Zhuhai Land Reserve Way

Original Language Title: 珠海市土地储备办法

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(September 3, 2003 the Zhuhai municipal people's Government the 21st Executive meeting October 27, 2003 40th Zhuhai city people's Government announced) first in order to optimize the allocation of land resources, improve the efficiency of land use, strengthening the Government's ability to control the land market, according to the People's Republic of China land management provisions of the Act and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies to work of land reserve within the administrative area of the city.
    Article III land reserve system in Zhuhai.
    The Zhuhai municipal authorities in accordance with the land use planning and urban planning, assignment of the unity Government had not yet (transfer) of State-owned construction land and through lawful, acquire, purchase, return, replacement of land made for reserves, and in accordance with the annual land supply plans in accordance with the supply of land.
    Management of commercial land, after entering the land bank, through agency public transfer of commercial land transactions.
    Article fourth reserve land in these measures, including into the scope of land reserves, and go through the formalities as a land bank, Zhuhai land reserves established by the Zhuhai municipal people's Government Development Center (hereinafter referred to as reserve Center) on behalf of the municipal government, and registration of property rights in the land reserve center name. Article fifth reserve Center City concrete implementation work of land reserve institution, part of the City Bureau of land and resources.
    Reserve Center for the full allocation of public institutions with independent legal status.
    Reserve Center's main duties are as follows: (a) according to General land use planning and urban planning and land supply and demand situation in our city, and assist municipal Bureau of land and resources in preparing annual, medium-and long-term land banking schemes.
    (B) the implementation plan approved by the Municipal Government's annual and medium-and long-term land reserve and land reserves.
    (C) signed a contract of land compensation, go through the formalities as reserves.
    (D) the management of reserve land, raising funds for land reserve.
    (E) planning of land supply, promotion, information and other preparatory work.
    Sixth of municipal land, planning, housing, finance, planning, construction and other sectors according to their respective functions, do relevant work of land reserve.
    Article seventh land include: (a) not transfer (transfer) of State-owned land for construction.
    (B) the new construction sites.
    (C) the Government should take back the land in accordance with law.
    (D) the Government shall exercise the preemptive right to purchase the land.
    (V) land and the land reserve Center agreement to return or replacement.
    (Vi) country and province provided reserve lands.
    (VII) other reserve land.
    Eighth land reserve specific operating procedures, developed separately by the reserve Center, after the approval of the municipal Bureau of land and resources announced an implementation.
    Land compensation approach, developed separately by the municipal Bureau of land and resources and reported to the municipality for approval.
    Nineth reserve Center and land negotiations before signing the compensation contracts, people must be informed about the plots of land to all his rights.
    Article tenth compensation after signing the contract, land contract the right of compensation shall not be involved in the plot to develop, transfer and mortagage compensation contract reserve Center sent to Zhuhai real estate registration centre registration, restrictions relating to land registration and mortgage registration.
    11th early development of reserve land, including removal of reserve land consolidation, land formation and construction of infrastructure, such as water, electricity, roads.
    The use of reserve land, including not included in the annual land supply plan within one year of reserve land, approved by the Municipal Government commissioned rental units and other business activities.
    Reserve land development, the use of the specific work to be commissioned by departments.
    12th reserve supply of land shall be approved by the municipal government, the municipal Bureau of land and resources on behalf of the Government, the reserve lands in accordance with the annual land supply plans in accordance with market. 13th land reserve funds to undertake special management, dedicated to land costs, shall not be used for reserve land costs of business investment.
    Any unit and individual land reserve funds must not be diverted to any other use.
    Land management and use of reserve funds, and accept supervision by the financial Department, Audit Department.
    Article 14th land reserve funding: (a) the financial allocation.
    (B) the Bank loans.
    (C) provision for land reserve supply revenue to 2%.
    (D) other sources of funding.
    15th reserve land consists of the following three components: (a) achieved full cost of reserve land, including expropriation, acquire, purchase, return, replacement, such as when carrying out land reserve, land acquisition and land resumption compensation, compensation, compensation, purchase money, pay the taxes and other fees.
    (B) all reserve land development costs.
    (C) land bank other operating costs.
    16th reserve supply of land revenue by mode of financial management of two lines of income and expenditure management and distribution according to the following order: (a) the cost of reserve land.
    (B) the Bank loan interest and principal payments.
    (C) revenue reserves 2% provision of access.
    (D) all turned over finances.
    Of income paid in full to reserve land use that finances.
    17th reserve Center should strengthen financial management of land reserves, reduce the operating costs of land reserve and control financial risk.
    18th land in compensation after the contract is signed, for plot development, transfer, mortgage-related, and not for the approval and registration procedures.
    Land to hide real have signed compensation contracts, obtaining approval of transfer and mortgage registration and relevant units, approval documents, certificates and transfer and mortgage registration is not valid, all caused by losses borne by the land.
    Article 19th reimbursement of the compensation reserve Center is not contract, land use rights the right to reserve Center required by banking business working capital loans to pay liquidated damages at a rate over the same period. Article 20th compensation contract to deliver land is not land, compensation or dispose of buildings (structures), reserve Center is entitled to claim land within a time limit and continues to fulfill the contract.
    The land fails to comply, the municipal Bureau of land and resources on the site to be cleaned up and land compensation for economic losses.
    21st land and land reserve Center agreement to return or replacement, before land signed compensation contracts, does not inform about the right to block him, causing disputes, reserve Center has the right to terminate the contract, recovery of compensation paid, borne by the land use rights and breach of contract.
    22nd article of any units and individuals in violation of these regulations under article 13th misappropriation of land banking funds, shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.
    23rd article this way by the Zhuhai municipal people's Government is responsible for the interpretation.
                                                                                                              24th article of the approaches implemented since the 30th after the date of its publication.