. "
    Addition of a third paragraph "planning, construction, urban management, public security and fire departments for industry and commerce shall be in accordance with their respective responsibilities, relevant to safety management for housing".
    Seven new "chapter II general provisions". Eight, add two, as the fifth and sixth section: (a), "the owners, users and business managers are responsible for housing use safety, damage found timely maintenance, security architecture and building stability and the normal use of equipment and facilities. "(Ii)" public houses sold at a national housing reform policy, prior to setting up the Commission, its property unit shall be responsible for the safety management for housing, maintenance and management and organization.
    After setting up the Commission, by the owners ' Committee is responsible for the safe management of housing ". Article nine, the fifth "users should care and correct use of the Housing Authority for housing, not without changing the nature, structure, or Super loads, may refuse or obstruct the housing repairs and safety checks" is amended as "residential housing shall not be arbitrarily changed the nature of housing, need to change, shall be submitted to the Planning Department for approval. Involving changes in main or significantly increased the House load of the structure of the premises and shall at the same time with the consent of area security management security of housing's authorization. Involved Chengguan, and fire management of, according to about provides handle ", and" housing using people needed change housing original using nature of, should consent of housing all or business management people of agreed ", and" for decorative decoration, behavior needed changes housing subject structure or obviously increased housing load contains of, according to decorative decoration management of about provides handle "and the" housing all, and using people should love and right using housing, shall not refused to, and block housing of security checks, and active tie about sector well maintenance and governance ", as seventh article, and
    Article eighth, 15th.
    Ten, added three as the Nineth to 11th. (A) and the "Nineth bar set in the building towers, billboards, and other large facilities, the facility owner shall enter into a written agreement with the owner or management of housing people, specify the rights, obligations and responsibilities of both parties. Which belong to markedly increase housing load, safety appraisal for facility owners should apply for housing, House approval of the Security Administration and jurisdiction, can be set.
    Related to urban management, planning, fire management, in accordance with the relevant regulations. " (B), the "tenth prohibits the following acts affecting the safety of housing: a roof, terrace buildings or structures built without authorization; second placed at the roof, Interior and balcony Super load; three in the Interior installation of power, pressure equipment; four other acts against safety of buildings.
    "(C)," the 11th house owner, use, management and residential property company has the obligation to supervise the acts of house demolition, does not meet safety requirements, should be stopped and reported to the area security management ".
    Third, new "Chapter House security check".
    12, and original fourth article into 12th article, by deleting to "(including escrow people, and national authorized of State-owned housing and subsidiary buildings of management people)", increased "using people and business management people", "strengthening" to "regularly", "housing" Hou by deleting to "and the subsidiary buildings of", increased "for", "guarantee its normal using and security" to "ensure housing of security using". 13, the former 27th article, second paragraph into the 13th, 14. Two paragraph in the "housing sector" to "the County (City), and district housing security management sector", first paragraph in the "regularly" to "focus", "area within of" to "town various dangerous old", "housing" Hou increased "and subsidiary facilities", by deleting to "in disaster sex weather more sent season before and after, should organization housing all on town dangerous housing for focus check, and governance, ensure personal, and property security", increased "found hidden, should issued housing hidden notice. Homeowners or use shall, in accordance with the housing problems matter set out in the notice. "
    In the second paragraph of "establishment" after deleting "and improvement of risk", "archives" to "security", by deleting "timely", add the words "sound dangerous and old houses archives," and "to stop irregularities and punished."
    Under article 14, to add a 16th "safety appraisal of City Housing Authority is responsible for the city's housing agency qualification validation". Article XV, the original seventh to 18th.
    "The Shijiazhuang City Housing Authority housing security and authentication institution" is amended as "safety identification of municipal housing agency", by deleting "hereinafter institution", "City" to "City", "counties and rural and mining areas" with the words "counties (cities), mining areas". 16, the original article to article 17th.
    "Some" to "specific" and "operations" with the words "eligibility".
    Article 17, by deleting the former Nineth "housing owners, occupiers and the adjacent units or individuals, finds its ownership, use and neighbouring houses in a dangerous State, endangering personal and property security, should apply to the leased premises identification safety appraisal of housing." 18, by deleting the original article tenth "tube housing by housing management Department found unit within their respective jurisdictions ... ...
    Require identification of parts ".
    19, added three as the 19th to 21st.
    (A), and "19th article has following case one of of, housing all, and using people must application housing security identification: straddling a demolition housing subject structure or obviously increased housing load contains of; straddling II spread out or transformation reinforcement balcony of; straddling three dangerous old housing reinforcement of; straddling four original housing to public entertainment of; straddling five housing security management sector issued hidden notice, and clear should identification processing of".
    (B), "article 20th adjoined the homeowners, people believe that improper use of the adjacent houses owner-occupied housing safety could be compromised, or that the project could damage the owner-occupied housing under construction, may apply for a housing safety assessment".
    (C), "21st accreditation bodies may receive administrative, safety appraisal commissioned by House Judiciary." 20, merging the former 11th, 12th to 22nd. "Application for housing security identification", add "and relevant documents", (a) in the "name, age, and address of the applicant, legal person or other organization's name and address and the name and position of the legal representative" is amended as "the name, or the name and domicile of the applicant and other basic information."
    "Others" with the words "related to", in the last paragraph by deleting "technology". 21, the 13th to 23rd.
    (A) "application" after the "or Commission". 22, the original 14th to 24th.
    Cancel "(CJ13-86)". Article 23, former article 15th to 25th.
    "Identification must consist of two or more persons to participate in the" amended to read "must consist of two or more persons with housing security qualifications as a judge." Under article 24, the former 16th to 26th.
    "Accreditation body" before "security", by deleting "identification of specified by the Housing Department, Housing Department sent staff to the scene to assist the investigation." 25, former article 18th to 28th.
