Jiangsu Province To Implement The Public Health Emergency Ordinance Means

Original Language Title: 江苏省实施《突发公共卫生事件应急条例》办法

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(June 9, 2003 9th Executive session to consider the people's Government of Jiangsu province by 20th of June 11, 2003, Jiangsu Province announced) Chapter I General provisions article to do a public health emergency events (hereinafter referred to as incident) prevention, control and emergency response work, according to the State Department of the public health emergency Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) and the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Article all units and individuals within the administrative area of the province, shall comply with the Ordinance and these rules.
    Third in the administrative area of the people's Governments above the county level shall be responsible for the emergency response, the requirements included in the present financial budgets.
    Provincial response to economic emergencies in poor areas for the necessary financial support.
    After the fourth incident occurred, province and city where the incident occurred, the County (district) people's Governments should set up emergency headquarters, by the people's Government of key leaders to serve as Commander in Chief, responsible for lead and direct the work within the administrative area of emergency treatment.
    Fifth emergency to deal with the implementation of territorial management, provincial administrative organs, public organizations, enterprises, institutions, private non-enterprise units, community residents and villagers ' committees shall be determined according to the local people's Governments and emergency command unified plans and requirements, establish a strict responsibility system for emergency preparedness and response, emergency treatment.
    Sixth people's Government above the county level and their departments will be expected to participate in the emergency treatment of front line staff to give special aid and necessary care, provide the necessary protection.
    Chapter II prevention and emergency preparedness article seventh provincial people's Government, according to the national emergency plans and develop emergency plans in the province.
    City, County (district) according to the higher people's Government of the people's Government emergency plan, emergency plans for their respective administrative regions, respectively, approved at a higher level.
    Eighth above the county level Health Department and other relevant departments under the people's Governments at the same level to develop emergency plans, development of this sector, the system of emergency plans and specific emergency implementation program, and reported to the people's Government at the same level.
    Nineth above county level Health Department and other relevant departments should strengthen supervision and management of public health and sanitation, organized the patriotic public health campaign, and disseminate knowledge about health and disease prevention, advocate a scientific, civilized and healthy lifestyle.
    All kinds of public places should maintain a clean environment, ventilation, regular contact of parts and supplies to the public be disinfected on a regular basis, doing public health work.
    Tenth people's Governments above the county level shall be in accordance with the requirements of the country to establish a unified emergency prevention and control system, to develop and improve the implementation of the monitoring and early warning system of the administrative emergency programmes, and ensure that it is functioning properly.
    11th people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen the disease prevention and control institutions, medical institutions, the construction of health inspection agencies to ensure the incident investigation, control, medical care and treatment, supervision and inspection, monitoring, medical treatment, health protection, and the material conditions of work, improving its ability to respond to emergencies.
    12th District should be established to meet the requirements of the municipal hospital of infectious diseases; the County (City) people's Government shall, on the conditions established in medical institutions to meet the requirements of infectious disease wards, which have the capacity to take on infectious disease prevention and control tasks. People's Governments at the county level shall strengthen the township (town), the construction of hospitals, strengthen its capacity to respond to emergencies.
    The township (town) hospitals in medical facilities, equipment, instruments and personnel equipment shall meet the requirements set out in the national and provincial.
    13th people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen emergency medical network system construction.
    City divided into districts shall set up emergency medical centers, and provides for the establishment of first-aid medical station; counties (cities, districts) should be set up first-aid medical station, and in accordance with the requirement of emergency medical station.
    14th health authorities above the county level should establish emergency databases, skills training for medical staff on a regular basis, emergency drills and related medical and health institutions, introduce and popularize advanced technology.
    Chapter III information report, informed the 15th report of the people's Governments at various levels should set up emergency information network, enhanced incident reporting, communication of information, evaluation, establishment of provincial, city and County (district), Township (town, street), as well as community and village-level information and reporting system.
    Regulation of 16th article 19th of the circumstances set out in article, city and County (district) to the adjacent to the local Health Department should be informed of the health sector; health departments above the county level from a superior health departments or adjacent to the local health authorities informed, should be immediately reported to the people's Government at the.
    Incidents reported to the 17th local health departments organized to investigate the reports to verify and to take the necessary control measures, any unit and individual shall support cooperation shall not be refused for any reason.
