Qinghai Province, Postal Management

Original Language Title: 青海省邮政管理办法

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(June 6, 2003 2nd meeting consideration of the people's Government of Qinghai province on June 23, 2003 30th release of Qinghai province) Chapter I General provisions article in order to protect the freedom and privacy of correspondence, guarantee the safety of post, promoting the development of postal services, safeguarding national interests and the legitimate rights and interests of the user, in accordance with the People's Republic of China postal law and the provisions of relevant laws and administrative regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Second post in administrative areas of this province, construction, services, and management activities for these measures. Article province postal departments in charge of the province's postal administration.
    State (or municipal) post office in the province, the authorities within the scope of authority, responsible for the administration of post management.
    Relevant departments of the people's Governments above the county level shall, within its mandate, in collaboration with the competent Department of postal services postal management. The fourth postal enterprises operate postal businesses of State-owned public enterprise, undertaking State-designated to provide universal service obligations.
    Universal service obligations on postal enterprise the people's Government at various levels, should be given the necessary support.
    Postal enterprises shall provide users with fast, accurate, safe, and convenient postal service, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users post. Article fifth postal users send messages, intersection of remittances and savings deposits are protected by law.
    In the transport, transfer and processing of the message, except as otherwise stipulated by law, no unit or individual may illegally hampered, examination, detention.
    Sixth article of any unit and individual protection facilities, preserve freedom of postal communication, commitment to privacy of correspondence, communications, security, the right to stop, reporting damaged facilities and endangering behavior of message security.
    Seventh competent Department of postal services as well as newspapers, radio, television and other media should be done to protect postal facilities, maintaining message security promotion and education.
    Chapter II the planning and construction of the eighth people's Governments above the county level shall be in line with the arrangements, the principle of reasonable layout, easy to use email, post ' development into the national economy and social development plan and included in the overall planning of urban and rural postal facilities, support to postal facilities in poor areas. Nineth town new and old city reconstruction, should be in accordance with the approval of the Town Planning Department planning and design, constructed the postal service outlets.
    Postal service outlets can sell at prices not higher than the cost to the postal enterprise.
    Post Office (the) land needed for the construction of urban infrastructure land transfers according to law shall be exempt from municipal facilities fee.
    Postal facilities room, used for handling postal business, shall not be changed.
    Article tenth of development project construction in new residential buildings should be easy to deliver and receive mail set letter box, letter box clusters or a mail room, and synchronize with the main part of the project design and construction.
    Of a residential building has been put into use, letter box or mail is not set, ownership flats should be up or set up a room.
    Letter box, letter box clusters or the maintenance and replacement of the mail room, by the property unit of a building or the property management company is responsible for.
    11th and the larger railway stations at the airport, hotels, tourist attractions, universities, industrial and mining enterprises and places should be provided for handling postal service, mail handling, transport, delivery and postal vehicles in and out with ease.
    The 12th Township and town people's Governments should assist the competent Department of postal services postal agencies, ensure message security post.
    13th postal enterprises shall, in accordance with the postal planning and social development needs, town place convenient to the masses set the mailbox, postal kiosks, newsstands, newspaper that Windows and other service facilities, relevant departments should support free of urban road fees. To relocation due to construction of the 14th article Post Office (), the postal service outlets, or other postal facility, the demolisher relocation compensation and resettlement agreement with the postal enterprise.
    In the case of guarantee postal services, according to relevant laws and regulations and the requirements of urban planning to rebuild, or monetary compensation.
    Chapter III post guarantee 15th postal facilities are protected by law and no unit or individual may appropriate, encroach upon, destroy. 16th "China Post" private cars transported mail on his way through checkpoints, bridges and tunnels, should be released in priority.
    Permits issued by the public security traffic administration departments, without the limitation of forbidden lines, no parking lots.
    Transport vehicles, post staff members to mail in transit way illegal, public security traffic Administrative Department shall record release, waiting for them to pass the completed tasks, further processing; serious traffic accidents, public security traffic Administrative Department shall promptly inform the postal sector, and assist in the protection of message security.
    17th universal service obligations approved piece of postal mail in transit vehicles on the way, and recovery Department should be free of vehicles in transit, bridge and tunnel tolls.
    18th forgery or fraudulent use of post special signs, post clothing, post office stamp, post clamp, pouch and other mail items.
    19th no unit or individual is allowed to post office (a) Park a vehicle door or access, and set up or stack items.
    Fourth chapter management section 20th province, State (or municipal) competent Department of postal services postal market should be enhanced and the philatelic market management, implement producer to post articles, utensils, to investigate and punish illegal business, supervising and inspecting postal enterprise to fulfil universal service obligations.
    21st postal enterprises according to law may entrust with the appropriate conditions of unit or individual agent postal franchise business without postal enterprises, no units or individuals are not allowed to operate postal franchise business.
    Postal services postal enterprises entrust other unit or individual agent, shall sign a contract agent, agent for units and individuals must perform within the postal service rules, fees and service standards, and accept supervision by the competent Department of postal services and guidance.
    22nd article any units and personal shall not engaged in following activities: (a) forged, and variable made postage voucher; (ii) business national ban circulation of philatelic votes products; (three) first Yu issued date sold postage voucher; (four) without province post competent sector approved making, and business philatelic products; (five) unauthorized engaged in philatelic votes products of import and export business; (six) other violation post legal regulations of behavior.