    Subparagraph (a), (b) "building" after "Dan Dong". 26, former article 20th, 21, 22, into article 30th.
    Among them, the "accreditation body should be in service of House safety appraisal period identification instruments application people, homeowners," amended to read "and served on the identification of the applicant in the 3rd", "authentication institutions must promptly give notice of dangerous houses" amended to read "and send a brief written notice area security management", by deleting "should make a non-dangerous buildings". Under article 27, the 24th, 25th, 26th merged to 32nd. Among them, the "institution building safety appraisal fee may be charged, charges by the Shijiazhuang municipal real estate administration approval of the price management Department after the" amended to read "building safety standards approved by the appraisal fee according to the price control Department." "Prepaid" to "paid". By deleting "certified hazardous housing, appraisal cost borne by homeowners; certified non-dangerous housing, accreditation fee shall be borne by the applicant.
    Specifies the identification of the housing sector, identified dangerous houses, appraisal cost borne by homeowners; certified non-dangerous houses, appraisal cost borne by the housing management Department ", and" conclusion is inconsistent, recertification fees borne by the accreditation body. " 28, the 28th to 33rd. "Hazard House" before the "hidden houses".

    29, the 35th article is added "according to national housing reform policies sold to individuals for residential housing, appear hidden or identified in the case of dangerous buildings, the original property or owners ' Committee governance." 30, the former 29th becomes 36th.
    "Public housing" after "appears hidden or". 31, the 30th to 39th.
    By deleting "nature" and two "and bear civil liabilities according to law." Under article 32, the former 31st to 38th.
    Among them, the "percentage" is amended as "principles set forth." Article 33, the former 32nd to 34th. "Dangerous housing notice" is amended as "House notice of hazard or risk identification instrument housing."
    "To control the dangerous buildings" by deleting "." Under article 34, the former 33rd to 37th.
    "Homeowners control of dangerous buildings" by deleting "dangerous" in the second paragraph, by deleting "one time". Section 35, the former 34th to 40th.
    "Should immediately stop using and identification document requirement governing" changed to "do not use".
    36, section 41st "no unit or individual may, on any rental or use qualified is dangerous and should be removed as a whole as a whole House." Article 37, former article 35th to 42nd.
    By deleting "may prevarication or delay". Article 38, former 37th "has any of the following acts ... ... Transferred to the judicial organs in accordance with the "amended to" disobey 33rd, 34, 36, the 39th article owner, who refused to take on management responsibility or not complying with the provisions governing, governed by the safety management for Housing Authority shall order within its jurisdiction and punishable by fine of less than 1000 Yuan and 3,000 yuan. Refusal to implement decisions by the parties, resulting in collapse, damage to personal property security, should bear civil liability in accordance with law, suspected of a crime, transferred to judicial organs for handling "and" violates the measures set forth in 40th, 41st, refused to stop the rental or use of dangerous buildings, area housing rent or Security Department be ordered to immediately stop deactivated. Homeowners against non-operating more than 500 Yuan 1000 Yuan fine, respectively for business owners, users and 5,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan fine.
    Causing personal and property safety, should bear civil liability in accordance with law; a suspected crime, transferred to judicial organs for handling ", as the 50th and 51st.
    39, deleting the original article 38th "refuses, prevents, accreditation of accreditation bodies, by the Public Security Bureau in accordance with the People's Republic of China relating to administrative penalties for public security Ordinance shall be punished". Article 40, the 39th to 53rd.
    Which "violated" is amended as "criminal". Article 41, former article 41st to 54th.
    "Housing Authority" is amended as "security management" and "violated" amended to "suspect", "criminal" is amended as "processing".
    42, added six as the 44th to 49th. (A) "the 44th article violates this article seventh, failure to achieve area security management security license, unauthorized change housing main body structure or significantly increased the House load of, be warned by the area housing security administration, ordered owners to restore the status quo ante.
    More than 500 Yuan for non-operating below 1000 Yuan fine, operating up to 5,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan fine, including illegal gains of up to 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fine. (B) "the 45th article violates this article Nineth, without the approval of area security management, arbitrarily large facilities in buildings, housing security administration ordering facilities all within its jurisdiction with a replacement procedure, which the housing safety assessment does not meet the conditions of security, shall be ordered to make restitution.
    Late still not completing the formalities, except to order restitution, but more than 500 Yuan for non-operating below 1000 Yuan fine, and fined 5,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan for business ". (C) the "46th breach of a tenth of these measures, warning by the area of safety management for Housing Authority, order the party to dismantle or clean up late is still not removed or cleaned up, organized by the area security management personnel forcibly removed or cleaned, dismantling or cleaning expenses shall be borne by the parties.
    More than 500 Yuan for non-operating below 1000 Yuan fine, and fined 5,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan for business ".
    (D) the "47th disobey article 15th refused to undergo security checks, be warned by the area security management, and punishable with a penalty of 500 Yuan more than 1000".
    (E) "48th article violates this article 16th, 17th without approval of House safety appraisal activity or lack of housing security identification the identification of qualified personnel, by the municipal real estate administration authorities shall order the parties to cease identification activities, and punishable with a penalty of 10,000 yuan." (F) "49th article violates this article 19th provisions should apply for housing but refuses to request security identification, area housing safety authorities ordered everyone to stop the construction of housing, restitution and fined 1000 Yuan and 3,000 yuan fine. Losses, the responsible person for compensation according to law.
    A suspected crime, transferred to judicial organs for treatment. "
    Section 43, by deleting the former 42nd "rural schools, hospitals and other public buildings in risk management, in accordance with the measures implemented."
                                                                                                      Original 43 to 44, 55th, "since the day of release" to "since June 25, 2003".