    Article 18th State health departments or authorized by local health authorities released emergency information, the health sector in conjunction with propaganda through the media should be widely disseminated to the community in a timely manner, known to the public. Fourth chapter emergency 19th after the incident occurred, shall organize the health sector technical surveys, integrated assessment of the incident, preliminarily determine the type of emergency, proposed whether to start the administrative recommendations of the emergency plan, reported to the people's Government at the decision.
    Decided to launch emergency plans for their respective administrative areas, the local people's Governments shall immediately report of the people's Government.
    Article 20th emergency plan before the commencement of, relevant departments of the people's Government at or above the county level should according to the actual situation of emergency, make emergency preparations, to take the necessary emergency measures.
    Emergency plan started, emergency Government's relevant departments and units should be based on the provisions of the emergency preparedness responsibilities, subject to the unified command of the emergency command, immediately reached provided jobs, and control measures to be taken. 21st emergency command should be on emergency work within their respective administrative areas for guidance and compliance.
    Lower level people's Governments, the emergency command and other relevant departments and units, to higher people's Governments emergency command guidance and inspectors, shall support and cooperation.
    22nd article according to burst event emergency processing of need, County above Government and burst event emergency processing command right to law take following measures: (a) on personnel implemented health declared, for health check or medical observation; (ii) on personnel for evacuation, and isolation or limit flow; (three) limit or ban held large activities; (four) temporary close public; (five) emergency mobilization and expropriation personnel, and material, and transport and related facilities, and equipment;
    (Vi) control measures against food and water; (VII) embargo against infectious disease is epidemic; (h) take such other measures as may be necessary.
    Lift the measures referred to in the preceding paragraph, the original authorities announced in a timely manner. Article 23rd after the incident occurred, health departments at all levels should immediately organized emergency treatment, unity of command and control at all levels within their respective administrative areas of various types of medical and health institutions, equipment and personnel.
    The health offices and their personnel shall be subject to the local Health Department's command and dispatch. After the incident occurred, local medical institutions shall immediately on patients caused by emergency rescue and medical treatment.
    Medical care when power is getting low, the local health department shall promptly request to superior health authorities for its support.
    Need for isolation and treatment of patients or suspected patients, the clinical observations of patients and close contact should cooperate with the health sector and related institutions to take the appropriate medical measures. Article 24th of clinic personnel emergency disease, must be presenting to treatment in medical institutions, and responsibility to carry out the first diagnosis.
    Requirements for treatment in accordance with the relevant provisions of national and provincial executive. Infectious diseases 25th admitted or suspected infectious disease medical institutions shall, in accordance with national requirements for outpatient and specialist of infectious diseases Ward, set the clean areas, semi-contaminated, contaminated areas, arranging the flow of people, goods to.
    Contact with patients or when you enter a contaminated area, all personnel shall comply with the requirements for protection, disinfection.
    Article 26th communicable disease or suspected infectious disease people, should receive treatment or isolation, and comply with medical institutions management system, not to leave the ward without permission or isolation wards.
    Medical institutions should strengthen the management of infectious disease or suspected infectious diseases, improving the lives of isolation wards and ward facilities and medical conditions, strict enforcement of regulations to prevent nosocomial infections and infection in medical institutions, isolation ward and a ward management.
    27th infectious disease outbreaks, epidemics, Township (town) people, neighborhood offices, and villagers ' committees and neighborhood Committee shall organize and carry out mass prevention and control, implementation of the epidemiological investigation, due to emergency epidemic blockade, isolation, frequent disinfection, protection of the family and other work.
    28th infectious disease outbreaks, epidemics, railways, transportation, civil aviation and other departments to take emergency control measures to prevent outbreaks by means of transport-proliferation; necessary to ensure timely delivery of emergency medical personnel and medical treatment equipment, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and other supplies. Fifth chapter responsibilities article 29th emergency handling is the responsibility of local people's Governments at all levels.
    The people's Governments above the county level shall organize relevant departments and units to emergency treatment. Article 30th in emergency treatment, the Health Department's main responsibilities are: (a) whether to start emergency treatment plan put forward proposals, release emergency information by law, inspectors of the emergency work, guidance;

    (B) specify the disease prevention and control institutions, health supervision institutions responsible for incident investigation, prevention, control, and supervision of law enforcement, and (iii) organizing, directing medical institutions and emergency disease prevention and control institutions of medical treatment, implementation of health measures and (d) Organization of emergency treatment technology research, promotion of advanced medical and health technologies.
