Hohhot Travel Management

Original Language Title: 呼和浩特市旅游管理办法

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(July 1, 2003 the Hohhot municipal people's Government, the 71st General meeting on July 24, 2003, municipal Government of Hohhot 27th release) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen tourism management, rational development, utilization and protection of tourism resources, regulate the tourism market order, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of tourists and tour operators, to promote tourism, according to State and regional laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article development of tourism resources in the administrative area of the city, engaged in tourism business and tourism management, units and individuals engaged in tourism activities shall abide by these measures.
    Tourism in these measures refers to use of tourist resources and facilities to attract, receive tourists, provide transportation for tourists, tourism, catering, accommodation, shopping, entertainment, and other paid services integrated industry.
    Third tourism development should follow the development and utilization of tourist resources and protection, social, economic and environmental benefits and the principle of unity, played the City tourism location advantage, highlighting national and local characteristics.
    IV the leadership of the people's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the tourism, tourism as an economic industry in national economic and social development plans, increase investment and accelerate the development and construction of tourist attractions and tourism infrastructure, improving the environment, improving tourism service system, speed up the development of the tourism industry.
    Fifth of Municipal Department of tourism is the tourism of the city administration, responsible for the city's tourism administration, the implementation of overall planning, comprehensive coordination and supervision of work.
    County Tourism administrative departments are responsible for the day-to-day management of tourism within the administrative area of the city, and authorized by the relevant business.
    Tourism quality supervision institution established by the competent administrative Department for tourism under the tourism administrative departments of the delegate, is responsible for the supervision and inspection of the quality of tourism services.
    Sixth plan, finance, public security, industry and commerce, taxation, religion, culture, building, city, transportation, environmental protection, planning, forestry, health, quality and technical supervision authorities, according to their respective duties, under the unified leadership of the people's Governments at the same level, to cope with tourism administrative departments of supervision and administration of tourism and services.
    Article people's Governments at various levels shall formulate preferential policies to encourage domestic and overseas organizations and individuals to invest in the development of tourism resources, support and development of ethnic tourism and entertainment projects, the development of national and local characteristics of tourist products.
    Eighth article of any units and individuals have the obligation to protect tourism resources.
    Chapter II Nineth tourism development planning should be on tourism planning and development and territorial planning, conservation planning, urban and rural construction planning and industrial development planning coordination. Municipal Tourism administrative departments in charge of preparation of the overall development planning of the tourism industry in the city, reported to the municipal people's Government for approval organization.
    County Tourism administrative departments according to construction of urban and rural overall planning, city planning and scenic spot planning of tourism development, tourism development plan in this area, and in consultation with the municipal tourism administrative departments, after reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval before implementation. Article tenth priority construction of tourism (dot) plans and new large-scale tourism projects should seek the views tourism administrative departments, reported to the competent administrative Department of planning approval.
    After the project is completed, acceptance of tourism administrative departments to take part in. Tourist attractions (dot) environment should delineate regional context, set the buffer zone or buffer zone. Tourist attractions (dots) surrounding control and extension project to ask the scenic views in the tourism sector, reported to the Planning Department for approval.
    Tourism (dot) building style of color, shape and landscape should be coordinated.
    11th state-owned right of tourism resources can be validly paid transfer to businesses and other organizations and individuals, but should be carried out through auctions, tenders, the specific measures shall be formulated separately by the municipal people's Government.
    12th of municipal tourism administrative departments, in conjunction with the relevant departments within the city limits of tourism resources survey, evaluation and validation, establishing tourism resources file, guide and supervise the construction of tourism resources protection and exploitation.
    Chapter tourism management 13th tour operators in these measures refers to business travel directly to provide single or multiple services by citizens, legal persons and other organizations.
    14th levels of tourism administrative departments and tour operators must, in accordance with provisions of laws and regulations relating to statistics, tourism statistics. 15th tour operator shall enter into labor contracts with practitioners, stipulated the rights and obligations of the parties.
    Tourism administrative departments at all levels in China should strengthen the tourism business skills training and education, legal education, and comprehensively improve the professional quality of employees.
    16th tour professionals required by the labor Administrative Department and tourism administrative departments of business training, after obtaining the corresponding qualifications, induction.
