Compulsory Education Of Poverty Students In Harbin City Grants Solicitation And Management Approaches

Original Language Title: 哈尔滨市义务教育贫困学生助学金征集与使用管理办法

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(September 16, 2003 consideration of the Harbin municipal people's Government at the 11th Executive on September 29, 2003, 100th release of Harbin municipal) first to improve the poor student's subsidy system, compulsory education students completed their studies to help families with financial difficulties, according to the relevant regulations of the State and province, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies within the administrative area of the city public schools compulsory education grants to poor students collect and use management.
    Article III grants to poor students in compulsory education in these measures (hereinafter referred to as grants to poor students), is in accordance with relevant provisions of national and provincial, through government spending, social donation to raise to help poor families in compulsory completion funds.
    Fourth article this way from the municipal educational administrative departments are responsible for organization and implementation. The municipal educational administrative departments are responsible for municipal finance in accordance with the provisions donated scholarships to poor students and community of collection and distribution, and the management of schools directly under grants to poor students.
    District and County (City) of educational administrative departments responsible for the collection, use and management of school grants to poor students.
    Home Affairs, agriculture, finance, audit, and other relevant departments, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, coordinate assistance for needy students.
    Fifth article poverty students grants according to following way collection: (a) City County (City) financial sector in city education fee additional in the by 3% of proportion extraction poverty students grants; (ii) city and district, and County (City) financial sector according to financial situation and need, can in education operating expenses in the arrangements must proportion of funds for poverty students grants; (three) has conditions of school can from miscellaneous, budget outside income in the extraction must of funds, for poverty students grants;
    (D) social organizations and individuals to donate scholarships to poor students.
    City agriculture poverty alleviation and development departments should be based on the General requirements for poverty alleviation and development, appropriate arrangements in the poverty alleviation fund for poor students in rural areas.
    Sixth of municipal, district and County (City) educational administrative departments should set up scholarships to poor students account, make grants to poor students account stores and earmarking.
    Poverty alleviation funds to finance poor students in rural areas, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations on rural poverty alleviation and development in Heilongjiang province.
    Article seventh student grants are mainly used against student fees, textbook fees and NT boarding students.
    Specific criteria for scholarships to poor students from the municipal educational administrative departments.
    Article eighth students with one of the following conditions may apply for grants to poor students: (a) has the city's agricultural, family subsistence allowances for rural residents, or a special hardship families in rural areas.
    (B) permanent non-agricultural in the city, families enjoying the city (town) of residents minimum life security.
    (C) has a permanent residence in this city, family temporary economic difficulties caused by the sudden disaster.
    Have access to aid poor students through other channels, no longer qualify for student financial aid.
    Nineth article students application enjoy poverty students grants, should by I or guardian to where school proposed application, fill in Harbin City Elementary and middle schools poverty students grants application table, and by following provides provides related proved: (a) agricultural account of students, should provides district, and County (City) home sector issued of minimum life guarantees approval material and the township government issued of family income situation proved, or provides rural SHC households rescue card and the village, and township government issued of income proved.
    (B) non-agricultural students, should be provided to the city (town) resident's minimum living guarantee certificates, books in receipt of benefits, as well as the street or township people's Government issued the family income and enjoy the benefits of show.
    (C) the family temporary economic difficulties due to in case of a disaster, and sector and subdistrict offices should be provided or the certificate issued by the people's Governments of villages and towns.
    Tenth school to apply for a student review of the evidence confirmed that fill in the primary and middle school students in Harbin city financial aid form, and the preliminary review opinions, reported to the competent administrative departments of education. City, district and County (City) administrative departments of education shall review the report related materials, qualified, in accordance with the principles of fairness, impartiality, openness, according to the family's economic difficulties to poor students, from low to high to determine grants payable.
    District and County (City) list of the Administrative Department of education granted scholarships to poor students, shall be reported to the municipal educational administrative departments for the record. 11th scholarships to poor students each semester evaluation. Schools shall, within 20 working days of the date of school application evaluation report to complete the work.
    City, district and County (City) Administrative Department of education school report completed within 10 working days from the date of the material reviewed and disbursed grants to poor students.
    Grants to poor students in principle not sent directly to the student by the school for safekeeping and pay required fees in accordance with the article seventh.
    12th grant implementation public announcement system of poor students, schools shall enjoy scholarships to poor students each semester the students inform the list of parents ' committees, and accept their supervision.
    13th education administrative departments should strengthen the management of scholarships to poor students and schools, establishment of a sound financial and auditing systems to ensure that grants to poor students benefit, and accept the financial, audit and supervision and inspection of the superior administrative departments of education.
    No unit or individual may intercept or occupy and diverted student grants, for violations of the provisions by the relevant departments in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations.
    14th enterprises, social organizations and individual school scholarships to poor students in compulsory education stage of collection and use, in accordance with the measures implemented.
                                                                      15th these measures come into force on November 1, 2003.