Zhengzhou City Adjoined The Housing Management

Original Language Title: 郑州市城市异产毗连房屋管理办法

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(April 18, 2003, Zhengzhou city people's Government, the 10th General Meeting announced on May 21, 2003, Zhengzhou municipal people's Government, the 122th) Chapter I General provisions article adjoined cities housing management, protect legal rights of house owners, occupiers, and a clear management and repair responsibility, guarantee the normal use of the House, according to the relevant provisions of national laws and regulations, combined with the municipality, these measures are formulated.
    Article adjoined houses in these measures, means a structure or a common, shared equipment and ancillary buildings, and shared housing for different owners.
    Article adjoined house parties, should be in accordance with good production, facilitate living, consensus, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation, the principle of equity, the correct handling of adjacent relationship.
    Fourth municipal administration of real estate is this city adjoined the housing management Department.
    The County (City) real estate management within the Department responsible for the administration of the city, district adjoined housing management.
    Fifth article of the urban built-up area, town, built-up area adjoined housing, industrial areas, apply these measures. Chapter II administration of using the sixth city adjoined house owners should be required to property management Department to deal with the property right registration.
    Obtain the building ownership certificate, legally obtained ownership of their houses.
    The seventh city adjoined the owner of the House shall be in accordance with housing approved the scope of the exercise of rights, and undertake corresponding obligations.
    Adjoined houses there are parts of the contiguous common to all of the parties, a common obligation. Article eighth adjoined home ownership is unknown, and there is no legal agents, escrow by real estate management Department.
    During escrow, real estate escrow management adjoined houses enjoy the corresponding rights and undertake corresponding obligations. Nineth housing owners and users of shared, sharing the load-bearing structure, walls, roofs, stairs (room), access roads, yards, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, chute (box), believes the newspaper box and water, gas, heating, electricity pipeline should be loving and rational use.
    Unless otherwise agreed, but shall not be accounted for, exclusive of any party.
    Housing ownership and use people in total, and there shall be no infringement of the interests of the other party.
    Tenth adjoined house owners or users risk behavior of damaged houses and homes, he shall have the right to stop and take the necessary protective measures to prevent danger; losses caused, the responsible party is responsible for compensation.
    11th of having total wall adjoined the House, one side of housing demolition is not built when the total wall shall not be removed and dealt with by the parties.
    12th adjoined home ownership a person other than the person, adjoined is required when housing a total, common parts, agreed to be the House of the consent of the owner, and to enter into a written agreement.
    13th adjoined houses owners and users need to change the housing and must not affect the safety of adjacent houses, and solicit views of the adjoining house owners and users.
    14th adjoined the owner of the House can be composed of housing management organizations, also commissioned other organizations, under the guidance of local real estate management, responsible for housing, repairs, management.
    Repair management chapter 15th when adjoined the housing repairs and renovation programmes should be developed, and consent of the House of the consent of the owner.
    16th adjoined houses natural damage (including damage caused by force majeure), the necessary repair costs shared according to the following provisions: (a) the total in the main structure of the House foundations, columns, beams, walls repaired, consists of an area of shared property ownership in the property share. (B) the total of the repairs to the wall (including the repairs to the adjacent parts of the structure needed to be involved).
    After pressing equally on both sides, each side houses shared percentage ownership in the property area.
    (C) repairs to walls, wall repairs, by which the burden of housing ownership; there were parts of the repairs to the wall, consists of an area of shared property ownership in the property share.
    (D) repairs to floors, floor (including floor ash layer and decorative layer of the floor) and roof (including ceiling decorative layer of ash floor, ceiling and roof) parts by their house ownership in the property area share; its structure, composed of contiguous six-four ratio on housing ownership by sharing. (Five) housing cover of repair: 1, and not master housing cover, by repair by and the range cover Xia the layer of housing ownership people by property area proportion share; 2, and can master housing cover (including roofing and around guardrail), as for the layer by total with, by repair by and the range cover Xia the layer of housing ownership people by property area proportion share; as only for several layer using, using layer of housing ownership people by property area proportion share half,
    The remaining half by the repair and the covered person, in an area of real estate under home ownership share.
    (F) stairs and stairwells (including the roof part) repair: 1, there are stairs on each floor (rooms), shared by the House percentage ownership in the property area; 2 layer, some by private stairs (room), by an area of private ownership of houses on the property share.
    (G) housing a total of parts necessary for decorating, housing ownership in the property area, which benefit sharing.
    (Eight) housing total, and total with of equipment and subsidiary building of repair: 1, and elevator, and pump, and garbage road (box), and of manure pool and the water, and gas, and warm, and electric of main pipeline,, by housing ownership people by property area proportion share; 2, and water, and gas, and warm, and electric of support pipeline and the kitchen, and bathroom equipment,, by related of ownership people by property area proportion share; 3, and public TV antenna, and public telephone, and letter reported box, total with facilities, by beneficiaries by households share.
    (I) housing demolition, dismantling pay or residuals recycling, by person, in an area of real estate share or allocation of housing ownership. 17th adjoined houses of sewer pipes or plumbing fixtures take place on permeability (leakage) or when using water and affect the lower home ownership should be repaired in a timely manner.
    Natural damage in accordance with the means of the 16th article of the genus bear the cost; an artificial damage or damage due to improper maintenance, borne by the person responsible for repair costs.
    18th adjoined houses identified by the security agencies identified as dangerous housing, home ownership, Zhengzhou city, shall, in accordance with the provisions of the risk management approach to urban governance; governance only after report of County (City) and District real estate management Department.
    Risk governance adjoined housing a total cost of parts, shared by the house owner proportional to the real estate area.
    19th adjoined home ownership according to the property area Fund on a regular basis, for the total of parts and equipment, repairs to buildings.
    Established common parts of common facilities maintenance funds, according to the Zhengzhou city housing common parts common facilities maintenance funds provisions of that regulation.
    20th side adjoined home ownership expanded or rebuilt housing, need to change there are parts of the shape or structure shall obtain the written consent of the other owners of the adjoining houses, reported to the urban planning Administration Department for approval.
    21st adjoined housing owners in the House door, window, plus changed building structures such as walls, should ask the home counties (cities), the district approved by the real estate sector.
    Adjoined houses may not, within the House doors, Windows that open and the wall.
    22nd fourth chapter penalty violation causes loss to others as provided herein, the person responsible shall bear the liability.
    23rd article has following behavior one of of, city, and County (City), and District real estate management sector ordered deadline corrected, late not corrected of, can by following provides sentenced fine: (a) violation this approach 21st article provides of, sentenced 500 Yuan above 3000 Yuan following of fine; (ii) deliberately damaged different produced adjacent housing total, and total with parts, and equipment and subsidiary building of, sentenced 1000 Yuan above 5000 Yuan following of fine.
    24th adjoined home owners or users for home improvement, using a dispute, either party may to the local counties (cities), area real estate management for mediation, may also directly bring a lawsuit.
    25th acts in violation of these rules, conflict with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, and punished by the relevant authorities constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs. Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 26th these measures shall take effect on July 1, 2003.
                                                City, Zhengzhou municipal people's Government on November 25, 1991, issued by the adjoined housing management policy (Zhengzhou municipal people's Government, the 16th) repealed simultaneously.