    17th tour shall, jointly with the competent administrative Department of quality and technical supervision departments and other departments concerned, organizing and implementing relevant national standards and industry standards for tourism.
    Relevant departments should support the tour operator in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, the active use of the ISO9000 quality system certification.
    18th tour operators may establish or join the travel industry association.
    Shall abide by the laws and regulations of the travel industry association, activities in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, coaching, communication, service and other functions to play and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of tour operators.
    19th of municipal tourism administrative departments of travel managers and guides implementation of the file system.
    Travel agency may not be delegated without tour guides certified personnel engaged in the operation.
    No tour guide card officer and obtain a tour card but has not been assigned by the travel agency personnel shall not engage in guided tours.
    20th started business travel business travel service, an application shall be submitted to the municipal tourism administrative departments, made the examination and approval of the travel service business license, and approved by the Administrative Department for industry and Commerce registered license, before engaging in the travel agency business.
    Without a travel agency business license shall not be engaged in travel agency business or disguised travel agency business.
    Travel agency may not lend or transfer the license for travel agency business.
    21st travel agencies shall, in accordance with the travel agency business license approved business scope and activities, not more scope.
    Travel agencies shall, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State, attend the annual inspection.
    22nd travel agencies organizing tourists should sign a written contract with the tourists, travel itinerary, price expressly agreed upon standards and liability issues, and provide services in accordance with the contract.
    Without the written consent of tourists, travel agencies are not allowed to change services without authorization to transfer tourists to other travel agencies, without changing the schedule, service standards, plus a service fee. In the contract dispute in the course of implementation, tourists request the continued performance of the contract or proposed contract, travel agencies should respond in a timely manner.
    Seeks compensation for the loss of tourists, travel agencies shall be replied within the 10th from the date of receipt of the claim.
    23rd travel agencies should work with the tour guide sign responsibility and clear terms of reference, standardized service, guaranteed quality of service, tour guides should be subject to the travel agency management.
    No unit or individual shall forge, alter or lend, lease and transfer guide qualification certificate, tour guides, reception planning.
    Article 24th reception team implements the recommended system, non-tourist travel agency shall not, in arranging travel team lodging, dining, shopping, and cultural and recreational activities. 25th straight into the city's tourist attractions (point) travel teams should be made by local travel agencies to host.
    Provincial provincial tour guides should be in vehicles, active tourism and traffic administrative departments of supervision and inspection.
    Article 26th tourism business operating conditions in hotels, restaurants, shops, resorts, recreational playground, passenger transport enterprises and other enterprises, may apply to the municipal tourism administrative departments and approved by the audit, after obtaining the tourist signs, before tourists and tourist groups.
    Article 27th all have a tourism qualification of tourist commodities in shops or counters, may apply to the municipal tourism administrative departments, municipal tourism administrative departments according to the approval of the relevant approval procedures, issuing tourist shop signs. 28th tour Hotel (hotel), star-rating and review system.
    Star standard hotel (Guest House), may apply to the municipal Tourism Administration Department in charge of star.
    Non-star hotels (hotel) Star name and logo shall not be used for travel and business activities.
    29th tourism administrative departments shall participate in the relevant departments of the tourist automobile driver training, safety and etiquette training.
    Tourism bus transportation business in this city, to the municipal transportation and tourism administrative departments should apply and approval standards, before engaging in the tourism bus transportation business activities.
    Tourist buses to the hanging travel issued by the administrative departments of tourism traffic signs.
    Travel agencies in the reception the tour team, not rental vehicles and the use of tourism signs and potentially unsafe vehicles.
    Article 30th tourism administrative departments of travel agency, star-rated hotels, coaches (boat), tourist attractions (dot) notice of quality management system.
    31st tourism administrative departments shall establish a comprehensive complaint system, accepts complaints from tourists.
    Tourism administrative departments should handle tourists ' complaints, complex, shall make a decision on whether to accept 7th, and notify the complainant.
    Tourism administrative departments decided to accept complaint cases, or security deposit compensation shall, within 90 days of the end of the case, other complaints shall make a decision on 5th, and to respond to the complainant. 32nd tourism administrative departments and their staff should perform their duties according to law, tour operator accreditation application and hosting matters stipulated by laws and regulations, shall reply within the stipulated deadline; no such time limit should reply in the 30th.

