Administrative Measures On High Grade Highway In Qinghai Province

Original Language Title: 青海省高等级公路管理办法

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(August 25, 2003 3rd meeting consideration of Qinghai province on September 20, 2003 33rd release of Qinghai province) Chapter I General provisions article in order to protect highway safety and efficient operation, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Highway Act, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Second this approach applies to the province of high-grade Highway and its land, building control and ancillary facilities management.
    High grade highways in these measures refers to highways and arterial roads.
    Article traffic administrative departments of the provincial government the Province Highway management, their respective highway authority specifically responsible for the Highway Administration.
    Public security organs shall be responsible for high-grade highway traffic safety, traffic management, traffic accidents and road policing.
    Land and natural resources, construction, and other relevant departments and Governments at all levels along the highway, shall, within their respective mandates to assist good management of high-grade highway.
    Fourth provincial traffic administrative departments and highway management should strengthen the management of high-grade highway construction to improve highway management level of law enforcement.
    Provincial traffic administrative departments should strengthen the management of high-grade Highway supervision and inspection of law enforcement institutions and their staff members, the violation should be corrected and dealt with according to law.
    High grade Highway Administration staff should be working hard, dedication, familiar with the business, honest, civil service, the law impartially.
    Fifth chapter maintenance management of high grade Highway administrative departments should strengthen highway maintenance and highway patrols, keep Highway and affiliated facilities in good condition, ensure safe and efficient operation of high grade highway.
    Article sixth loans, financing approved high grade highway built to charge tolls or the unit of the high grade highway toll right according to law (hereinafter referred to as high-grade Highway operators), highway maintenance (maintenance) enterprise, must be in accordance with the technical specifications and procedures, high grade road maintenance standards, strengthening the high level highway maintenance, repair.
    Seventh high level highway maintenance, maintenance operations are closed or the whole road closed the half, operating unit construction sections of site management plans shall be prepared and submitted to the provincial departments of transportation, public security administration approval.
    Regulatory agencies prior to the construction of high grade Highway 3rd through public media, highway variable information board publish the conservation or maintenance sections, time and attention, and so on.
    Work units should be installed at construction entrance to the both ends of the announcement, warning signs.
    Eighth provincial traffic administrative departments should strengthen supervision and administration of high-grade highway maintenance and ancillary facilities, maintenance quality not up to specifications and quality standards, should be ordered to take measures to rectify.
    Chapter III administration of highways Nineth Highway should be according to the specifications set signs and lines and auxiliary facilities.
    In addition to the high grade road maintenance, repair, alteration or traffic control and other related activities, shall not be destroyed, dismantled, moved, altered highway signs and lines or ancillary facilities.
    Tenth article without approval of the high grade Highway Administration, ban opened in high grade Highway level crossing or open a Board fence, fence.
    Prohibited in the context of high grade highway with sand, gravel, Earth, dumping waste, debris piled up, or taking advantage of drying grain of high-grade Highway pavement, and irrigated land. 11th is prohibited in the context of the control areas of high grade highway construction of permanent buildings and structures on the ground.
    Except for Highway protection, maintenance required.
    High grade highway construction control area, roadside ditches, slopes foot berm, Swales slope top or outside edge of the fence, markers other than calculation: Highway 50 m; arterial roads for 30 meters.
    12th in the high grade highway road construction within the controlled area of rolling stock on both sides provided advertising and other non-road marking shall be approved by the highway authority.
    Approved advertising and other non-highway signs must meet the design traffic sight (margin) requirements to ensure traffic safety. 13th intending to high-grade Highway control areas within the construction of a temporary building (structures), should be agreed by the highway authority.
    Without consent of the high grade Highway Administration, construction of land and resources, and other relevant administrative departments will not be permitted. 14th in the high grade highway land within or within the scope of the control areas, erection power, gas, water, and communications, data transmission and other facilities such as pipelines or building bridges, aqueducts, and must be agreed by the highway authority and according to the provisions of the relevant procedures affecting road safety, you should also ask for police permission.
    Pipeline or facility and the vertical distance from the pavement must meet high-grade Highway subsidiary facilities and traffic safety requirements.
    15th prohibition in high grade Highway laying, suspend, set against the high-grade Highway and its ancillary facilities or interfere with other non-road traffic safety facilities. In both sides of the highway for blasting operations within a distance of 500 metres, homework organization must have the prior consent of high grade highway administration organs and the public security organs.
    Blasting operations should avoid traffic peak, within the time limit, and blasting control measures and protective measures, road and ancillary facilities-traffic safety and security; blasting operations, highway authorities and the public security organs should be sections of the blasting operation likely to endanger the implementation of monitoring, road and ancillary facilities-traffic safety and security.
    16th public security organs dealing with traffic accidents, found high-grade Highway and its subsidiary facilities bad, shall promptly notify the highway authority.
    Due to traffic accidents or other causes of high-grade Highway and its subsidiary facilities damaged, the Parties shall protect the scene and report immediately to the highway authority and the public security organs, on-site investigations.
    The fourth chapter 17th pedestrian traffic safety, non-motor vehicle, motorcycle, handicapped vehicles, battery vehicles, tracked vehicles, iron wheels of car, farm truck, trailer, tractor, wheeled machinery, vehicles flying test plates and the coach car number plates, forbidden to enter the highway.
    18th prohibits vehicle axle-load mass does not meet the requirements of highway engineering technique standard vehicles entering the highway. Not consistent with safe loading requirements for transport vehicles entering the highway.
    Vehicle transportation shipment shall not drag, road goods transport easy to leak, spreading or corrosion, and shall take effective protective measures, ensure the surface is not contaminated, corrupted. Article 19th in case of rain, snow, fog, dust or icy roads and other obstacle to vehicles normal driving situations, has access to the highway shall slow down and increase driving distance to ensure traffic safety.
    If necessary, the low speed leave the highway or into the nearest service area.
    Vehicle obstacles, failures and other reasons after coming to a stop, the pilot shall immediately turn on hazard warning lamps, and behind the car 100 meters to set up warning signs at night, rain, snow, fog or dust should also be open enlightenment profile lights, tail lights and rear fog lights. Article 20th failure requires a temporary parking of vehicles maintenance, should be stopped in the emergency stop zone.
    Fault is difficult to remove, should not hesitate to high grade Highway Administration or highway operators, requesting assistance. Highway authorities or highway operators, upon request, assistance and rescue immediately.
    Fault vehicle onto the nearest car park or service area.
    Article 21st traffic accidents, highway authorities or highway operators when working on a rescue, repair, should assist the Police directing traffic and restore traffic order.
    22nd article in addition to rescue, repair vehicles (including other special-purpose machinery), the prohibition of other vehicles in the high grade Highway dragging fault cars, accident vehicles.
    23rd article for bad climate, and natural disasters, and major traffic accident, reasons caused high grade highway traffic blocked Shi, high grade Highway management institutions and police organ can common take limit vehicles into, and limit vehicles driving speed, and replacement Lane, and segment close Highway, traffic control measures, guarantee traffic security; serious effect traffic security Shi, can implementation half site closed, and full sections closed traffic control measures, and report province traffic, and police administrative competent sector. Article 24th Highway caused severe damage due to force majeure, disruption of traffic, highway authorities should take urgent steps to restore traffic.
    If necessary, you can request Government to assist in recovery. 25th the public security organs in accordance with the implementation of the inspection, at the highway entrance area outside.
    High grade Highway Administration shall cooperate with the public security authorities carry out inspections.
    Prohibition of setting checkpoints on the highway (card) or settings for traffic accidents, road protection and other purposes other than the construction barricades.
    The fifth chapter under the charging article 26th all access toll highway vehicle must pay tolls to the required standard.
    The charging of tolls established by law station charge, specific measures for the collection separately.
    27th the following vehicles are exempt from tolls: (a) military vehicles, armed police vehicles, highway patrol patrol vehicles, (ii) laws, regulations or Government regulations are exempt from tolls vehicles.
    Public security, procuratorate, Court and judicial administrative bodies when police vehicles through the highway, half paying tolls.
    28th article on following vehicles, high grade Highway management institutions or high grade Highway operators should immediately opened emergency channel, and from received vehicles passage fee: (a) occurred major natural disasters and other major burst event, implementation rescue, and ambulance or emergency task of vehicles; (ii) police organ, and people's Procuratorate, and Court and judicial administrative organ for is implementation escort committed of guard vehicles; (three) high grade Highway Shang occurred traffic accident Shi, implementation emergency rescue, and ambulance task of vehicles. Article 29th of high grade Highway Administration should be charging unit, approval documents, fees, pay period, pay range, monitor phone calls in significant areas, such as open, subject to public supervision.

