Chengdu City, Focusing On Project Management Approach

Original Language Title: 成都市重点项目管理办法

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(June 12, 2003, Chengdu municipal people's Government, the 101th general meeting on June 25, 2003, Chengdu municipal people's Government announced 98th) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen the focus on project management, ensure the smooth implementation of the project, according to the national priorities project management procedures and other relevant laws and regulations, Chengdu practice, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies to the construction of key projects and key projects in the early (collectively the "key project") to identify and manage.
    Third article city focus project of determine, should meet following principles: (a) on this city economy and social development has major effect of project; (ii) City based facilities, and based industry and pillar industry in the of major project; (three) high-tech industrialization and industry associated degrees big, and can led industry structure adjustment and upgrade of major project; (four) agriculture and forestry water, and ecological construction, and environmental protection of major project; (five) technology, and culture, and education, and health, and sports, and tourism, social career of major project;
    (F) major projects using foreign investment, (VII) major projects in the construction of modern logistics facilities.
    These measures are in line with article IV, then under construction, identified as a key construction project; not capable of operating conditions, identified as a key early stage projects. Article fifth key project construction leading Group Office of the city (hereinafter "City project"), responsible for the overall coordination and management of key projects.
    Development plans, and economic, and construction, and outside by, and financial, and technology, and statistics, and audit, and planning, and land, and earthquake, and traffic, and environmental, and power, and municipal public, and information, and agricultural MU, and water, and forestry, and tourism, about sector, according to about legal, and regulations and the this approach of provides, in their duties range within do focus project of guide, and management, and supervision and service work.
    Sixth District (City) County Government departments according to the construction of key projects and project size and reasonable duration, responsible for good job matching funds, land acquisition and relocation, relocation, coordination of external support conditions and tracking and service work.
    Second chapter examination program seventh article city focus project annual determine once, by following program declared: (a) city level about sector and the district (City) County development plans sector, according to project of membership relationship, will this sector, and this area meet this approach third article of provides of project for summary, Yu annual November 30 Qian to city focus project do declared Xia a annual of city focus project plans.
    (B) the non-governmental investment projects with no authority, in line with the provisions of article III of this approach, the project owner may voluntarily apply to the key projects of the city municipal key projects planned for next year.
    (C) Government investment projects of national economic and social development in the city, undeclared, in key events can be directly included in the list of priority project proposals and plans.
    Article in key events of the new declaration, in parallel with the provisions on the submission of the plan table, also attached the following written information: (a) the project feasibility study, preliminary design of the project (or estimate) approval or for the record file.
    (B) the implementation of capital projects construction funds and other relevant documents.
    (C) the project implementation planning, and external conditions of the relevant documents.
    Nineth key PMO to departments, district of the city (City) County Government and project owners submit projects according to article summarizes the principles of this approach, screening, consultations with the departments concerned, according to the needs and possible overall balance annual list of priority project proposals and plans. Tenth annual plans for key projects, according to key construction projects and key projects are compiled in the early.
    Key construction projects completed and put into production, expansion and new construction of three major categories.
    11th article, list of key projects and plans, or municipal leading group for construction of key projects approved by the municipal government issued after the implementation.
    12th for inclusion in national and provincial key construction projects, by key project office in consultation with the relevant departments of the city views, in accordance with the relevant provisions of national and provincial key construction project summary report.
    Early chapter, project, project management 13th established reserves of major projects in the city library, the next 2-3 years of building project into the repository, and the dynamic management.
    14th focus pre project proposals, feasibility studies, preliminary design (or estimates), as well as planning, land and environmental protection, construction and other preparatory work, you must follow the procedures at the national, provincial and municipal regulations for approval and processing.
    15th project authorities are responsible for the industry's focus on early screening of, the Declaration and the implementation of external conditions, such as work, regular or ad hoc basis to key project Office informed of the progress of the project.
    16th focus City project office responsible for tracking key earlier projects, participate in pre-feasibility, feasibility study, preliminary design (or budget) review and timely projects, coordinate and solve problems.
    17th, economic development plan, construction, planning, land, finance, electric power, transportation, environmental protection, municipal utilities, earthquakes and other municipal authorities are responsible for the key preliminary project provides policy advice, business guidance, approval, construction and other sectors to provide convenient and efficient services.
    Early 18th key project after its preliminary design was approved should be included in the key construction projects.
    Fourth chapter focuses on 19th construction project management in key construction projects should be according to the national, provincial and municipal regulations, by the Department of projects and project owners to project funding, duration, quality, security can be managed strictly. Article 20th project authorities, district (municipal) and County statistical offices focused on project owners, to strictly implement the key project statistics system, monthly return on government investment projects, introduction of quarterly reports of non-governmental investment projects.
    Within the stipulated time,, statistical offices, to submit timely and accurate project project's image progress, investment and construction project information such as availability of funds. Article 21st key construction project owners to the municipal key projects will reflect the problems in the construction of the project.
