Administrative Measures For The Rural Cooperative Medical Insurance In Suzhou

Original Language Title: 苏州市农村合作医疗保险管理办法

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(April 30, 2003 the Suzhou municipal government, 6th General Meeting May 10, 2003 the Suzhou municipal government announced, 34th) Chapter I General provisions article for establishing and perfecting the rural cooperative medical insurance system, rural residents in maintaining physical and mental health, realization of the right to health care, and promoting rural economic development and social stability, according to the People's Republic of China Law on agriculture, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council decision on further strengthening rural health work and the
    Primary health care in rural areas, Jiangsu Province, regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    The rural cooperative medical insurance in these measures in article, refers to the implementing organization and guidance of the Government, rural residents join combined, collective support, financial support, dominated by catastrophic medical mutual system.
    Article within the administrative area of the city, and Governments at all levels, as well as with regard to the rural cooperative medical insurance units and individuals must abide by these measures.
    Article people's Governments as well as health, finance, civil affairs, labor and social security, reform and development, rural cooperative medical insurance in rural economics and management departments shall incorporate social development plans and work plans, the implementation of management by objective, fair, democratic supervision.
    Fifth of municipal and county-level cities (area) of the health Administrative Department is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of these measures.
    Article sixth of the rural cooperative medical insurance at the same time the progressive implementation of social medical insurance in rural areas.
    Article at all levels of people's Governments and relevant departments have made outstanding achievements in the rural cooperative medical insurance units and individuals, recognition and rewards; the losses in the rural cooperative medical insurance, should be prosecuted.
    Second chapter institutions and duties eighth article city, and County (district), and town (Street) respectively established by sibling Government or its sent institutions led and health, and financial, and labor guarantees, and rural economic management, and audit, and home, sector and parameter insurance residents representative composition of rural cooperation medical insurance Management Committee (following referred to collection tube will), is responsible for organization, and coordination, and management and guide rural cooperation medical insurance work.
    City and county-level cities (districts) Commission under the CMS Office of the Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as administrative office), the town (Street) collection pipe under the cooperative medical management (hereinafter referred to as pipe), pipe work.
    Nineth classified management of rural cooperative Medicare: (a) the City Commission responsible for policy formulation, planning and coordination, operational guidance; (b) the County (district) is responsible for establishing rules for the implementation of the Commission, and to organize its implementation; (c) town (Street) collection tubes will do a specific implementation.
    Tenth administrative office is located in the Administrative Department of public health, no increase in principle establishment.
    Tube set by institutions preparation, health, finance and other departments determined in accordance with local conditions, the requirements included in the budget, by financial settlement shall not be extracted from the rural cooperative medical insurance fund. 11th article collection tube do, and collection tube by of work functions: (a) timely master area within rural residents basic medical guarantees, and prevention health needs and health service status; (ii) coordination about sector, and units carried out rural cooperation medical insurance publicity launched and the specific implementation work, improve rural residents of insurance consciousness and mutual total Chai concept; (three) according to local actual, developed rural cooperation medical insurance development planning, and annual plans and the supporting programme; (four) regularly to sibling collection tube will and superior competent sector report work,
    Proposed views and recommends, guide carried out rural cooperation medical insurance work; (five) is responsible for rural cooperation medical insurance fund of raised, and management, guarantee fund of security operation; (six) is responsible for parameter insurance who medical insurance costs of audit and approval, regularly announced accounts, accept parameter insurance who and about sector of supervision and audit; (seven) is responsible for on bear rural cooperation medical insurance business of medical health institutions medication, and check and charges of supervision; (eight) Guide rural doctor and residents signed family health service contract;
    (I) the completion of tasks assigned by the Commission and the competent departments at other matters.
    Third chapter parameter insurance who of right and obligations 12th article rural cooperation medical insurance parameter insurance object: (a) non-town workers basic medical insurance range of rural in nationality residents; (ii) holds II years above stay card and in local rural engaged in sideline production of non-this city nationality residents; (three) by County (district) Government or sibling collection tube do approved of other residents.
    13th article rural cooperation medical insurance parameter insurance who enjoys following right: (a) accept area within cooperation medical management institutions provides of free or offers health medical, and health advisory, and health education, and prevention health, health service; (ii) enjoy provides range within of medical compensation; (three) on rural cooperation medical insurance enjoys informed right, and recommends right, and select right and supervision right, right.
