Guizhou Province Urban Public Traffic Management Approach To Paid Transfer And Transfer

Original Language Title: 贵州省城市公共客运交通经营权有偿出让和转让办法

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(July 16, 2003, Guizhou province, the people's Government of the 8th Executive meeting considered by Guizhou Provincial people's Government on August 1, 2003, the 69th release) first to adapt to the development of urban public passenger transportation needs, strengthen management of urban public passenger transport operation rights, according to the relevant regulations of the State, combined with the province, these measures are formulated.
    Article in the province within the administrative area of urban public passenger transportation management (hereinafter referred to as the right) paid transfer and transfer activities shall abide by these measures.
    Cities mentioned in these measures refers to State administrative system established by the municipality, the town.
    Article III the right to paid transfer refers to the Government of the city buses and taxis to operate within a certain period of paid transfer to operator behaviour; transfer is made the right operators will operate again.
    Assignment of the right to the longest period of not more than 10 years.
    The fourth had not been right to operate according to the regulations of paid, there are formalities for the use of the term, may engage in urban public passenger transportation management activities.
    Fifth to encourage investor-owned, joint ventures, and other forms of cooperation, through the bid or bids made the right, participate in the activities of urban public passenger transportation.
    The sixth provincial construction Administrative Department is responsible for directing the province's right to paid transfer and transfer.
    State, municipal and Administrative Office Manager of paid transfer and transfer of the right sector, determined by the State, municipal and administrative office.
    The County (city, district) people's Government departments in charge of assignment and transfer of the right to paid, by the County (city, district) shall determine.
    Assignment and transfer of the right to paid departments in charge (hereinafter referred to as the right management) paid assignment and transfer of the right to operate is responsible for the supervision and administration of specific; other relevant administrative authorities in accordance with their respective responsibilities, exercising supervision and management.
    Seventh paid transfer the right to the city must meet the following conditions: (a) detailed planning of urban public passenger transportation and (b) rights management, (iii) the proposed right of paid transfer programme, programmes should, inter alia, duration, a floor price, standard, line, and so on. Eighth article right paid transfer should meet following provides: (a) followed public, and fair, and just and honest credit of principles, take tender or auction way for; (ii) developed right paid transfer programme, and by this approach Nineth article provides reported by record approved; (three) right application who must has city, and County (district) Government provides of conditions, and provides by requirements of about documents and information; (four) right application who according to this approach made right Hou,
    Since the signing of the right to paid transfer agreement within 30th of, agreement to the relevant departments of operating procedures.
    Nineth right to paid transfer programme by the city and County (district) people's Government develop, examined by the State, municipal or administrative office, submitted to the provincial people's Governments in charge of construction in conjunction with provincial prices, financial Department approved from the date of filing in the 30th, and financial departments of the provincial government building, price, no objections before they can implement. Tenth in accordance with this approach the right may be assigned.
    Transfer should be required to operate management alteration registration procedures.
    Right whose ownership is in dispute, shall not be transferable.
    11th in accordance with this approach the right taxi, passenger demand, plying between expatriate and local trans-regional legal operations, construction, city administration, and passenger traffic management departments shall not hinder the normal operation or punishment.
    According to this approach the right taxi not limitted.
    12th the right to operate in accordance with this approach, within the time limit determined in the agreement, rights management or other regulatory bodies shall not recover in advance.
    13th model of urban public passenger transport vehicles, are not free to change; does need to change the model of urban public passenger transport vehicles involved the right types of changes according to Nineth provisions of these measures.
    14th assignment of the right of all revenue into the local financial budget of the Fund, the two lines of income and expenditure management, specially for urban roads, urban public passenger transport facilities construction and management, and so on.
    15th not paid, term used in these rules shall apply to operate procedures, operation of the illegal practice of urban public passenger transportation, by right management ordered to stop the illegal activity, and a fine of 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.
    16th disobey the Nineth article without file authorization to sell the franchise shall be invalid, its revenue collection financial; related persons shall be given administrative sanctions.
    Article 17th rights obtained through the administrative examination and approval before the implementation of this approach, according to the relevant regulations of the people's Government of the province into paid, there is the term used for management.
    18th state-owned transit enterprises of the city bus line franchise is not included in the right to compensation and terms used.
                                                                                          19th article this way come into force on the date of promulgation.