    Key project office in accordance with the relevant State policies and regulations, organize relevant departments to coordinate or reported to the municipal leading group for construction of key projects to study and solve. 22nd article city focus construction project in the of government investment project, except strictly implementation Chengdu municipal government investment project management provisional approach of about provides outside, also must comply with following provides: (a) strictly implementation project corporate accountability, and capital business, and engineering supervision business, and engineering quality accountability, about provides; (ii) project of survey, and design, and supervision, and construction, and important equipment and material procurement, must strictly according to People's Republic of China tender bid method and province, and city about provides, seriously perform tender approved, and Record, procedures, law carried out tender activities, preferred selected bid units, bid people should strictly according to contract agreed perform obligations, completed bid project, shall not illegal points package, and subcontracting Engineering; (three) project owners must strictly according to approved of construction scale, and construction content, and construction standard and investment for construction, is strictly prohibited unauthorized improve standard, and expanded scale; (four) project of construction funds should designed households storage, earmarks dedicated, according to national, and province, and city about provides strictly management,
    Any units and personal shall not unauthorized interception or misappropriated; (five) project owners by approved of construction scale and construction content built Hou, should to city audit sector application completed accounts audit, city audit sector law on government investment project funds using and accounts for audit supervision, about audit situation should timely informed city focus project do and project competent sector; (six) project completed acceptance qualified Hou, through a time of operation, project owners should formed project of Hou evaluation report, submitted city focus project do and project competent sector;
    (G) the project owner should take the initiative to accept and cooperate with national, provincial, municipal inspection and supervision, inspection, audit and other oversight work, reflect and provide relevant information and circumstances.
    Fifth article 23rd chapter policy measures at all levels of planning, finance, land, power, transportation, municipal utilities, and other relevant departments, in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and key projects of the regulations on land use planning, allocation of funds, power supply, transportation, water supply, gas supply and other ancillary conditions, priorities in their respective areas of competence, provide guidance and services.
    Article 24th municipality, district (City) County Government and the departments concerned when arrangements various financial funds, fully embodies the tilt of the investment project and support for the Government.
    25th municipal key projects Office periodically or regularly publish key project information to the public, seeking a variety of credit support, attract foreign investment and private capital investment.
    Article 26th for priority productive projects and other eligible projects, corresponding preferential policies in land supply.
    27th except as prescribed by the national and provincial government fees and charges, no unit is allowed to other key projects charged nominal fees.
    Sixth chapter assessment and rewards and punishments 28th article city focus project do with municipal government target supervision do, annual on city focus project decomposition issued special target task, on government investment project of annual investment plans, and engineering image progress and about sector on the focus project of support service situation for track, and supervision and assessment, assessment object for city level about sector, and project competent sector and district (City) County Government, evaluation results reported municipal government validation.
    Article 29th according to the results of the Municipal Government to determine the annual "key construction Advanced Unit", recognition and rewards.
    Article 30th if the focus of government investment project in accordance with annual investment plan, disbursement of funds, affecting the progress of key projects for the district (City) County and municipal departments, the Municipal Government will, as the case may be criticized. 31st for violations of national and provincial and municipal regulations, interception and diversion of government investment unit and personal key projects construction funds, the Municipal Government will, as the case may be criticized or administrative action, responsible units and individuals and undertake corresponding economic responsibility. Constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    32nd focus of government investment project in violation of national, provincial and municipal bidding regulations by the municipal development plan, jointly with relevant departments for administrative supervision by the People's Republic of China bidding law and the Chengdu construction project tendering and bidding management regulations shall be investigated and dealt with.
    33rd due to fraud and mismanagement caused the focus of government investment project missed deadlines, poor quality, serious Super waste, loss of severe and major accidents, the Municipal Government will depend on the specific circumstances of the relevant units be criticized, the directly responsible shall be investigated by appropriate administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Article 34th project design, supervision, construction materials and equipment supply units, a violation of national, provincial, municipal and prescribed in this way, resulting in significant loss or impact, except in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the State action, and run by the city, the focus of the project in conjunction with the municipal departments concerned during a period limited their participation in the construction of key projects in this city.
    35th disrupt major construction projects construction, production and operation order, cause its not normal, in accordance with the People's Republic of China on public security administration punishments Ordinance provides for punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    36th in violation of relevant provisions of these measures in key events, the Municipal Government will abolish its key projects eligible to enjoy preferential policies be cancelled accordingly.
    The seventh chapter by-laws article 37th national and provincial key projects for the city in accordance with national and provincial key construction projects under implementation, while enjoying preferential policies in key events and services.
    38th article of the approach by the municipal development planning Commission in conjunction with the Legislative Affairs Office of the Municipal Government is responsible for the interpretation.
                                                39th these measures shall come into force on August 1, 2003.