    23rd post supplies, production, sales and use, in accordance with the national measures for the supervision and management on the postal products regulations.
    24th apply for philatelic collections of centralized trading markets, should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Province postal authority philatelic collections of the centralized trading market license.
    Management of philatelic collections, registered by the Administrative Department for industry and commerce to the competent Department of postal services, where in the 10th after the record.
    25th production of envelopes, postcards, envelopes for Express, parcel packaging, boxes and other postal items unit, should be to the post production producer certificate authority. Article 26th postal authorities for postal enterprises and postal operators to carry out supervision and inspection, the unit under inspection should be compatible with. Post law enforcement officer in the execution of their duties, shall be not less than two, and produce their documents.
    Post law enforcement officer in the execution of their duties, shall exercise the following powers: (a) investigation, asking the units under inspection and the parties, (ii) read and copy files, documents and other information related to violations, (c) inspection of items related to the violations and (iv) the preservation of evidence and (v) other functions and powers prescribed by laws and regulations.
    Fifth chapter services and supervision of the 27th postal enterprises and postal staff shall protect users of postal communication free and secret shall not be provided to any entity or individual users of postal services, except as otherwise provided by law.
    28th postal enterprises should be set in place a clear sign, released hours of operation, services, types of services, service standards and fees, free consultation service provides users with postal services, posting box (boxes) marked on the open access frequency and time. 29th postal enterprises should promptly accept an application for users of postal services.
    Postal conditions shall be effective as of the date of acceptance in the 30th links; links conditions do not have, in consultation with users, set up mail to cast.
    Postal mail should be delivered 30th article bodies, public organizations, enterprises, institutions and residential room floor (community) believes the newspaper box, according to the mail, remittance advice should be in accordance with the relevant regulations.
    Rural mail delivery to the township (town) Government fixed locations, following by the local postal enterprises and the villagers ' (herdsmen) consultations of the Committee post, sign delivery agreements, ensuring properly into the user.
    31st article post staff (containing agent post business personnel) shall not has following behavior: (a) for no reason refused to, and delay or terminated post communications service, against user wishes forced user using a species post business; (ii) delay post remittance, and postal savings of honour; (three) backlog, and delays, and hidden, and destroys, and private split, and theft mail or newspaper; (four) corruption impersonator user payments, tore opening stamps; (five) engages in, and bewilders and extortion user; (six) unauthorized change post business tariff standard;
    (G) transfer, lend, lease, postal vehicles, identify, post office stamp, post clamp, pouch and (VIII) other behaviors prohibited by laws and regulations.
    32nd postal enterprises should take the initiative to accept supervision by the community for postal services, set the monitor box, published complaints, receive reports and complaints from users, and its reply in the 15th. 33rd user to send remittances to the mail and meet, right in the country within the stipulated time according to receiving and sending, receipt of the postal enterprise search.
    Postal enterprises shall state the period of time specified query results written notice to searchers.
    Postal enterprises, units and individuals for mail agent is lost, damaged, vouchered, shall give compensation or remedial measures.
    34th no unit or individual shall send, to send the restricted items.
    In the receiving and sending mail items in postal enterprises shall be subject to strict examination, found prohibited items should be dealt with according to law.
    35th postal users should use the national standard envelopes and postcards.
    Send message must be in accordance with the provisions of packing, and according to the specification correctly write the recipient, the sender's name, address, and zip code.
    Post envelopes and postcards for not conforming to standards, and can refuse to accept or return to sender cannot be returned, as a third by e-mail. 36th postal mail company name, address, property number, house number change, should go to the original registration postal Enterprise alteration registration procedures.
    Issued postal code the postal enterprises should be published, book.
    37th sixth chapter legal liability for breach of the regulations, the relevant legal provisions, regulations and other rules of, and punished in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and rules.
    The 38th article violates these rules, development unit not set supporting postal service outlets and letter box, letter box clusters or mailroom staff, construction administrative departments should be ordered to correct, and not the engineering acceptance record.
    39th in violation of these regulations without postal enterprises operate postal franchise business without authorization, by the competent Department of postal services or Administrative Department for industry and commerce shall be ordered to correct, punishable by more than 1000 10000 Yuan fine constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    40th article violating these rules may seize, encroach upon, destroy facilities and activities contravening public security management by the public security organs shall be subject to punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    41st universal service obligations approved piece of postal vehicles, transported mail in violation of regulations on the way carrying aboard privately, be dealt with according to the relevant provisions of postal transportation management constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    42nd postal Department law enforcement officials who abuse their powers, neglect their duties or engages in, by the unit or by the competent authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Illegal exercise of authority of the competent Department of postal services law enforcement personnel, and caused damage to the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, shall bear the responsibility. 43rd party not satisfied with the administrative penalties may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
    Party fails to apply for administrative reconsideration, no administrative proceedings nor performs the decision of administrative penalty, made the decision to apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution.
    The seventh chapter supplementary articles article 44th of specific issues in the application of these measures by the competent Department of postal services is responsible for the interpretation of the province.
                            45th these measures shall come into force on August 1, 2003.