Administrative Measures Of Guangdong Province, Comprehensive Utilization Of Resources

Original Language Title: 广东省资源综合利用管理办法

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(August 11, 2003 the 21st Standing Conference of Guangdong provincial review by people's Government of Guangdong Province, September 24, 2003 released 83rd) first for comprehensive utilization of resources, protecting the ecological environment, promoting economic and social development, according to the relevant regulations of the State, combined with the facts of the province, this management approach.
    Article within the administrative area of the province engaged in the comprehensive utilization of resources and activities related to the units and individuals must comply with the management measures.
    Third article this management approach by refers to resources utilization including: in mineral resources mining process in the on symbiosis, and associated mine for development and reasonable using; on production process in the produced of waste, and wastewater (liquid), and exhaust, and heat, and more than pressure, for recycling and reasonable using; on social production and consumption process in the produced of various waste for recycling and regeneration using; on city garbage, and Agriculture and forestry aquatic waste, other resources for utilization.
    Resources comprehensive utilization products refers to in this management approach: raw materials used in the above waste properly processed products, so that it has a certain value.
    Article fourth comprehensive utilization of resources and adhere to local conditions, a variety of approaches, pragmatic, phased approach following the comprehensive utilization of resources and business development, and pollution combined economic and environmental benefits, the principle of unity of social benefits.
    V people's Governments at various levels should put the resources comprehensive utilization development plans and annual plans include plans for national economic and social development.
    Sixth levels of people's Governments of comprehensive utilization of resources in the administrative departments in charge of the area of resource comprehensive utilization management, supervision and coordination.
    Governments at all levels of planning, finance, construction, public safety, transportation, industry and commerce, taxation, price, land and resources, technical supervision, environmental protection departments shall, in accordance with the Division of functions, such as, do well comprehensive utilization of resource management. Article seventh Enterprise shall set up waste recycling, waste recycling and repair and recycling system.
    Enterprise of waste generated in the production process should be comprehensive utilization, do not have the condition, should support the comprehensive utilization of other qualified units or sold to waste recycling enterprises. Article eighth to the utilization conditions of the project, the project proposal and feasibility study report and initial design should have the contents of the comprehensive utilization of resources.
    Resources comprehensive utilization engineering in construction project simultaneously with the principal part of the project design, construction and put into operation simultaneously.
    Nineth units should regularly engaged in comprehensive utilization of resources to the resources comprehensive utilization of administrative authorities and statistical departments to submit resource utilization statistics. Article tenth of the comprehensive utilization of resources should be based on the standards of production, and reported to the competent administrative Department for standardization and resources comprehensive utilization of administrative departments.
    Standards-compliant resource comprehensive utilization products entering the market. 11th resource comprehensive utilization enterprise to apply for the benefit of national and provincial preferential policies for comprehensive utilization of resources, comprehensive utilization of resources, by province, organizations identified by the Administrative Department.
    Specific measures by the provincial relevant departments for comprehensive utilization of resources finance and tax departments.
    12th article business recycling and processing waste of enterprise must meet following conditions: (a) has independent, and self-financing of corporate; (ii) meet national provides of financial and business management system; (three) recycling business range meet resources utilization directory and national about industry policy of provides; (four) waste, and wastewater (liquid), and exhaust of processing and noise control index reached national and province about environmental of requirements. 13th levels of public security, industry and Commerce administrative departments should strengthen the management and resources comprehensive utilization of recycling and processing of waste materials the supervision and management of the enterprise.
    Prohibit the self-employed in productive scrap metal recycling and processing business.
    14th business of scrap automobile recycling and dismantling enterprises, according to the State Department's implementation of the management of scrap auto recycling. 15th in the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources, symbiosis and associated minerals exploitation must be planned, integrated exploration and evaluation, exploitation, use.
    Geological prospecting departments should have a comprehensive utilization of resources in geological exploration report content; mine design department in determining the main mining development at the same time, should come up with workable paragenetic and associated minerals recycling programmes.
    16th without not recycled industrial waste processing and recycling enterprises, producing fees on businesses not to waste, and waste companies should be given to the appropriate shipping subsidy for processed industrial waste, generating units according to state regulations, to use waste businesses for a fee.
    17th to encourage production and use of industrial solid waste in the production of new building materials products, limiting the production and use of solid clay brick. Storage site 20 km from fly ash and coal gangue is allowed within a new, expanded solid clay brick factory.
    These have been built within a limited range of solid clay brick factory, must be within a transformation, with a certain proportion of fly ash and coal gangue doped.
    Conditions of roads, dams, building projects in Hong Kong, according to technical standards should be with a certain percentage of fly ash. 18th with resource utilization functions of the competent authority shall draw up the industry's standard fixed and water conservation planning, water recycling and water use, improve the repeating utilization.
    Water resource shortage area, shall be restricted to high water-consumption industrial development of new high-consumption projects, must have a special demonstration of water in our feasibility study report.
    19th administrative departments of people's Governments at various levels shall organize the resources comprehensive utilization, construction, Administrative Department of sanitation for urban waste recycling and treatment planning, to strengthen the recycling of urban garbage.
    Resources Administrative Department shall, jointly with relevant departments to strengthen comprehensive utilization of waste household appliances, batteries, Office equipment such as recycling, regulatory and technology development and research. Article 20th by provincial organizations identified by the Administrative Department of resources comprehensive utilization of resource comprehensive utilization products and enterprises, according to relevant regulations of the State enjoy preferential tax policies.
    Business gets tax relief, must be used for comprehensive utilization of resources and shall not be appropriated for other purposes.
    Article 21st in construction project of resource comprehensive utilization within the planning area of the city, by the competent administrative Department of resource comprehensive utilization and construction Administrative Department, reported to people's Governments at the approval, may reduce development costs and urban construction fee. 22nd to encourage development of municipal solid waste using heat and pressure, and coal gangue, coal slime, low calorific value fuel and comprehensive utilization of coal-bed methane production of electricity, heat power plants.
    Single capacity above 500-kilowatt, subject to network conditions, should permit the incorporation, incorporation agreement signed, the grid unit is exempt from supporting small thermal power plants with Internet access fees and priority within the approved electricity purchases.
    Resources comprehensive utilization of Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with provincial departments in accordance with State policies to encourage the development of comprehensive utilization power plant electricity price.
    23rd relevant departments of the people's Governments at all levels should focus on supporting enterprise resource comprehensive utilization project, giving priority to projects. 24th article on violation this management approach has following behavior one of of, by resources utilization administrative competent sector ordered deadline corrected, late not modified of, sentenced 5000 Yuan above 30,000 yuan following fine: (a) has resources utilization conditions of construction project not implementation utilization engineering and subject engineering while design, and while construction, and while production of; (ii) produced waste of enterprise has conditions using and not using waste,
    Other conditions of enterprises are not supported or is not subject to the comprehensive utilization of resources arranged by the administrative authorities; (c) not according to the rules or failing to submit the comprehensive utilization of resources information; (d) the administrative measures for the violation of the article 17th, not to take advantage of fly ash and coal gangue.
    25th resources comprehensive utilization of Administrative Department for dereliction of duty, abuse of power, in accordance with the relevant provisions of administrative sanctions, to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                26th article of the management measures shall take effect on November 1, 2003.

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