Yinchuan Worries For The People Supervising The Work Rules

Original Language Title: 银川市为民解忧督办工作规定

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(July 4, 2003, yinchuan, people's Government of the 69th General session by people's Government of yinchuan, July 11, 2003, the 139th announce) first for good government for the people there overseeing the work, broaden the Government channel of communication with the masses, strengthen the service function, supervision of government agencies and their staff to perform their duties in accordance with the relevant provisions, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Provisions of this article applicable to the municipal administrative organs at various levels for the people there overseeing and citizens, legal persons and other organizations put forward to the Government's suggestions, comments, complaints, requests for assistance and other matters.
    Article in yinchuan city people's Government established "12345" telephone reception center of the municipal government (hereinafter "12345" phone line).
    Fourth article "12345" line phone accepted range: (a) on municipal government and the sector, the district (County, and city) Government and work sector of views or recommends; (ii) on government organ staff in work quality, and work style, aspects of views or recommends; (three) on implemented chief public, and publicity business, and commitment business of government sector and about enterprises against shows, and against Connaught of views or recommends; (four) on economic construction, and social career, and municipal construction, and city management, aspects of views or recommends; (Five) on investment environment of views or recommends; (six) belongs to government sector should processing of other about problem of views or recommends; (seven) on social morality, and social order, and society, aspects of views or recommends; (eight) on burst event of reflect; (nine) in work, and life in the encountered of personal cannot solution of difficult of help; fifth article yinchuan Government supervising Council (following referred to municipal government supervising Council) is yinchuan Government is responsible for for people worries supervising of work sector, and by Mayor delegate, is responsible for "
    12345 "phone line to work.
    Municipal Government departments and the district (counties and cities) Government should be by hand or by telephone, is responsible for municipal matters assigned by the supervising Council, also can be directly accepted by this Department, the system of provisional and matters such as complaints, suggestions, comments and requests for assistance.
    Sixth article Municipal Government for people worries supervising work implemented following three level network management system: (a) Municipal Government supervising Council for level supervising network, is responsible for "12345" line phone of accepted, instruction, and coordination supervising, and assessment two level network handle work; (ii) Municipal Government the sector and the district (County, and city) Government for two level supervising network, is responsible for handle level network of instruction matters, accepted and handle masses directly reflect of complaints matters, assessment three level network handle work;
    (C) municipal government departments subordinate units or districts (counties and municipalities) Department for three-level supervision network, responsible for the superior network unit supervising the directive subject matter of the complaint directly with the masses.
    Article by citizens, legal persons and other organizations "12345" hotline for complaints shall comply with the following provisions: (a) have a clear complaint, (ii) the content objective and true, shall not fabricate or distort the truth and (c) since the complainants true name, contact phone number, work or home address, (iv) answer staff inquiries.
    Article eighth "12345" telephone staff accepted the phone, should record the caller's name, phone number, work or home address and reflect the situation.
    Nineth article "12345" line phone accepted Hou, should according to different situation by following way handle: (a) on advisory phone, facts clear, and policy clear of, directly replies; on cannot directly replies, and handle of phone, can told its to related responsibility sector reflect; on emergency help phone, directly instruction related responsibility sector handle, and do records; on views and recommends class phone, detailed records and antibody analysis Hou turned related sector. (B) to help-or reflected problems call by the municipal Bureau of supervision responsibilities by overseeing the network under the order, feedback handling results within specified time limits.
    Was processing or fails to state reasons on serious and urgent matters to handle feedback within the result.
    (C) on cross-sector, cross-region (counties and cities) or of the wide, difficult for help questions call supervision staff shall carry out field investigations and, according to the survey instructions Department to handle or supervise coordination to resolve.
    (D) the significant impact on important issues and the people's vital interests call, supervision, leadership, staff shall promptly report in writing, instruction and leadership to urge the departments concerned to follow. (E) on duty on holidays or at night before the telephone, supervising staff to record, can handle should be processed in a timely manner. Processed in a timely manner is difficult, in action after normal work.
    Reflecting the urgent matters by telephone, duty on leadership and, if necessary, can be directly related to responsible leaders; in case of major emergencies should report directly to city leaders. Article tenth "12345" telephone number assigned by the organizer should be timely feedback the result. Writing matters assigned by, assigned by the organizer shall, on receiving notice of the report the result in writing within 7 working days and reply to the caller phone assigned by, shall, within 3 working days by telephone or by written report result and reply directly to the caller.
    Does not belong to this unit if the matter or cannot be completed within the prescribed time, should take the initiative to explain to the municipal supervision Bureau and the cause.
    Municipal supervision Bureau staff shall feedback detailing action items, you can select some feedback when necessary publicity in the news media.
    11th municipal supervision Bureau to the hosting matters network unit supervision: (a) result does not meet the requirements, return replacement; (b) the inspection, access to sponsor deal with problems relevant materials and files; (c) requiring the hosting owner or agent handling of report on action items (iv) gathering relevant departments (units) meeting of heads and deal with related matters.
    (E) inadequate supervision orders, do not meet the supervision requirements of notifying the talking heads to the municipal supervision Bureau and, if necessary, report back to the Executive meeting of the municipal or city government. 12th worries for the people supervising the work of the Municipal Government to comply with the following systems: (a) the liability regime.
    Worries for the people supervising the work of Manager responsibility system, all levels of Government and departmental Chief worries is for the people of the work of supervising the first responsible person. (B) notification system. Comprehensive analysis of network supervision work should be carried out once a month and report for work.
    Municipal supervision Bureau, through the handling of dynamic, to inform the authorities. (C) rotation.
    "12345" telephone reception center fixed staff and sector rotation personnel combined with the working mechanism. (D) training system.
    Staff engaged in supervising the pre-service training should be carried out before they can post, relevant departments should provide necessary conditions for training. (E) the leading phone system.
    City leaders and leaders of the various departments of the Municipal Government should make periodic telephone reception center public calls to municipal government, listen to the voice, understand the public's sentiments. 13th worries for the people supervising the work of the Municipal Government to implement objective examination management accountability.
    On the outstanding achievements of departments and units, districts (counties and cities) and staff, or the relevant Department to award by the municipal government. 14th municipal supervision Bureau shall ensure that "12345" phone line open. Supervising private telephone network on duty at all levels, no one answered the phone in 15 minutes or less, can be regarded as leave is 1; no one answered the phone in less than 1 hour, can be regarded as serious leave 1.
    Month cumulative leave serious leave 3 or 2 units, supervision by the City Council informed criticism. Section 15th of the handling instructions ignored, motions, delays without or after 2 reminders still not financed, handed down by the municipal supervision Bureau handling notice of limited duration, without justification is not made within the time limit, the supervision by the City Council criticized proposed holding unit responsible for leadership and accountability, and suggested that the news media should be exposed.
    Serious consequences, shall be investigated for criminal liability.
    16th telephone reception center and supervising the staff of the municipal government, negligence, malpractice, abuse, depending on the seriousness, criticized by its competent authorities to give education in serious cases, recommendations to the competent authorities of supervision by the City Council or the relevant Department be given administrative punishments, resulting in serious consequences, shall be investigated for criminal liability. 17th to disrupt Government hotline normal working order, supervision by the City Council to stop, and critical education.
    To violate the administration of public security, by the public security organs according to law.
                        18th article of the regulations come into force on August 1, 2003.