Bidding Of Engineering Construction Project, Guizhou Province, Scope And Scale Standards

Original Language Title: 贵州省工程建设项目招标范围和规模标准规定

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(July 16, 2003, Guizhou province, the people's Government of the 8th Executive meeting on July 25, 2003, Guizhou Provincial people's Government announced, 68th), first to tender in order to determine the province's construction project the specific scope and scale standards, specification bidding, tendering for Guizhou province, according to the Ordinance and the relevant regulations of the State, this provision is enacted.
    Second article in this province administrative within of following engineering construction project, according to this provides must law for tender: (a) relationship social public interests, and public security of based facilities project; (ii) relationship social public interests, and public security of utilities project; (three) all or part using state-owned funds investment of project; (four) national financing of project; (five) using international organization or foreign government loan, and assistance funds of project.
    Laws and regulations must be subject to tenders under the scope of other projects, in accordance with its provisions. Third article relationship social public interests, and public security of based facilities project of tender range: (a) coal, and oil, and gas, and seam gas, and power, and new energy, energy project; (ii) railway, and highway, and pipeline, and water, and aviation and other traffic transport, traffic transport project; (three) post, and telecommunications hub, and communications, and information network, posts and telecommunications communications project; (four) flood control, and irrigation, and drainage, and introduction (for) water, and rivers Lake regulation and the beach governance, and soil and water conservation, and project, and
    Water resources protection and other water conservancy projects and (e) roads, bridges, rail transportation, sewage discharge and treatment, waste disposal and underground pipelines, public car parks and other urban infrastructure projects; (vi) ecological and environmental protection projects and (VII) other infrastructure projects.
    Fourth article relationship social public interests, and public security of utilities project of tender range: (a) water, and power, and gas, and heating, and garden green, municipal engineering project; (ii) technology, and education, and culture, project; (three) sports, and tourism, project; (four) news published, and broadcast Movie TV, project; (five) health medicine, and social welfare, and labor guarantees, project; (six) residential, and hotel, and Office, and Mall, project; (seven) University, and civil defense facilities, project; (eight) disaster mitigation project;
    (IX) other public utility projects.
    Fifth article all or part using state-owned funds investment project of tender range: (a) using levels financial budget funds of project; (ii) using into financial management of various Government sex special construction funds (Fund) of project; (three) using state-owned enterprise institutions owned funds, and State-owned assets investors actual has control right of project; (four) by State-owned enterprise guarantees or to state-owned assets mortgage or pledge of commercial banks loan of project.
    Sixth national finance project tender scope: (a) project using state-issued bonds to raise money and (b) the use of country projects financed by external borrowing or guarantee, (iii) use of national policy loan project; (d) the Government authorized the financing of investment projects and (e) state-chartered finance projects.
    Seventh International organizations or foreign government loans, aid project bidding ranges: (a) using loans from international financial organizations such as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank project; (b) the use of loans from foreign Governments and their agencies project; (c) using international organizations or foreign government aid projects. VIII article meet this provides second article to seventh article tender range within of various engineering construction project, including project of survey, and design, and construction, and supervision and and engineering construction project about of important equipment, and material, of procurement, reached following scale standard one of of, must for tender: (a) housing building engineering and decorative, and decoration, and green engineering construction single contract estimates price in 500,000 Yuan Yuan above of, other construction single contract estimates price in 1 million Yuan Yuan above of; (ii) procurement important equipment, and
    Material, goods of single contract estimates price in 500,000 Yuan Yuan above, or single Taiwan important equipment estimates price in 200,000 Yuan Yuan above of; (three) survey, and design, and supervision, service of single contract estimates price in 200,000 Yuan Yuan above of; (four) single contract estimates price below this article subsection (a), and (ii), and (three) items provides of scale standard, but project total investment in 10 million Yuan Yuan above of.
    Qian paragraph provides of important equipment, and material of procurement, which of production and the dedicated equipment, and material by tender people law tender procurement; which of General equipment, and General and the device sex material, and parts, and accessories can by tender people law tender procurement, also can by tender people in construction tender Shi and subject engineering with through tender employer to bid people, by bid people tender procurement or according to national about provides for procurement.
    Nineth selecting infrastructure projects and public utility projects of investment project legal persons, business entities, government investment project or project location, offering competitive conditions, shall be determined by bidding.
    Tenth shall be encouraged to tender projects outside the scope or scale of the project, particularly government investment and State-financed projects for bidding. 11th article in accordance with this provides must for tender of project, meet following situation one of of, by project approval sector approved, can not for tender: (a) involved national security, and national secret, and rescue relief of; (ii) except County Xiang highway construction in the of medium bridge engineering, and water construction in the of small (2) type above water, and medium diversion tunnel engineering outside, using poverty funds implemented food-for-work of; (three) survey, and
    Design using a specific model or specific know-how or special requirements of their architectural style and (iv) qualified in design, construction enterprises, construction of their projects by self-financing (v) other related to public safety, emergency and other special conditions not suitable for bidding.
    12th a violation of this provision, must tender projects without bidding, to tender will break a project or by any other means of circumventing the tender, by the relevant administrative department in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on bidding shall be investigated for legal responsibility of the 49th.
                                                          13th article of the regulations come into force on October 1, 2003.