    31st article city, and County (district) health sector in burst event emergency processing work in the, can delegate health supervision institutions is responsible for following matters of supervision check: (a) levels various medical institutions and disease prevention control institutions of outbreak report situation; (ii) medical institutions, and left inspection places of isolation, and disinfection, and protection; (three) public of disinfection; (four) close contact who of medical observation, and epidemic points of environment disinfection; (five) legal, and regulations, and regulations provides of other matters.
    Article 32nd financial departments responsibility for arranging the requirements for emergency work, guarantees in full and in a timely manner, and to exercise supervision over the use of funds.
    33rd article police sector in burst event emergency processing work in the, perform following duties: (a) is responsible for medical institutions, and medical observation left inspection places, and epidemic points and implementation health quarantine regional of security management; (ii) assist health sector and about institutions law implementation blockade, and control and isolation; (three) on interference burst event emergency processing work and normal medical order of personnel law for processing.
    Article 34th appearance and sanitation management responsibilities departments are responsible for disease prevention and control institutions and medical agencies, medical observation and check places and the outbreak has finished disinfection in solid waste removal, transport, and in accordance with the request.
    The handling of medical waste in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.
    35th civil affairs authorities responsible for emergency processing of donations, relief and burial.
    Article 36th food and drug supervision and management is responsible for the pharmaceutical, medical device supervision and management, ensure that the drugs, the instrument is safe and effective.
    37th trade departments are responsible for organization and coordination required for emergency treatment drugs, medical equipment, medical supplies, disinfecting the production, supply and reserves, ensure supplies in place in time.
    Article 38th education departments to inform school incident reports, work, events occur after students take appropriate management measures, with the Health Department, health supervision institutions and disease prevention and control institutions to do emergency work.
    39th propaganda organization coordinating news media reporting on emergencies, promote emergency handling of scientific knowledge, publish publishing public service ads, reported the health sector related information published in accordance with regulations.
    40th article industry and commerce administration, quality and technical supervision, price, commodity inspection, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, transportation, population and family planning, labor and social security departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to make emergency treatment.
    Sixth chapter of rewards and punishments article 41st among individuals is liable to specific reporting things, any individual found unexpected events or reports related to the local people's Governments and their associated authorities and confirmed by local people's Governments shall give more than 500 5000 Yuan reward.
    42nd article in burst event emergency processing in the, has following situation one of of, County above Government and health sector should give recognition and award: (a) on major infectious diseases outbreak control has highlight contribution of; (ii) in medical treatment in the has highlight contribution of; (three) in burst event emergency processing work in the performance highlight of; (four) in burst event scientific research Shang made major results of.
    Article 43rd health report requirement violations, unreported, conceal or lie about personnel, health authorities above the county level shall be ordered to correct serious and may be fined not more than more than 200 Yuan 1000 Yuan.
    44th under any of the following circumstances, as provided by laws and regulations, in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations; laws and regulations do not provide, by health departments above the county level shall be ordered to correct, it refuses can be fined a maximum of 200 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    (A) the individual practitioners in the performance of their duties is not reported, probability of delaying to report outbreaks of infectious diseases, (ii) requirements for protection do not meet the disinfection of public places; (c) the deliberate spread of infectious disease is caused by infection.
    45th article in burst event emergency processing work in the, has following violations one of of, in accordance with legal, and regulations of provides on about personnel give administrative sanctions; violation security management provides of, by police organ law be punishment; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) hinder burst event emergency processing staff implementation positions of; (ii) refused to health sector or other about sector specified of professional technology institutions into burst event site, or not tie survey, and sampling, and technology test of;
    (C) take emergency mission staff refused to accept work assignments, an excuse to excuse delay, gone AWOL or deserted; (d) refused to accept the emergency inspection, quarantine, treatment; (e) refuses to obey emergency command control, and (vi) other violations of the emergency rules.
    Article 46th during the emergency period, spreading rumors, gouging, making and selling fake and deceiving consumers, disrupting social order, market order, public security, industry and commerce administration, price, quality and technology supervision, food and drug supervision departments shall be given administrative punishments constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                                                47th article of the rules of the seventh chapter schedule as of the date of promulgation.

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