Honesty In Politics Of Gansu Provincial Government Staff Regulations

Original Language Title: 甘肃省政府工作人员廉洁从政若干规定

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(June 20, 2003 13th Executive meeting consideration of the people's Government of Gansu province on July 1, 2003, released 5th of Gansu province) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the province's system of Government clean and honest Government, striving to build a code of conduct, well-coordinated, fair, transparent, clean and efficient Government, according to the relevant regulations of the State, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of the province of the people's Governments at all levels, government departments and their staff must abide by these provisions.
    The third Government of the people's Governments at various levels and departments clean government administration according to law is the essence of, power for the people. Article clean government of the people's Governments and their departments at all levels to implement the administrative head responsibility system.
    Superior supervisory organs and supervisory organs at all levels under the leadership of the people's Governments at the same level, responsible for the area of a clean and honest government organization, coordination, supervision and inspection.
    Fifth chapter honesty in politics responsibility leading groups at various levels of people's Governments and their departments overall leadership responsibility for duties within the scope of a clean and honest Government.
    Head of the people's Governments and their departments at all levels are the first responsibility of a clean and honest Government, and to the units, of a clean and honest government responsibility in this sector.
    Sixth people's Governments at various levels and departments into the important content of the construction of the leading group construction and the construction of leading cadres and staff management by objective, closely integrated with the economic construction, unified plan, inspection and assessment.
    Seven staff of the people's Governments at various levels and branches of Government, to be a person of integrity, dedication, strict adherence to the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and provincial government provisions on honesty in politics, with clearly defined responsibilities, to implement a clean and honest Government.
    Chapter III specification for honesty in politics article eighth advance the reform of administrative examination and approval system, and set strict administrative examination and approval matters, establish and perfect the administrative examination and approval system of accountability, are not allowed to engage in trading power for money in the exercise of the power of administrative approval. Article Nineth Department budget, the Treasury centralized payment and Government procurement system. The implementation of "two lines of income and expenditure" regulations, standardize administrative institutions and bank account, no established "slush fund".
    Strengthening accounting supervision, withholding or misappropriating is strictly prohibited.
    Article tenth strict implementation of the provisions of the Central Government and the provincial Committee of selection and appointment of cadres, open selection, competition for posts, before any public announcement, democratic appraisal system, firmly oppose the unhealthy tendencies in the selection and appointment of cadres.
    11th rigid implementation of construction project bidding system, management of land use rights transfer, property rights trading, not using his power to intervene and intervene in the bidding, the management of land, real estate development and operation of market economy activities. 12th in the corporate activities, accepting cash, securities, and payment instruments. No public money being used to reimburse the costs to be borne by the individual. Take weddings-receive property is not allowed.
    No acquiescence or incite spouses, children and staff in the name of his abuse of power.
    13th strictly enforce housing standards, no violation of regulations, housing, no public money being used for home purchases or excessive decoration of housing.
    14th strictly comply with family planning regulations, no Super family planning or fraud in obtaining fertility indicators.
    15th no fame, to implement such a variety of "image projects" or "achievement projects". 16th strictly controlling a variety of inspection, evaluation and compliance activities.
    Are not allowed to be examined and evaluated, compliance units and individual fees or hidden costs. 17th strictly control various celebration activities.
    Government staff are invited to attend the celebration activities should be carried out according to the provisions of the organized celebrations unit may apportion costs.
    Article 18th strictly controlled abroad (territory) group, is strictly prohibited by visits, learning, promotion, exhibition and disguised overseas (border) travel stop without a clear objective and substantive content abroad (border) activity.
    Article 19th resolutely non-corporate public banquets, entertainment characterised by participating in paid for with public funds is strictly prohibited.
    Article 20th leading cadres to strictly according to the regulations and the replacement car, no appropriate or divert funds to buy a car, no prolonged occupation of subordinate units of the power car. Article 21st in the strict implementation of the province official reception system, curb excessive hospitality in corporate activities.
    Grass-roots units to arrive without pomp of leading cadres to strictly control suites and vehicles. 22nd and fees and charges prescribed by the strict implementation of national standards, no arbitrary charges, fines, and apportionments.
    No unauthorized charges issued, expanding the range of fees, increased charges.
    The fourth chapter honesty in politics supervision article 23rd County (Office)-level leading cadres should strictly implement the exchanges at home and abroad receive gift registry system for various reasons unable to refuse gifts, shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the registration accurately.
    24th district (Office)-level leading cadres should strictly enforce the system of reporting on important matters, where important matters involving the leaders and their spouses, children, should be on the required reports in a timely manner.
    25th district (Office)-level leading cadres should strictly enforce the income declaration system by promptly reporting personal income. Article 26th leading cadres at all levels should strictly implement the economic responsibility auditing system.
    Leading cadres ' term of office expires or changes during the term, to accept the economic responsibility auditing.
    27th overall implementation of open Government, except State secrets, the powers associated with the people's interests, property, human rights and the management basis, work duties, working conditions, procedures, work discipline policies, results and other matters, should be open to the public. 28th article to establish a sound progress under report, democratic appraisal, petition system.
    Initiative to accept supervision by the masses and supervision by public opinion.
    Article 29th of any organization and individual acts of administrative organs and their staff in violation of a clean and honest Government complaints, charges or exposures made right, and no one may suppress such retaliation.
    Fifth Chapter Award and punishment 30th article levels Government and sector on implementation this provides meet following conditions one of of, give recognition and award: (a) implementation clean government accountability anti-corruption work effectiveness significantly of; (ii) model comply with clean politics behavior specification performance highlight of; (three) supervision check this provides of implementation work effectiveness highlight of; (four) report expose major disciplinary illegal problem active of.
    31st Government in violation of the provisions of the staff, according to the relevant regulations of the State, shall be appointed or administrative supervision authority depending on the seriousness, were given organizational and administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
    Articles 32nd to hold unit or individual responsibility, comments by superior supervisory organs, Cancel when selecting the best assessment of qualifications.
    33rd does not take seriously its obligations under the supervision and inspection functions of the supervisory authority, to plot against the parties responsible for the leadership and responsibility.
    Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 34th this provision does not cover, and honesty in politics to the national and provincial regulations, Governments at all levels, government departments and their personnel must be strictly adhered to.
    35th people's Governments and their departments at all levels in accordance with the provisions of the implementation details.
                                                          36th article of the regulations come into force on July 1, 2003.