    Charging period expires, highway authorities must promptly remove toll booths, and announced to the public.
    Article 30th highway traffic card (coupon) is the collection of road toll-access valid documents, printed by the provincial highway management bodies.
    Collection of highway tolls, must be issued by the province, produced by the financial Department of a private Bill or invoice produced by the tax authorities. 31st sixth chapter legal liability for breach of the rules prescribed by the laws and regulations on punishment, from its provisions.
    Cause damage to the highway and ancillary facilities, the person responsible must be below the highway and ancillary facilities to the existing technical standards be repair or compensation, the compensation constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    32nd breach of paragraph one of this article tenth provides that minor, the highway authority shall order restitution; refused to restore the status quo ante, fined not more than RMB 500 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan in serious cases, more than 5000 Yuan and fined not more than 50000 Yuan.
    Violation of paragraph II of this article tenth, minor, the highway authority shall order to stop the illegal practice who refuses to desist from the illegal act, fined not more than between 2000 Yuan and 500 yuan in serious cases, between 5000 and 2000 Yuan Yuan fine.
    33rd article violates this approach set forth in 11th, 12th, managed by the Highways Agency responsible for the ordered to dismantle, overdue refused to dismantle, managed by the Highways Agency apply to a people's Court for compulsory execution.
    Article 34th management institutions and their staff of high grade highway in violation of this article 20th the second paragraph shall be investigated for criminal responsibility of head and persons directly responsible.
    35th loss of highway traffic card (coupon), the person responsible shall be paid according to the full toll standard vehicle tolls and press pass card cost compensation.
    To evade payment of tolls, may 3 times full toll charge tolls.
          Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 36th these measures come into effect November 1, 2003.