    14th cooperative medical insurance in rural areas should fulfil the following obligations: (a) comply with these measures and the implementation of local regulations; (b) subject to the management mechanism of rural cooperative medical insurance management, compliance with relevant rules and regulations; (c), pay the insurance costs in a timely manner and (iv) perform other related duties. Fourth chapter Fund 15th rural cooperative Medicare Fund, made up of premiums and social contributions.
    Includes uninsured individuals paying for premium and villagers ' committees (community neighborhood Committee) or the insured organization (operator) support, financial support to the three funds. County-level city (district), town financial aid funds to districts number of insured included in the budget years within three years following the enactment of these measures standard of not less than 20 Yuan per capita, one county-level city (district) not less than year 10 yuan per capita financial assistance.
    Financial arrangements for a certain amount of money in the budget, for special payments to extremely poor people in rural areas, difficulties in the Township. Villagers ' committees (community residents) support funds in the annual plan, and publicity.
    Insured organization (operator) labor personnel to participate in cooperative medical insurance in rural areas should pay a certain proportion of premiums, the amount not lower than the local pay level. Insurance premiums paid by individuals, and in this way to reach within three years after the enactment of the local farmers ' per capita net income of the previous year to 1%.
    Residents to participate in the cooperative medical insurance in rural areas, resistance to disease risk and meet their financial obligations could not be regarded as increasing farmers ' burden. 16th premium standard floated.
    County-level city (area) tubes can be adjusted according to actual annual, reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval promulgation and implementation.
    17th premium shall practise span more than prepaid, one over, one year after the first system, individual contribution in households pay. 18th rural cooperative Medicare Fund is administered by the county-level city (district) Administrative Office, collection tubes unify management, fiscal account storage, earmarks, no misappropriation of embezzlement.
    Financial departments should give preferential policies, ensure that the value of the Fund.
    19th raised premiums: individuals paying part, villagers ' committees (community residents Committee) and (owner) supports part of the unified collection of town management organization to the rural cooperative Medicare fund special accounts, health, tax, business, home, supporting sectors, such as education; financial support section at all levels according to the number of persons insured in full and on time is allocated directly to rural cooperative Medicare fund special account. The 20th when the insured pay premiums, charge a flat receipt, notice should be given, and sign the insurance contract.
    Insurance contract should include medical consultations, open the notification procedures and methods, knot knot range standards, insurance period, notes and so on. 21st the rural cooperative medical insurance is divided into family or personal medical care account, catastrophic illness and Manpower, and medical aid to three parts.
    Ill health and manpower per capita annual limit not less than 50% per capita funds; medical assistance per capita amount shall not be less than the per capita funding 5%; home health care accounts, paying for preventive care and outpatient pharmaceutical costs.
    22nd insured during the term of the insurance is no knot charge of rural cooperative medical insurance fund, can enjoy a free health check.
    23rd article developed rural cooperation medical insurance knot reported range and standard, should followed following principles: (a) Science reasonable, to received set support, basic balance; (ii) parameter insurance who should bear must proportion of medicine costs; (three) to large medical with grants mainly; (four) Sentinel medical, emergency, special situation except; (five) clear not belongs to rural cooperation medical insurance knot reported of matters. 24th encouraged village doctor in the rural cooperative medical insurance within the scope of medical services. Local officials and villagers ' committees (community residents Committee) delegates within the provisions of the public health service to rural doctors.
    Doctors in rural areas can refer to the endowment insurance of pension insurance provisions. 25th health, finance, audit, civil affairs departments should strengthen the supervision over the work of the rural cooperative medical insurance.
    County-level city (district) Administrative Office, town (Street) tubes shall regularly announce funding accounts and specific implementation of cooperative medical insurance, and accept the supervision and auditing of social and professional sectors.
    Fifth chapter Medicaid medical assistance system of rural cooperative medical insurance in the 26th object identified by the civil affairs departments in rural wubaohu, below the minimum life security system of rural residents.
    27th medical assistance in rural areas may take the following forms: (a) financing the participation of the rural cooperative medical insurance, (ii) to rescue patients for certain medical expenses to pay part of subsidies, (iii) medical and health institutions to provide preferential services.
    28th rural medical aid funds by the financial arrangements at all levels of the rural cooperative medical insurance funds and social donations and other components, Medicaid funds to undertake the financial account storage, separate accounts, earmarking, announced on a regular basis.
    Article 29th of rural cooperative medical insurance in medical relief measures for the administration of the municipal public health Administrative Department in conjunction with the Civil Affairs, Department of finance, rural economy, reported to the municipal people's Government for approval organization.
    The sixth chapter supplementary articles article 30th County (district) people's Government, the Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee may make rules in accordance with the measures. 31st article this way come into force on July 1, 2003.
                                              On November 6, 1995, Suzhou Suzhou people's Government promulgated the rural cooperative medical care regulations repealed simultaneously.

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