    Fourth chapter tourist areas (points) of management 33rd scenic (dot) refers to the municipal tourism administrative departments and flag approved naming the people's Governments above the county level, scoping, for people to view, visit and conduct scientific and cultural education of the region.
    Tourism administrative departments according to the standard approval and after listing, travel agencies can organize team visit.
    Article 34th tourist areas (points) to receive tourists, should issue a formal invoice for attraction tickets to travel agents and tourists.
    35th tour scenic spot (dot) the a-class rating and review system.
    Not assessing a-class tourist scenic spot (dot), you may not use a grade name or logo promotional, business.
    36th article in tourism scenic (points) and the around, ban following behavior: (a) free stall presence, mess heap debris, dumping garbage, and sewage, Super standard emissions pollutants and hinder unsightly, not civilization behavior; (ii) construction damage ecological environment or and tourism landscape not phase coordination of buildings, and structures; (three) quarrying, and mining, and dug sand, and destroyed forest, and burning, and hunting, and grazing, and built graves,; (four) other damage tourism resources of behavior. 37th article tone tourism scenic (points) should reached following standard: (a) parking layout reasonable, site flat, and solid, various logo clear, cast, and Han, and British three species text accurate specification, spaces has hand unattended; (ii) has provides advisory, and complaints, and service of visitors reception room and configuration Advisory complaints, and rescue phone (phone number in scenic obviously location publicity), fire, and anti-theft, and ambulance equipment, and public telephone and the tourism rest facilities complete, traffic, and electromechanical, and tour, and entertainment, equipment intact, no security hidden
    ; (Three) equipped with and scenic (points) up reception number phase adapted of sanitation based facilities and clean personnel, do garbage Nissan day clear, garbage box identifies obviously, and environment phase coordination, tourism toilet location reasonable, toilet bit number sufficient, internal clean, and clean, and bright, and no odor; (four) shopping places layout reasonable and environment coordination, market management ordered, commodity price, operators wearing badge, bright as business, due this area and the this scenic features of tourism commodity;
    (E) conforms to the national provisions on food hygiene of catering services; (f) instructors licensed and wear the badge posts, number of languages to meet the needs of visitors, Mandarin 100%, explaining the term scientific, accurate and vivid; (VII) air quality, water quality, noise quality met national standards.
    The fifth chapter 38th tour of tourism security management security work should be implemented "safety first, prevention first" approach, follow the same guiding principles and hierarchical management, grass-roots-oriented and travel safety legal person responsibility system, and strengthen security.
    39th tour operators and their employees should consciously safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourists, and improve safety awareness and skills of practitioners, with commensurate with the scope of management personnel and safety facilities, improve the safety management system and to protect personal and property safety of tourists. 40th tour scenic spot (dot) should set the boundary signs, service facilities and tour guide sign and so on.
    To have some thrilling and could endanger travelers life and property safety of tourism (dot) or the project, tour operators shall make a true statement and explicit warnings to tourists and set up effective security protection.
    41st passenger ropeways, amusement facilities and other tourism projects must comply with the relevant national laws, regulations and procedures, after obtaining approval from relevant departments, may be put into operation. 42nd tourists as travel safety accident or sudden illness, tour operators should take timely rescue measures, and to local people's Governments above the county level and where the accident travel report, public security, health, insurance and other related departments.
    Relevant departments and units should actively assist, provides a facility for emergency relief. Sixth chapter tourists and tourism operators of right and obligations 43rd article tourists in tourism activities in the enjoys following right: (a) understand tourism operators provides service of content, and standard, and costs, aspects of real situation; (ii) independent select tourism operators and provides of service way and content; (three) according to tourism contract get quality price match of service, refused to tourism business of forced trading behavior and contract yiwai of charges service; (four) get personal, and property security guarantees service; (five) personality dignity, and
    Respect for the religious beliefs and ethnic customs, and (vi) legal damage, is entitled to compensation and (VII) other rights stipulated by laws and regulations. 44th article tourists in tourism activities in the should perform following obligations: (a) comply with legal, and regulations and social morality, respect tourism operators of legal business right and tourism practitioners of personality dignity; (ii) protection tourism resources, and ecological environment and heritage monuments, love tourism facilities; (three) respect tourism of national customs and religious belief; (four) consciously maintenance tourism order, comply with tourism security and health provides; (five) perform tourism contract,
    Tourism practitioners not to violate their professional ethics of unreasonable demands, (vi) other obligations provided by laws and regulations.
