Guiyang Science And Technology Three-Expense Management

Original Language Title: 贵阳市科技三项费用管理办法

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(Released August 4, 2003 Guiyang municipal people's Government, the 122th) first in order to strengthen science and technology three-expense management, technical innovation to improve the city, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and realizing the industrialization of high-tech and applied technology, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article technology costs in the administrative area of the city use and management activities, such as the application of these measures.
    Article technology costs in these measures refers to the municipal people's Government, set up to support the city's science and technology development of municipal funding, new product prototype, pilot and allowance costs of major science and technology projects, and Government-funded technological innovation, technology transfer and technology costs, technical service of scientific and technological activities.
    Free three fourth article of the municipal science and technology expenses, paid use and combination of loan, focus, focus on efficiency, scientific assessment or review, will selectively support principle.
    Article fifth technology three-expense paid use of recycling used to supplement some of the major science and Technology Development Fund; paid technology fees of legal economic liability guarantees or mortgages.
    Sixth article City Science and technology administrative competent sector is responsible for support promote industry structure adjustment, and optimization upgrade of major high-tech results into development project, support can led industry technology improve of technology innovation and major equipment development project, is responsible for released Project Guide, Organization project declared, and assessment review, and tender, prepared annual project plans and funds using plans, on project implementation situation for track asked effect, and organization identification, and acceptance.
    Municipal Finance Department is responsible for the technology in cost budget management, triage release planned use of funds, funds disbursement procedures, tracking performance, oversight of the use of funds by check.
    Municipal Audit Department of science and technology should be the use of three items of expenditure audit.
    Relevant departments according to their respective functions and collaborative technology costs and management.
    Seventh, technology cost included in the municipal budget, accounting for municipal-level budget expenditures for the above 2%.
    Article eighth, three items of expenditure are mainly used for projects of science and technology equipment, energy materials, test outsourcing, information, travel, printing, rental, appraisal, inspection, management fees and other related expenses. City Administrative Department of science and technology from the science and technology in the total cost of the three extracts used in the preparation of project guides, project research, assessment or evaluation, bidding and project supervision, management, assessment and other expenses incurred in the process.
    The cost approved by the municipal finance department.
    Nineth within the administrative area of the city to promote science and technology development and implementation of science and technology projects and technical services related to the activities of legal, may make an application to the municipal administrative departments of science and technology science and technology three sponsorships.
    Tenth, technology, application fee funding should primarily provide: the Guiyang science and technology plan project plan task statement, the project feasibility report (or of the project proposal), literature search reports and other relevant information.
    11th of municipal administrative departments of science and technology organizations technology fee-funded project on the application of project review, review or assessment, meet the requirements, together with the municipal financial department technology costs funding plan.
    Three fee-funded projects, technology, applications, dedicated science and technology project contracts must be signed.
    12th science and technology free access science and technology plan projects three expenses categories are: (a) social welfare projects, (ii) the soft science research project; (c) agricultural development and promotion of science and technology project (iv) scientific and technical key project; (e) basic research; (f) pending development of long-term significance to the national economy cannot be achieved direct economic benefits of the project.
    13th article city technology three items costs implemented part free or paid using of technology plans project category has: (a) high-tech development and the industrialization project; (ii) technology results into and application project; (three) industrial technology research, and middle test project; (four) new products trial project; (five) patent technology implementation project; (six) other is expected to made directly economic of technology development project.
    Article 14th, technology cost acquisition of assets of State-owned assets, must be included in the project (project) based on units of fixed assets account for account management, asset disposal according to the relevant State provisions. Article 15th formed by the municipal science and technology fee for three research projects research results and intellectual property rights, apart from national security, national interests and of great public interest other than grant research projects.
    According to needs of countries reserved the right to free use, development and access to benefits.
    16th on the level, scale and efficiency already has a project, take loans to support in principle the use of bank loans to expand production scale. 17th, technology cost accounting management strictly according to the project, establish a budget and final accounts management system.
    Project undertaker should set up a separate account, earmarked may retain or expand the scope of use and shall not be appropriated for other purposes.
    18th City Department of science and Technology Administration, technology usage, response to implementation of the whole management, may entrust a qualified intermediary evaluation agencies keep track of project assessment.
    19th project undertaker misappropriating special funds, except to recover funds that have been allocated, the city in three years will not be accepted by the Administrative Department of science and technology, science and technology plan projects, of the Declaration.
    Article 20th misappropriation, interception technology fees by the Municipal Department of science and Technology Administration ordered to return, aggravated by the unit or by the competent authority directly responsible for administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
    Article 21st technology three-expense management staff abuse, abuse, deception, negligence resulting in loss, by their work units or by the competent authority, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
    22nd district, County (City) technology in use and management in the light of the cost of these measures.
    23rd article this approach by the municipal agency is responsible for the interpretation of the legal system. 24th article of the rules take effect on October 1, 2003.
                                                                                                                              Originally the Guiyang science and technology three-expense management (temporary) repealed simultaneously.