Shijiazhuang City Appearance And Environmental Sanitation Regulations Amendments To The Implementing Rules

Original Language Title: 石家庄市城市市容和环境卫生管理条例实施细则修正案

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(March 25, 2003 in Shijiazhuang city people's Government Executive meeting of the 2nd review on May 8, 2003 128th in Shijiazhuang city people's Government announced), and rules all "Sanitation Department", "management of city appearance and environmental sanitation sector" and "city appearance and environmental sanitation administration" uniform with the words "city management". II, the second to read: "these rules apply to the city's urban area (not including mining, development zone) of city appearance and environment sanitation management.
    "Third, fourth" groups "with the words" social groups ".
    Four, seventh, the first sentence should read "Shijiazhuang urban management Department is in charge of the city's urban appearance and sanitation supervision and management."
    Five, and eighth article first items to "market hosted units on its established of country market of looks and sanitation implementation management"; third items of "demolition, and building administrative" to "construction"; fourth items to "police traffic management sector is responsible for on accounted for road parking of looks and sanitation implementation supervision management"; fifth items to "water administration sector is responsible for on itself business range within of canals of looks and sanitation implementation supervision management".
    Six, tenth article of "individual" to "operator"; the fourth item "property rights" with the words "management units"; the seventh "bridge" after "and the other" 11th "construction" to "works".
    Seven, 11th the "fine print" after "conduct". Eight, the 13th article "free removal or remedial measures" to "rectify", the last sentence should read "with every 50 to 200 Yuan"; II the words "new construction, expansion, renovation of buildings and structures modelling, decoration and should be coordinated with the surrounding environment. "And thirdly" competent "with the words" management "and" rectify "the text after the words" is not required to correct, and each can be defaced, 100 Yuan to 200 Yuan "; the fourth" 150 cm "the text after the words" and setting standards which are in line with provisions of the administration of the city.
    On pain of a rectification, not corrected by the regulation, with each awning from 50 Yuan to 100 Yuan "; fifth last sentence, add the following text as a" offenders shall order rectification, rectification not complying with the provisions of, and a fine of 200 to 500 Yuan ".
    Nine and 14th "industrial and commercial administrative departments" to "urban management".
    Ten, 15th "100 Yuan to 500 Yuan" to "every 500 to 1000 Yuan."
    Third, 16th article of the two "and" before "may"; the second paragraph "and" before "may" and "50" after "to 500" third paragraph "300" after "to 1000 Yuan." Paragraph 12, 17th-the words "organized social activities for special needs such as, really necessary to temporarily occupy the road, should be reported to the City Management Department and the public security departments of transportation approval, handle of the temporary road permit, and subject to the city to city management temporary road fee.
    "; Last sentence of second paragraph, add the following sentence:" the violators shall be ordered to correct, and sponsor of 1000 Yuan to 2000 Yuan ".
    13, 18th "rectify" post first before the text should read "with every 200 to 500 Yuan".
    14, and 20th article first paragraph "advertising method" to "People's Republic of China advertising method" and the other about advertising regulations, by deleting to "advertising content approved proved", "on against who" Hou added "ordered corrected", Hou a sentence to "can and sentenced each items 500 Yuan to 2,500 yuan of fine"; second paragraph of "municipal public" to "city management"; third paragraph of "for registration record" to "handle approval procedures"; by deleting to fourth paragraph; original fifth paragraph as fourth paragraph, in "shall not" Hou added "unauthorized". In Article XV, 21st, 22 "offenders" after "correction".
    25th "500 Yuan," adding "to 1000 Yuan."
    Article 16, 27th-the first sentence should read "and a fine of 50 Yuan to 100 yuan per"; the second sentence should read "and a fine of 50 Yuan to 100 yuan per, or be punished by the public security traffic Administrative Department"; the third sentence should read "and punishable by a fine of 50 Yuan to 100 Yuan."
    17, and 28th article "ordered corrected" to "by city management sector ordered corrected, can and sentenced 500 Yuan to 1000 Yuan of fine"; first items Qian added "has" Word; increased a items as fifth items: "used meet municipal government provides of save water measures"; original fifth items as sixth items, and will "Street" to "road (containing sidewalk)". 18, first paragraph of article 29th "offenders" after "a rectification, and responsibility"; II the words "prohibited open-pit barbecue, open burning of twigs and leaves, the offender shall be ordered to correct, and a fine of 100 Yuan to 500 yuan in fines. "19, and 35th article second paragraph by deleting to" since this rules entered into force of day up three months within "and" and other of "," ordered corrected "Hou to" can and sentenced each cubic metres 500 yuan of fine "; third paragraph" on mess trash "Hou to" insufficient a cubic metres of, sentenced 50 Yuan to 100 Yuan fine; mess trash over a cubic metres of, each cubic metres by 250 Yuan sentenced fine.
    "Fifth paragraph" correction "to after" and a fine of 100 Yuan to 200 yuan each vehicle "the sixth paragraph of" 20 "to" 200 to 500. "
    20, 36th "replacement procedures" after the words "and a fine of 200 to 500 Yuan".
    21, 37th "carrier construction waste" after first before the words "operators should obtain the certificate of qualification of construction waste transport, the vehicle shall conform to the following conditions, the offender shall be ordered to correct, and a fine of 300 yuan to 500 yuan each vehicle".
    First paragraph of article 22, the 38th "transit time is limited to 22 o'clock to five o'clock" with the words "20 o'clock to five o'clock"; "by" after "the 35th article"; "Administrative Division" after "contaminated area of two to ten yuan per square meter standard".
    23, the 39th article of "offender" add "ordered cleaned in a timely manner," the last sentence "and" after "may". First paragraph of article 24, the 41st "must go to" the text after the words "municipal urban management Department in a given place for treatment, no incineration device is dispose and privately.
    For offenders to 1000 Yuan to 2000 Yuan "; last sentence of second paragraph, add the following sentence:" the offender by the Environmental Protection Department and the public security departments according to the functions and powers, shall be punished in accordance with law "; delete the third paragraph.
    25, 45th "reach" with the words "not less than", "and" before "may". Paragraph 26, 46th fourth "200" to "500".
    Add as a final sentence of the second paragraph: "losses caused, shall be ordered to pay damages."
    27, 47th "corrected" to "carry out their duties."
    28, the 48th shall be replaced by "was ordered to correct the law-not required to perform the obligation of correction, can be performed by the Urban Management Department, the charges incurred will be borne by the violator". 29, 51st by deleting the paragraph, add the following three paragraphs: "Urban Management Department found breaches of the rules of behavior, should be ordered to correct now, and be warned.
    If you need to impose other penalties, before the punishment, can use their tools or items registered under law of conservation measures. On registration and preservation of urban management tools or items must be included with the list, check the signature or seal by the parties.
    The party refuses to sign or seal, the records by law enforcement personnel, and certified by the signatures of two or more law enforcement personnel. Tools or items of registration and preservation should be properly handled according to law, unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Due to his negligence cause losses to individuals, should compensation according to law.
    "As the fourth paragraph in the original second paragraph.
          30, 54th "in accordance with the People's Republic of China public security administration punishment regulations shall be punished" with the words "punishment according to law."