    45th article tourists of lawful rights and interests of by against Shi, can select following way processing: (a) to against its lawful rights and interests of of tourism operators proposed compensation requirements; (ii) to against its lawful rights and interests of of tourism operators location of tourism administrative competent sector complaints; (three) to against its lawful rights and interests of of tourism operators location of consumers Association complaints; (four) contract in the has arbitration terms or after reached arbitration agreement of, should application arbitration institutions arbitration; (five) to court filed litigation. 46th article tourism operators in tourism business business activities in the enjoys following right: (a) right to refused to any units and personal forced marketing of commodity, and forced placed of personnel or requirements set of and tourism business business has nothing to do of project, right to refused to violation provides of charges, and fine, and assessed and other illegal requirements; (ii) right to refused to not comply with legal, and regulations and principle custom requirements, and not follow exhorts of visitors; (three) tourism administrative competent sector of law enforcement personnel, not show documents implementation check of,
    Tour operators have the right to refuse the inspection.
    47th article tourism operators in tourism activities in the should perform following obligations: (a) tourism operators must comply with legal regulations, comply with ethics and voluntary, and equal, and fair, and honest credit of principles, specification business, civilization service, do tourism reception work; (ii) tourism operators must public service project and charges standard, shall not to any means cheat or misleading tourists, shall not business national expressly ban of service project;
    (C) the tour operators and their employees should ensure tourists security of life and property and in line with the national security and privacy, national security and secrecy in the tourism reception; (d) tourism administrative departments and other relevant departments of the tour operator shall conduct supervision and inspection, the tour operator shall cooperate with and provide relevant information.
    Seventh chapter legal liability article 48th for the travel agency business license tour operator or beyond the approved business scope, the tourism administrative departments be ordered to desist from the illegal act in serious cases, and more than 5000 Yuan and fined a maximum of 10000 Yuan.
    Travel service not in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and the autonomous communities to participate in the annual inspection, by not by inspection.
    49th hotel (Guest House) without the star ratings while pretending to be a star (hotel) or higher than the assessed level of star of touts, the tourism administrative departments be ordered to desist from the illegal act in serious cases, and fined a maximum of between 3000 and 1000 Yuan.
    50th tourist hotel (Guest House) not up to the standard of review, the Department of tourism administration required permissions ordered standard limit; has failed to achieve the standard, reduce or remove the star.
    51st travel agencies in the reception the tour team, against tourists will change their travel plans, course and project by the municipal Tourism Administration Department fined 1000 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan fine.
    52nd tour guides guide qualification certificate or without a travel agent appointed to engage in guided tours, the tourism administrative departments of correction, be informed, and between 4000 and 2000 Yuan Yuan fine.
    53rd travel agencies to hire without a tour guide qualifications personnel engaged in the operation of the certificate, the tourism administrative departments of travel agency fined 5000 Yuan fine.
    Travel agents failed to pass the annual inspection, tourism administrative departments be ordered to rectify serious, can revoke the license for travel agency business. 54th tourism environmental pollution and damage caused, according to the city administration, environmental protection, forest and grassland protection and other laws and regulations for punishment.
    Other acts in violation of these regulations shall be punished by the relevant administrative department in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations will be punished.
    55th party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty, may apply for reconsideration or bring an action if neither applies for reconsideration, not sued, nor perform the penalty decision, made the decision of the authorities may apply to a people's Court for compulsory execution.
    56th hinders tourism administrative departments of staff in these procedures in performing their duties, directly responsible for education in serious cases, by public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China public security administration punishment regulations of punishment constitutes a crime, the judicial organ shall investigate its criminal responsibility.
    57th State personnel in tourism management, supervision and inspection of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority, who constitute a crime, criminal liability shall be investigated for their; does not constitute a crime, administrative sanctions by their work units or by the competent departments. Eighth chapter supplementary articles article 58th this approach by the municipal tourism administration authorities are responsible for the interpretation.

    59th these measures come into force on September 1, 2003.

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